Amazing Morocco 10 Days 7 Nights TATMA6252

Amazing Morocco 10 Days 7 Nights TATMA6252

Amazing Morocco 10 Days 7 Nights TATMA6252

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Amazing Morocco 10 Days 7 Nights TATMA6252

 Grand Casablanca, Morocco
Travel period :
28 Dec 2019 to 06 Jan 2020
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok -
Dubai-Casablanca-Rabat-Magnes MENZEH DALIA accommodation or equivalent
Magnes - Ancient City, Roman Volubilis - Chef Chaun PARADOR accommodation or equivalent
Chef Chaoon-Fees - Old City Faces equivalent L'Escale accommodation
Face-Infriend-Mildel-Erfood-Merzuka (Sahara Desert) CAFÉ DU SUD or a similar hotel
Ride a camel in the light of dawn - Merzuka - Toda, George - Tinhier - Wauseth KARAM PALACE or similar accommodation.
Wauseth-Marrakech - watch a local performance show AYOUB accommodation or equivalent.
Marrakech-Jardine Gardens, Monorail-Casablanca SUISSE accommodation or equivalent
Casablanca - Dubai -
Dubai - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok

    22.00 hrs at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport International Passenger Terminal, Gate 9, Counter T, Emirates With staff Waiting to welcome and facilitate

  • Dubai-Casablanca-Rabat-Magnes
    01.35 hrs. Departure to Dubai. By Emirates Airlines Flight EK 385
    The group traveled from 02 Nov 19 onwards, departing at 01.05 hrs and arriving in Dubai at 05.00 hrs 
    04.45 hrs. Arrive at Dubai Airport. Waiting to change
    07.25 hrs. Continue traveling to Casablanca. Morocco by flight EK 751
    The group traveled from 02 Nov 19 onwards, departed at 07.25 hrs and arrived at Casablanca at 13.15 hrs 
    12.45 hrs. Arrive at Casablanca Airport, Morocco. (The local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand and will change to 6 hours on October 27, 2019.) Bring you through immigration and customs ceremonies. Travel to Casablanca Meaning in Spanish that the white house Is a seaport and home to international airports From then, he traveled to Rabat, the capital city of the Kingdom since 1956, bringing you to visit the capital city of Rabat in the past. When Morocco was liberated from political interference in France. And is the location of the Royal Palace And the ambassador's palace from abroad It is a clean and beautiful white city. After that, see the Royal Mosque and the Royal Palace. That every Friday noon The King of Morocco traveled from the palace to the mosque for religious purposes. See the tomb of King Mohammed V, the seat of the current king. With a guard standing guard over every door And open to people of all nations and religions to pay respect to the dead bodies buried below Front of the cemetery Is the Hassan Mosque that was built since the 2nd century but was unsuccessful and broke down, leaving only 365 pillars in the 183x139 meters wide area. Stop to take a photo of Oudayas Fortress, a large 2-story fort located on Atlantic Rim Surrounded by large and tall walls Is a fortress built by Spain during the Spanish occupation of Morocco Inside there is a Spanish flower garden and is a medina or urban community filled with houses painted in blue-white. That is clean, pleasant to walk The atmosphere by the sea resembles Santorini. It is one of the important fortress of Morocco. In the past, it was used to protect the enemy from invasion, both from colonial countries and during the days when pirates abounded. Then take you to the city of Meknes
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Accommodation travel into MENZEH DALIA accommodation or equivalent
  • Magnes - Ancient City, Roman Volubilis - Chef Chaun
    Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    See Meknes, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996. The former capital of the Sultan Mule Ismaili of the Alawite Dynasty was named the king. A savage war-lover in the 17th century. With a location that runs through the middle of the city, Meknes is a center of action. Produce olives, wines and various plants There is a city wall around the old city, which is about 40 km long, which has up to 7 large gates. Stop by the Bumpanu Gate. Is the most beautiful door Decorated with mosaic and bright green tiles on the wall Take you to the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, which now remains with the ruins caused by a severe earthquake in 1755, but still see the traces of the city in The former Roman Empire, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1997.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon brings you to the blue city. Chef Chaoun (Chefchaouen) The city is known as the charm of Morocco. It is a small town located in the Rif Mountain. The history of the city is more than 538 years. The city used to be under Spanish rule. And gained independence in 1956 until being influenced by the way of life and the Spanish language today See houses painted in blue and white. Considered as a paradise for blue and white lovers Especially blue That's because Chef Chaoon is a city in which almost all houses are white. And with the bottom half to the streets, stairs and paths in bright blue as if the sky without clouds. Can walk to see houses throughout the city. Which the architecture of the city is still Morocco The arched arch can therefore be seen throughout the city. And there are fountains covered with Moroccan mosaic to be seen in various corners of the city, allowing you to have time to shop for souvenirs in the Old Town Market
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Accommodation travel into PARADOR accommodation or equivalent
    Since there are quite a few hotels in Chef Cha-am If in the case that the hotel in Chef Chaoun is full The group will change to lie to the city next to it instead 
  • Chef Chaoon-Fees - Old City Faces
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the city of Fes, the capital city of the 8th century, which is of historical importance Is a famous tourist destination of Morocco. This route passes the Atlas Mountains. A familiar name for a long time By traveling across Middle Atlas, a lush landscape of forests Both sides of the road changed from dry to bush forest and alternated with the dryness of the mountains. Until entering the town of Fes
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon brings you to see the town of Fes. By entering the complex of labyrinths of Medina in Fez through the Bab Bou Jeloud gate, built in 1913, using blue mosaics Walked through the medina, as if across time Take you through the fresh market, selling fish, food and fresh produce. Visit the Merdersa Bou Imania, a Bible school. It is a beautiful moorish architecture. In the old town, divided into 100 sections with over 10,000 alleyways, with the narrowest alley being 50 cm to 3 m wide, divided into areas such as brass appliances, copper. There will be a small shop in front of the shop. There is a pan, pan, kitchen equipment. Hanging, hanging all Beautifully lined carpet sales district Wickerwork area Wood carving And the Spice District (Souk El Attarine). You will experience the whole picture The taste and smell in the spice district are orderly arranged, beautiful products. While following the path in Medina, you will find the Nejjarine Fountain for Muslims to wash their hands and wash their hands before entering the mosque area. In addition, at the nooks in the corners may see images of elderly, bearded, bearded, sitting, carving small pieces of wood along the narrow passages in the old town. Sometimes we will see women here wearing clothes that cover the head to the feet, only the sharp black eyes. Visit the cemetery of Moulay Idriss Mausolem II, which is considered a sacred pilgrimage site for the Moulay Idriss Mausolem II. Visit the Kairaouine Mosque, which is both The first religious university of Morocco And one of the oldest in the world (Only for Muslims), then take you to walk around the leather district and visit. Antique bleaching and dyeing leather That is unique to the town of Fes Preserved by UNESCO. All of this is the charm of walking around the city, which has to walk in the native people. Shopping local products The city of Fez is a place that should not be missed in a visit.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Accommodation: Arrive at equivalent L'Escale accommodation
    Please prepare clothes, small bags To spend the night in the desert the next night 
  • Face-Infriend-Mildel-Erfood-Merzuka (Sahara Desert)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you through the city of Ifrane, a city at a height of about 1,650 meters above sea level. The resort, which in the past France had been built in the area in the 1930s, is sometimes called this city Geneva of Morocco Most homes have red roofs, beautiful flowers and beautiful lakes. Is a place to rest both winter and summer This route passes the Atlas Mountains. The long-known name travels across the Middle Atlas, lush landscape of forests. Both sides of the road changed from dry to bush forest and alternated with the dryness of the mountains. The time has come for you to travel to Midelt.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon depart to Erfoud, an oasis in the caravan's commercial center, travels from Saudi Arabia and Sudan to Merzukar. (Separate luggage for overnight in the desert) by taking you on a 4 wheel drive 4 WD to the Sahara desert. "Sahara" is the second largest desert in the world in the world. (After the desert in Antarctica) and is the world's largest tropical desert in Merzouga, which traverses the desert to the Sahara. See the great views of the rocky mountains that are full of fossilized fish and ancient jellyfish in the past 350 million years ago, which this land had been under the sea before. Therefore being the origin of various fossils
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    Free, you can relax, watch the stars in the desert at your leisure 
    Overnight accommodation in the Sahara desert at CAFÉ DU SUD or a similar hotel
    Hotel in the desert, most rooms are marquee style
  • Ride a camel in the light of dawn - Merzuka - Toda, George - Tinhier - Wauseth
    Early in the morning before sunrise, you will ride a camel and watch the sun rise in the Sahara desert. Special price includes 1 camel / 1 camel. It will be an unforgettable morning atmosphere. (Do not forget to prepare the sweater ready)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take a 4WD ride to Erfood To change into an air-conditioned coach From there, travel to Todra Gorge to see the beauty of the gorge hiding in the oasis. The clear river flows through the gorges and the strange steep cliffs, as a source of rock climbing for all the adventurers. Travel to Tinghir, a group of islands In the midst of drought There is still the moisture of the oasis. The palm trees used to be the site of the troops that had traveled from Wauseth.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon brings you to Ouarzazate. Formerly a strategic location in 1928, France established military forces and developed it as an administrative center. Wauseth is a city promoted as a tourist city surrounded by movie studios. And the area has been developed in the desert for activities such as motorbike riding, camels, desert adventure activities. The city is near the snow-clad Atlas of Winter. Versace can be said to be the aim of tourists looking for differences. And adventures that cannot be found anywhere else Worcester is the most important city in the south. And here is also a connection between north and south And east and east For some tourists who like the taste of southernness, this place is the starting point to explore the cities every day.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Accommodation: Arrive at KARAM PALACE or similar accommodation.
  • Wauseth-Marrakech - watch a local performance show
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Stop to take photos of the fortress. Kasbah Taourirt is a fortress of the Claw family. Which consists of many rooms that are hidden, connected by small streets and secret paths winding through the crowded buildings. Glaoui Palace, the ruler of Marrakech Which also has wall patterns and a variety of architectural styles for building Berber people The design of the building is suitable for the belief and well-being of the parents. In the Glaoui era, there were hundreds of workers and servants, so many rooms were needed. There are the old palace, living room, reception room, which UNESCO has renovated from only one-third of the total building. Then take you on a journey through Ait Benhaddou. Ait Benhaddou is famous for earning money from more than 20 film sets, especially the most beautiful and largest fortress in Morocco. The southern crocodile is the Eit Benhad Fort. The Kasbash of Ait Ben Hadou is a sandstone fort, which is surrounded by almond gardens. It is the castle that was used to shoot many famous movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth and Gladiator. Currently under the supervision of UNESCO.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    In the afternoon, travel to the city of Marakesh, an important tourist city located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. In the past, this oasis was the home of a camel caravan from the south of Morocco. Regarded as the junction town of various merchants It is also a former capital during the Al Moravid dynasty during the 11th century. It is currently the most visited city. The state that we can see is On both sides of the road surrounded by houses that are plastered with orange. Which is what the government stipulates But the locals call it Pink City, or Pink City. It can be said that Marrakech is one of the most charming cities in the world. Therefore was given the nickname "A city of Drama", which is as beautiful as a city in a drama that is unlikely to be real life Take you to visit Bahia Palace is the palace of the Pasha. Regents representing the past kings Built in the late 19th century by Si Moussa, the architecture is modern. With the intention of becoming the greatest and most luxurious palace of the time The palace is decorated with stucco carving, painted on wood and adorned with mosaics in a beautiful, delicate pattern. From then, bring you to watch The large Djemaa Fnaa Square Surrounded by buildings, shops, markets on all 4 sides, strolling, taking pictures of the lively That has a colorful and authentic Morocco style Along with shopping for souvenirs Local souvenirs can be found in the old market that surrounds the square.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Ready to watch a spectacular local performance with the magnificence of the Moroccan venues and colors 
    Accommodation travel into AYOUB accommodation or equivalent.
  • Marrakech-Jardine Gardens, Monorail-Casablanca
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the Jardin Majorelle Jardin Majorelle or the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens. This name is familiar to young women who love the luxurious fashion of Yves St. Laurent. Of Paris, France Then take you to travel to Casablanca. Take you to Casablanca. The word 'Casa' means home and 'Blanca' means white. Casablanca is a city that people around The world knows And may know more 'The Kingdom of Morocco' even
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon brings you to Casablanca, the city used in the Hollywood movie Casablanca, released in 1942. You take pictures with The mosque of King Hassan II was completed in 1993 on the 60th anniversary of the King Hassan II of Morocco. It is a very large mosque with a capacity of 25,000 and a high tower. 210 meters to see the LDS church. Inside, there is a beautiful stained glass image showing various religious stories. Next to the UN Square Which is the city center, important business district
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Accommodation travel into SUISSE accommodation or equivalent
  • Casablanca - Dubai
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    11.00 hrs. Travel to Casablanca Airport. In order to check in luggage and have time to buy duty-free goods at the airport
    14.45 hrs. Departure back to Dubai. By flight at EK 752
    The group traveled from 19 Oct 19 onwards, departing at 15.05 hrs and arriving in Dubai at 01.30 hrs 
  • Dubai - Bangkok
    01.15 hrs. Arrive Dubai Airport for a transfer.
    03.40 hrs. Departure to Bangkok By Emirates Airlines EK 376
    The group traveled from 19 Oct 19 onwards, departing at 3:30 pm and arriving in Bangkok at 12.35 hrs 
    13.15 hrs. The group returns to Suvarnabhumi Airport with security
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