Arte Flamenco (Arte Flamenco) Barcelona Spain

Arte Flamenco

 Barcelona, Spain

Just around the corner from the central Plaza de España lives this hub of flamenco. You've heard of this sensual and evocative style of dance, but until you've been up close, you don't truly know the spirit of flamenco. ¡Olé!Flamenco is a dance of passion and seduction. It has spread throughout the world, but the best place to experience it is still Spain. And the best place in Barcelona to experience the rhythms of flamenco is . Located in a former bullring (which is now a modern shopping center), your night of flamenco is around the corner from the famous Plaza de España. There are three flamenco shows a night so the music keeps going. And if you want a particularly Iberian sangria or tapas to accompany your experience, the venue offers them too.Every show offers a mixed program of sensual and personal dance and live music - including some of the more exuberant forms of flamenco, such as . Every ticket also includes entrance to the Museum Arte Flamenco de Barcelona, with its changing flamenco exhibits, diving deeper into this celebrated art form. Flamenco's popularity has spread throughout the world, and it's taught in many non-Hispanic countries, including the US and Japan. In fact, there are more flamenco academies in Japan than there are in Spain (!)