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AtlasGlobal information


Current fleet
As of January 2018, the AtlasGlobal fleet consisted of the following aircraft:

AtlasGlobal fleet
Aircraft : Airbus A319-100
In Service : 1
Orders : -
C : 8
Y : 126
Total : 134
Notes : -

Aircraft : Airbus A320-200
In Service : 3
Orders : -
C : 8
Y : 156
Total : 164
Notes : -

Aircraft : Airbus A321-200
In Service : 13
Orders : -
C : 12
Y : 192
Total : 204
Notes : -

Aircraft : Airbus A330-200
In Service : 1
Orders : -
C : -
Y : -
Total : -
Notes : -

Total In Service : 18
Orders : —

Historic fleet

Over the years, the following aircraft types were operated:

Aircraft : Airbus A330-200
Introduced : 2009
Retired : 2012

Aircraft : Boeing 737-400
Introduced : 2004
Retired : 2010

Aircraft : Boeing 737-400
Introduced : 2005
Retired : 2011

Aircraft : Boeing 757-200
Introduced : 2001
Retired : 2012

Aircraft : Bombardier CRJ700
Introduced : 2005
Retired : 2007

Aircraft : Bombardier CRJ900
Introduced : 2006
Retired : 2010

Aircraft : McDonnell Douglas MD-83
Introduced : 2007
Retired : 2007

AtlasGlobal routes






-Tel Aviv




Northern Cyprus
-North Nicosia


Saudi Arabia



United Kingdom

AtlasGlobal Baggage weight

Carry-on Baggage
-Economy:1 x 8kg
-Business:2 x 8kg bags, weighing a combined total of 16kg.
Hand baggage should fit under the cabin seat or in the overhead cabin rack. It must not exceed dimensions of 25x45x56 cm and the weight should not exceed 8kg.

In addition, passengers are permitted a personal item, including items such as a camera, umbrella, suit, laptop or small hand bag.

Checked Baggage
Domestic Flights including North Cyprus Flights

-Business (Opportunity):20kg maximum weight
-Business (Y.Flex):30kg maximum weight
-Business (Flexible):30kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Opportunity):15kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Restricted):20kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Y.Flex):20kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Flexible):20kg maximum weight

International Flights
-Business (Opportunity):30kg maximum weight
-Business (Y.Flex):40kg maximum weight
-Business (Flexible):40kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Opportunity):20kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Restricted):30kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Y.Flex):30kg maximum weight
-Economy Plus (Flexible):30kg maximum weight

Let's get to know before flying with AtlasGlobal

Atlasglobal was established on March 14, 2001 in Turkey and operated its first flight on June 1, 2001. The airline began to operate domestic and international scheduled flights in 2004 with the aim of offering passengers international standards of quality and comfort on board.Initially starting up with just two aircraft, Atlasglobal has expanded its global fleet to a total number of 16 aircraft.The airline flies to more than 50 destinations in 35 different countries.


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