Guided Tour of the Tokyo National Museum (Guided Tour of the Tokyo National Museum) Tokyo Japan

Guided Tour of the Tokyo National Museum

 Tokyo, Japan

In this activity, accompany you to the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno and help you find out more about its history and culture. The museum is the largest in Japan and houses 87 national treasures as well as 634 cultural assets. You'll see how Japanese art has changed over time from the use of clay to the many Buddhist and samurai arts. As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words so, come and visit the museum with me! The price does not include the entrance fee to the museum. **You'll also need to pay for the host's entrance fee. Admission fee for museum: 620/adult, 410/college student Under 18 and over 70 – free You need to show proof of age or student position by identification such as passport etc. The Japanese garden with a pond, tea houses are so impressive from the balcony of the museum. Only limited times of Spring and Autumn is accessible to the garden by walking around. Usually Mondays are closed at museum.