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Czech Airlines information


Current fleet
The Czech Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft :

CSA Czech Airlines Fleet
Aircraft : Airbus A319-100
In service : 3
Orders : —
C : 8
Y : 132
Total : 140
Notes : One aircraft in SkyTeam livery

Aircraft : Airbus A319-100
In service : 5
Orders : —
C : 8
Y : 132
Total : 140
Notes : Leased to Eurowings One aircraft in City of Prague livery

Aircraft : Airbus A320neo
In service : -
Orders : 7
Total : TBA
Notes : Delivery starts from 2021 To replace 7 Airbus A319-100s

Aircraft : Airbus A330-300
In service : 1
Orders : -
C : 24
Y : 252
Total : 276
Notes : Leased from Korean Air

Aircraft : ATR 42-500
In service : 1
Orders : -
C : 6
Y : 46
Total : 52
Notes : -

Aircraft : ATR 72-500
In service : 6
Orders : -
C : -
Y : 70
Total : 70
Notes : One aircraft in SkyTeam livery

Aircraft : Boeing 737-800
In service :
Orders : 6

C : -
Y : -
Total : 189
Notes : Replacing Airbus A319-100

Total In service : 17
Orders : 13

Historical fleet

Czech or Czechoslovak Airlines operated these airplanes in the past:

-Aero A.14 Brandenburg
-Airbus A310-300
-Airbus A320-200
-Airbus A321-200
-ATR 42-300
-ATR 42-420
-ATR 72-202
-Boeing 737-400
-Boeing 737-500
-Bristol Britannia
-Douglas DC-3
-de Havilland DH.50
-Fokker F.XVIII
-Ford Trimotor
-Let L-410 Turbolet
-Lisunov Li-2
-Ilyushin Il-12
-Avia II-14
-Ilyushin Il-18
-Ilyushin Il-62
-Ilyushin Il-62M
-Junkers Ju 352
-Junkers Ju 52
-Saab 340B
-Saro Cloud
-Savoia-Marchetti S.73
-Tupolev Tu-104A
-Tupolev Tu-124
-Tupolev Tu-134A
-Tupolev Tu-154M
-Let L-410M
-Let L-200 Morava
-Yakovlev Yak-40

Czech Airlines routes

As summer season 2017, Czech Airlines flies to 50 destinations in 25 countries.Flights are operated mainly in Europe, except Asia destinations Beirut, Seoul–Incheon and Riyadh. Including codeshare partners, CSA flies to more than 110 destinations and 45 countries from Prague.

Czech Airlines operates 32 monopoly routes from Prague Airport, including one domestic route to Ostrava, alongside the feeder route from Košice in Slovakia. These 32 routes represent about 40% of total flights and just over 30% of total capacity. On 27 other routes, representing around 40% of flights, the airline faces direct competition from one other carrier, while on the Prague to Helsinki, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan, Paris, London and Rome city pairs, the airline faces two or more competitors.

Codeshare agreements
Czech Airlines codeshares with the following airlines:
-Air Europa
-Air France
-Air Malta
-Azerbaijan Airlines
-Bulgaria Air
-China Airlines
-China Southern Airlines
-Delta Air Lines
-Etihad Airways
-Hainan Airlines
-Korean Air
-Middle East Airlines
-Travel Service
-Ural Airlines
-Vietnam Airlines

Charter flights
In June 2007, CSA signed a contract with Exim Tours, the largest Czech travel agency, extending their contract for another three years. In May 2010, CSA withdrew their last Airbus A310[31] and Exim Tours signed a new contract with Travel Service Airlines from winter 2010/2011. Foreign tour operators, as well as sports teams and companies, use Czech Airlines’ charter flights. 40 Percent of Czech Airlines charter flights are for foreign clients. Czech Airlines charter flights carried 797,299 passengers last year.[when?] These are usually operated on an ad-hoc basis.

Let's get to know before flying with Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines is a modern European airline providing friendly services.The airline is one of the five oldest airlines in the world.The airline is a founder member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and have been a member of a global alliance of air carriers and the SkyTeam Alliance, since 2001.


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Czech Airlines jsc, Evropská 846/176a 160 00 Prague 6-Vokovice, Czech Republic

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