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 Illinois, United States
It might be called the 'Windy City' but from the 94th floor of downtown Chicago's John Hancock Center you'll see a lot more than bendy trees. 360 CHICAGO offers incredible views of the city and Lake Michigan, plus four neighboring states. And unlike the busy Willis Tower, here you've got some space to maneuver as you take in the view.How can a 100-story building be kept a secret? We don't know, either, but 360 Chicago is Chicago's Best Surprise. There are no teeming lines to get into this landmark, and a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy as you take one of the fastest elevators in the USA up to a 17,000 square foot (1600m2) observation deck. From here you'll see Chicago in action from above - and get to play with interactive panoramic touchscreens. 360° of mesmerizing scenery is stretched out before you from up high. See four surrounding states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois), the yellow streaks of taxi cabs, the azure glimmer of Lake Michigan, and even birds soaring up above the Magnificent Mile.It's not just panoramas, either. Brace yourself for a ride on *, Chicago's highest moving experience. Place yourself against the floor-to-ceiling windows and feel it tilting slowly at a 30° angle over Michigan Avenue. This experience is for the faint-hearted. * TILT is an extra fee, payable on the day
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    See the new Chicago Interactive History Exhibit complete with quotes from city fans, like longtime resident Oprah Winfrey Zoom up in one of the fastest elevators in the USA to the 17,000 square foot (1600m2) observation deck and play with interactive technology in 7 languages Experience TILT, Chicago's highest moving experience, which literally tilts you towards the ground, 94 floors below. Are you brave enough?