Northern Lights Bus Tour (Northern Lights Bus Tour) Capital Region Iceland

Northern Lights Bus Tour

 Capital Region, Iceland

Highlights Seeing the light display of the Aurora Borealis Escape the bright lights of Reykjavik for better views of the Northern Lights Learn more about how and why the dancing lights occur Warm up with some hot drinks and snacks Your Experience We take you from the buzz and the lights of the city and head into the quiet darkness of the countryside to enjoy the natural spectacle of the aurora borealis. Our destinations are different from day to day as we always head in the direction where we have the greatest chance of catching the lights. It can be a hunt, and we have a team of skilled hunters who do their utmost to provide you with the most enjoyable experience as possible. In the rare cases where we do not see the northern lights, you are welcome to join another northern lights tour free of charge. Know before you go Seeing the Northern Lights is not guaranteed even though the tour is operated. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and as part of nature, uncontrollable. The supplier does not offer refunds for customers that have joined the tour but instead offers you the chance to reschedule for free on the next tour that is operated. If you are leaving Iceland before the next scheduled tour the supplier will offer you an open ticket for the next 3 years for when you come back to Iceland.