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Current Fleet

The Japan Transocean Air fleet consists of the following aircraft :

Japan Transocean Air fleet
Aircraft : Boeing 737-400
In Fleet : 6
Orders : 0
Passengers : 156
Notes : To be retired by 2018 , To be replaced by Boeing 737-800.

Aircraft : Boeing 737-800
In Fleet : 10
Orders : 2
Passengers : 165
Notes : Order with 10 options , Delivery until 2018.

Total In Fleet : 16
Orders : 2

Former Fleet
-Boeing 737-200
-Boeing 767-200

Japan Transocean Air routes

Country : Japan
City : Fukuoka
Airport : Fukuoka Airport
Notes : -

Country : Japan
City : Ishigaki
Airport : New Ishigaki Airport
Notes : Focus city

Country : Japan
City : Kagoshima
Airport : Kagoshima Airport

Country : Japan
City : Kōchi
Airport : Kōchi Airport

Country : Japan
City : Komatsu
Airport : Komatsu Airport

Country : Japan
City : Kumejima
Airport : Kumejima Airport

Country : Japan
City : Matsuyama
Airport : Matsuyama Airport

Country : Japan
City : Miyakojima
Airport : Miyako Airport

Country : Japan
City : Miyakojima
Airport : Shimojishima Airport
Notes : Terminated

Country : Japan
City : Naha
Airport : Naha Airport
Notes : Hub

Country : Japan
City : Okayama
Airport : Okayama Airport

Country : Japan
City : Osaka
Airport : Kansai International Airport

Country : Japan
City : Osaka
Airport : Osaka International Airport

Country : Japan
City : Tokyo
Airport : Haneda International Airport

Country : Japan
City : Yonaguni
Airport : Yonaguni Airport        

Let's get to know before flying with Japan Transocean Air

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (former) was established with 100 million yen in capital. JAL began independent operation as a scheduled domestic air carrier from October of the following year.In February 1954,Commenced the first scheduled international service, with the launching of the Tokyo - Honolulu - San Francisco route.In 1983,World's number one passenger and cargo transportation performance according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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