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About Orient Thai Airlines Airlines


The airline Orient Thai Airlines Airlines is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, using an airline flight is OX began to open for the first time since 2537 the original name. Orient Express Air and late 2539. The airline changed its name to Orient Airlines in Thailand today. The center operates from the airport. The airport Airlines has regular flights to and from Phuket International Airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport And Hong Kong International Airport p>.             

Routes of the airline Orient Thai Airlines Airlines


The airline routes of Orient Thai Airlines Airlines are both in the domestic and international

include domestic flights Bangkok - Phuket

include international flights Bangkok - Hong Kong   Bangkok - Changsha   Bangkok - Nanning   Bangkok - Shanghai - Pudong
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Baggage of each class of airline Orient Thai Airlines Airlines

Airlines Orient Thai Airlines Airlines hold up the weight of baggage must not exceed 7 kg. Baggage brought up must fit under the seat in front or fitted with storage compartment in the cabin. Gold and checked baggage to a total weight of up to 15kg if more than a certain threshold will be charged as follows


The excess baggage allowance

In the country

200 baht per kilo

Bangkok - Hong Kong

450 baht per kilo

Hong Kong - Bangkok

HK $ 110 per kilogram

China - Bangkok / Phuket

90 yuan per kilogram

Bangkok / Phuket - China

450 baht per kilo

Facilities and services of the airline Orient Thai Airlines Airlines

1.In-flight Services

- Food and drink During the trip, you can get a comfortable reception. The airline serves. Snacks (baked beans) and a free drink on the plane.

     Orient Thai Airlines Airlines is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand to serve both domestic and international routes. Routes in the Bangkok - Phuket. The routes of international flights to Hong Kong and China. During the trip, the airline serves snacks. And drinks on the plane Convenience by flight attendants. In addition to providing passenger transportation in the country and abroad. The airline also provides charter flights that are trusted, reliable and long one of the most in the region. With more than 15 years in business aircraft charter operator with a modern fleet and professional crew. Users can be assured that it will receive efficient service and great value.

Contact Airlines Orient Thai Airlines (OX)


Oversea Calls
+66 (0) 2229 4100-1

Head Office
(662) 900-5251-6




Orient Thai Airlines
222 Room No. 4322 (B) Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanambin
Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

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