China Shenzhen 4 Days 2 Nights TATCN6321

China Shenzhen 4 Days 2 Nights TATCN6321

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China Shenzhen 4 Days 2 Nights TATCN6321

 Guangdong, China
AirlineShenzhen Airlines
Travel period :
19 Dec 2022 to 22 Dec 2022
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Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) -
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Shenzhen (Ba'an Airport) (ZH9020: 02.15-06.20) - Hakka Village - Shenzhen Government Center - Rubber Shop - Shenzhen Museum - SEA WORLD PLAZA-Market Lu Wu EASTERN BANSHAN HOTEL OR SAME 4
Yok Shop - Chinese Pharmacy - Qingyuan - Huang Ting Xia Glass Walkway QINGYUAN LIFANG HOTEL OR SAME 4
Chingyuan - Guangzhou - Take a look outside the Guangzhou Tower - Kwang Xiao Temple - Beijing Road - Hainan Temple - Guangzhou - Shenzhen (Ba'an Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (ZH9019: 23.05 - 01.15 + 1) -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

    23.30 hrs. Faculty at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport International Passenger Terminal, Floor 4, Gate 4, Counter G, SHENZHEN AIRLINES (ZH), with staff to welcome and facilitate the inspection of luggage and travel documents for everyone.

  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Shenzhen (Ba'an Airport) (ZH9020: 02.15-06.20) - Hakka Village - Shenzhen Government Center - Rubber Shop - Shenzhen Museum - SEA WORLD PLAZA-Market Lu Wu
    02.15 hrs. Departure to Shenzhen Bao'an Airport by SHENZHEN AIRLINES. Flight ZH9020.
    06.20 hrs. Arrive Shenzhen Bao'an Airport. Also known as the Shenzhen airport for short Is the main airport near Hong Kong SAR and Macau. It is one of the major airports in China that transport passengers in the country who want to travel to the 2 special administrative districts of Shenzhen (Shenzhen). In the south of Guangdong Is a city on the southern border sea of ​​China Located opposite to Hong Kong Island Covers an area of ​​approximately 2,020 square kilometers Shenzhen was selected as a Special Economic Zone in 1980, making it prosperous. And more modern in this city, there are more buildings, companies, stores, businesses, not only more buildings The population has also doubled in the city, with a population of over six million. The languages ​​spoken are Cantonese and Mandarin. Bring you through immigration formalities.
    Morning, have breakfast at the restaurant.
    From then, bring everyone to Hakkageng village Was built according to the building style of the Hakka house Before Shenzhen was appointed as the first economic zone in China. The people of Shenzhen are all Hakka people. For generations to recall and study the history of Shenzhen The Chinese government has therefore invested in the construction of the Hakkan Keng village. Here we can see the tradition Hakka Chinese Culture Especially in the decoration of buildings, houses, food, history of the Chinese Hakka in the past, you visit the Shenzhen Government Center. Located in Futian District, the center of Shenzhen city With an area of ​​over 910,000 square meters, with The interior area was designed by J&A Jiang Feng. The architectural design was designed by American architect Lee Timchula with a construction area of ​​210,000 square meters and a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. Then visit the famous Chinese rubber goods shop.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Take you to the Shenzhen SHENZHEN MUSEUM Museum, located in the heart of Shenzhen city. Inside there is an exhibition about Shenzhen city. There are antiques History of technology, science, art and culture Open for viewing since 1988, bringing you to SEA WORLD PLAZA, the new shopping district of Shenzhen. The prominent point of the building is the shape of a boat. There are many shopping malls, pubs, bars, restaurants. For you to choose to buy at your own leisure After that, you can enjoy bargaining more than 50% of the price that Thai people call it Ma Boon Krong Shenzhen or Lu Wu City, you will find many famous brand copy products such as Amani, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Coach, Dior Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chole etc.
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
  • Yok Shop - Chinese Pharmacy - Qingyuan - Huang Ting Xia Glass Walkway
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to visit the precious gemstones. Jade is a popular jewelry because it is believed that wearing it will help prevent danger. For you to choose to buy the jade jade jade ring or the famous auspicious ghost Quality and famous of China Visit the Chinese medicine shop For you to buy Chinese herbal products To treat various diseases That the Chinese people used since ancient times
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    From then, leading you to Qingyuan City Is one of the largest provinces Located in the north central region of Guangdong Province (takes about 3 hours to travel in the middle and upstream of the Beijiang River From then, leading you to Huang Ting Xia Glass Corridor Classified as a new tourist destination in Guangdong The design resembles two badminton racks positioned vertically and horizontally. This glass walkway has broken a record height of 500 meters compared to the glass walkway in Zhangjiajie, China, 300 meters long, with a circle length of more than 168 meters, the straight path length is more than 368 meters, the thickness of the glass 6 cm clear, able to support more than 400 tons, count more than 4,000 people, also decorated with beautiful colored waterfalls in the glass walkway. Allowing you to experience the thrill while walking through the glass pathway and also dazzled by the beautiful scenery.
    Note: If anyone does not wish to travel in the mirror Can walk to see the view nearby (The glass walkway is a tourist attraction that needs to be inspected and highly guarded by the staff. If on the day of the glass walkway there is a notice of closing the tour. Due to the weather or whether for any reason at all The company reserves the right to change Find a place of travel as appropriate. There is no need for prior report And do not return any service fees at all Depending on the announcement from tourist attractions)
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Hotel accommodation QINGYUAN LIFANG HOTEL OR SAME 4 
  • Chingyuan - Guangzhou - Take a look outside the Guangzhou Tower - Kwang Xiao Temple - Beijing Road - Hainan Temple - Guangzhou - Shenzhen (Ba'an Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (ZH9019: 23.05 - 01.15 + 1)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to Guangzhou (takes approximately 1.30 hours), which is the capital city of the Guangdong province. It is a famous ancient culture city since ancient times. Rumored to the present that there are 5 deities wearing 5 colors of clothing, riding on goats and 5 colors of rice grains for the villagers to cultivate to breed. Giving abundant abundance and happiness forever It has been dubbed the "goat city", "the city of rye" and "the city of flowers", leading you to see the beauty of Guangzhou Tower Also known as Canton Tower, the 604-meter-high tower is considered the 2nd tallest tower in the world today. After the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower with a height of 634 meters, it serves as both a television tower. Bird's-eye viewpoint And is the city's landmark Located in Guangzhou, China. Take a tour of Guangxiao Temple. Considered as one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou, more than 1,500 years old, Guangxiao Temple is a resting place for monks and monks who have pilgrimage in Asia since ancient times. The temple is also a sanctuary for sacred things, or just walking in and admiring the architecture and trees gives a peaceful feeling as well.
    Lunch at the restaurant
    From there, take you, then take you to Beijing Road, a famous business district since ancient times. The interesting point is at the old old road. Dig it for future generations to see. Made into clear glass And let you shop for souvenirs. The house leads you to visit the Nan Hai Temple, with a history of more than 1,400 years and a place where Chinese emperors sacrificed their lives. The temple covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters. The central axis is from the south to the north, including the arch, the main door, the appliance door, the ritual hall, the main hall. There is a path on both sides, Zhang Qi Qi Kang The pavilion is an ancient place to watch the sunrise on the sea during the Song and Yuan dynasties. It is the first scene of the eight views of Yang Cheng.
    23.05 hrs. Departure to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Shenzhen Airlines Flight ZH9019
    01.15 hrs. Arrive Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport safely and with the impression
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