Amazing Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Guilin of Laos

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Wat Si Muang, Hor Phra Kaew, Victory Gate, Phra That Luang, Luang Prabang high-speed train station, black market, offering sticky rice alms to monks Watch the sunrise at Phra That Phu Si Old Palace, Wichun Temple, Xieng Thong Temple, Kuang Si Waterfall Boat trip to see Song River, Blue Lagoon, Vientiane checkpoint

 Luang Prabang, Laos
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Bangkok • Udon Thani • Nong Khai • Si Muang Temple • Phra Kaew Hall • Patuxay • Pha That Luang • High Speed ​​Rail Station • Luang Prabang • Black Market capital hotel or equivalent
Rice alms bowl • Watch the sunrise of Phra That Phu Si • Old Palace • Wat Wichun • Wat Xieng Thong • Kuang Si Waterfall • Take a high-speed train Inthira Vangvieng or equivalent
Cruise along the Song River • Blue Lagoon • Vientiane Checkpoint • Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok • Udon Thani • Nong Khai • Si Muang Temple • Phra Kaew Hall • Patuxay • Pha That Luang • High Speed ​​Rail Station • Luang Prabang • Black Market

    04.30 a.m. Together at Suvarnabhumi Airport Departure Hall, 4th Floor, Thai Viet Jet Counter Thai Viet Jet (VZ) Gate 3, with a concierge for everyone.
    07.05 a.m. Depart to Udon Thani Province By flight VZ200 (approximately 1.30 hours travel time) **There is no meal on the flight, both on the way**
    08.15 a.m. Arrive at Udon Thani Airport Received the bag Take you by air-conditioned van to Nong Khai Province (travel time takes about 2 hours).
    After that, travel to the border crossing of the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, Nong Khai Province. (Service with VIP van) Make documents across the border to Laos PDR Then travel to Vientiane Capital. Passing through the immigration ceremony, Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, heading to the heart of the city
    Lunch: Lunch at a restaurant (meal 1)
    Bring you to worship Wat Si Muang, a temple that Lao people respect. and is a sacred place in the city of Vientiane, recommending you to wish for good luck Asking for money, mainly for gold, therefore suitable for people who work in trading. bring you to visit Hor Phra Kaew Museum which used to be the enshrined place of the Emerald Buddha In the past, this Hor Phra Kaew was built in 1565 during the reign of Phra Chai Chettha. has now changed to The museum is used as a collection of Buddha images. Take you to see Patuxay Monument. Located in the northeast of Vientiane on Lan Chang Road, it ends at Patuxay. completed in year 1969 as a memorial to commemorate the people of Laos who sacrificed their lives in the war. It is an architecture that combines Lan Xang and French art in a very beautiful and harmonious way. bring you to worship Wat Phra That Luang Located in the northeast of Patuxay, it is the most important religion in Laos. It is a national symbol of Laos, meaning to the minds of the Lao people largely representing the independence and sovereignty of Laos. Built in the 16th century, it is the most distinctive chedi in the Lan Xang Kingdom. It is a combination of architecture in Buddhism and the architecture of the kingdom resembles a fortress, with a large balcony being built to surround the relics with small window openings all the time. The entrance door is a large wooden door with red lacquer surrounding the relics, with surrounding chedi surrounded by surrounding chedi. Then travel to the high-speed train station. Prepare to head to Luang Prabang
    04.00 p.m. Take you to the Laos-China train. which is a new train route in China and Laos It was built to open as a trade and tourism route. Depart for Luang Prabang It takes about 3 hours to see the atmosphere on 2 sides of the railway. **The train may change the time as appropriate. The company reserves the right not to inform in advance**
    *due to!! The train ticket is random system, seats cannot be locked. Seats may not sit next to each other. and cannot choose a seat on the train in the group *
    06.00 p.m. Arrive at Luang Prabang Railway Station. Continue with a van to enter Luang Prabang.
    In the evening, dinner is served at a restaurant (meal 2).
    Then take you shopping at the black market. In which Luang Prabang residents will place their items for sale along Si Sawangwong Road until the front of the palace. Let everyone choose to buy products at their leisure as souvenirs or as souvenirs. for everyone to choose products at their leisure
    Accommodation in the capital hotel (4*) or equivalent

  • Rice alms bowl • Watch the sunrise of Phra That Phu Si • Old Palace • Wat Wichun • Wat Xieng Thong • Kuang Si Waterfall • Take a high-speed train

    05.00 a.m. Wake up early to join Make merit - make merit with sticky rice With the people of Luang Prabang every morning, the people of Luang Prabang in every home will come out to sit and wait to offer food to hundreds of monks that line the road. It is a lively morning view of Luang Prabang, reflecting the way of life of a peaceful society and the devotion to Buddhism that is deeply rooted in Lan Xang culture. and take you to visit the morning market full of local food and souvenirs, stop by to taste the famous Lao coffee populist shop Let you taste Laos coffee with a pair of desserts or Patongo.
    Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (3rd meal)
    Take you to see Phra That Phusi, a mountain peak with a height of about 150 meters, located in the heart of Luang Prabang. like a pillar of the city and is also a popular viewpoint for tourists to watch the sunset and can see 360 ​​degree views of Luang Prabang. The stairs leading up to a total of 328 steps. Luang Prabang residents said. "Visit Luang Prabang If you don't get up to Phusi, you're not in Luang Prabang.” Take you to see the old palace. It is the palace where Prince Sri Sawangwong He stayed here until his death. When the rule was changed in 1975, the palace was transformed into a museum, comprising the Dharma Auditorium, the living room of the great lord and his wife. Thong Phra Rong In the back is a palace with various utensils. Stored in a simple order, visit Wichun Rat Temple, bring you worship. Phra That Mak Mo It is a Pathum Chedi or Phra That Lotus. But the general Lao people call it. Phra That Mak Mo Because it is shaped like a watermelon, cut in half or upside down. similar to the sponge stupa at Sanchi india The top of the relics resembles the flame aura of a Lanka or Sukhothai style Buddha image. At the corner of the base of the middle and upper floors, there are four lotus-shaped buddhist buds. Then, take you to see Wat Xieng Thong, a royal temple of Luang Prabang built during the reign of King Chai Chetthathirat before moving the capital to Vientiane. Phra Ubosot or in Lao language called "Sim" is not very large. The roof of the Ubosot is curved and sloped very low, stacked on 3 floors, is a Luang Prabang art style. It is a temple built by the King, so it has 17 steps, and the common ones are built only 1-7 bouquets. It is believed that they will keep valuables in it as well. The beauty of the temple lies in its serenity, cleanliness and excellent layout, design and maintenance.
    Lunch service at a restaurant (4th meal)
    In the afternoon, take a trip through rural villages to see the way of life of the villagers. Kuang Si Waterfall It is 30 kilometers from Luang Prabang to the southwest. Passing through rural villages along the road on both sides of the road is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Luang Prabang area. There is a clear emerald river all year round. Admire the beauty of the cascading waterfalls, each layer beautifully formed by a mixture of limestone, approximately 70 meters high, with 2 levels, shady forest conditions. There are bridges and walking paths around the waterfall, giving you free time to immerse yourself in nature and free to swim.
    04:30 p.m. Travel to the high-speed train station. Travel to Vang Vieng (Travel time takes about 2 hours)
    In the evening, dinner service at a restaurant (5th meal)
    Accommodation Inthira Vangvieng (4*) or equivalent

  • Cruise along the Song River • Blue Lagoon • Vientiane Checkpoint • Suvarnabhumi Airport

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant (6th meal).
    Take you on a cruise along the Song River. Experience the way of life and nature amidst the surrounding mountains. until it was named “Guilin of Laos” (cruise fee included) Then you are free to swim at your leisure at the Blue Lagoon and then take you to a giant balloon rental place for those who want to take a giant balloon to see the beautiful Vang Vieng from a high angle for a unique impression that never seen anywhere (Not included in the service fee 3,000 baht/person)
    Noon: Lunch at a restaurant (7th meal)
    02.00 p.m. Take you to the Lao-Thai border checkpoint. while waiting for the officer to make the border crossing documents At the Lao checkpoint, buy international products, there are many cheap brands such as liquor, wine, cigarettes and cosmetics. At the right time, take you to Udon Thani Airport.
    07.10 p.m. Depart to Suvarnabhumi Airport by Thai Vietjet (VZ) flight VZ203
    08.20 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely with unforgettable impressions

Terms and Conditions
  • Full payment

  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated.

Package Include
  • Roundtrip airfare with group Bangkok - Udon Thani - Bangkok on Thai Viet Jet (VZ) airlines is a group ticket and cannot accumulate mileage.

  • Accommodation in hotels as listed in the program 2 nights, occupying 2-3 persons per room (in case of not coming in pairs and do not want to add money for a single room)

  • Baggage allowance not exceeding 20 kg. per 1 piece (can load 1 piece per person) Hand-Carry Bag 7 kg. per 1 piece

  • All meals as specified in the list (Reserve the right to switch meals or change the menu according to the situation)

  • 1 bottle of drinking water per day/person

  • Entrance fees to the sites as mentioned in the itinerary

  • Cost of coach/van (VIP) to and from attractions as specified in the itinerary

  • Fee for local guides and Thai tour leaders

  • VAT 7%

  • Fuel taxes and all kinds of ticket taxes (Reserve the right to collect more if the airline adjusts up before the travel date)

  • Covid-19 insurance Medical expense coverage of 50,000 USD

  • Accident insurance amount 2,000,000 baht (according to the conditions of the policy)

  • travel insurance conditions Accident insurance and medical expenses Covers only in the event of an accident during the trip It does not cover the loss of personal belongings and does not cover the traveler's congenital disease.

Package Exclude
  • Thai passport fees and fees for foreign passport holders

  • Baggage allowance in case of exceeding the limit of the airline is 20 kg per person.

  • Personal expenses such as extra food and beverages, telephone-fax, internet, mini-bar, laundry that are not mentioned in the list.

  • Costs arising from airline delays, natural disasters, protests, riots, strikes, refusal from immigration and labor department officials in the city Thai and foreign countries which are beyond the control of the Company.

  • If the Thai and/or Lao government agencies modify additional quarantine requirements and/or request additional medical tests. The traveler will be responsible for any excess charges.

  • RT-PCR examination 72 hours before departure or ATK 24 hours before departure from Thailand For those who have not been vaccinated

  • Tips for local guides, drivers, assistant drivers 1,000 baht/trip/tour 1 person (compulsory according to the country's customs and regulations)

  • The tour leader's tip is according to everyone's discretion (not included in the tip of the local guide and driver, but tip is not compulsory).

  • Cancel 30 days or more before the trip, the company will refund all deposits. by deducting actual expenses except in the case of holidays, public holidays Cancel 45 days before departure, full refund of deposit. by deducting actual expenses

  • Cancellation 15-29 days before departure, 50% of the tour fee is deducted from the selling price and all actual expenses incurred in any case.

  • Canceling the trip 0-14 days before departure, the company reserves the right to collect all tour fees in any case.

  • The company has the right to change the tour program in the event of a force majeure that cannot be corrected.

  • Flights, prices and travel items can be changed as appropriate, taking into account the interests of the traveler as a priority

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months and the company accepts only those who travel for tourism purposes only. (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months, the company is not responsible if the remaining age is not reached and unable to travel)

  • The company will not take any responsibility. If the airline delays, the airline cancels flights, protests, strikes, riots or in the case that you are denied entry or exit from the Immigration officer or Department of Labor officers both from Thailand and abroad which are beyond the responsibility of the Company or natural disasters (which the customer must accept in This condition in the event of force majeure which may modify the program as appropriate)

  • The company will not take any responsibility. If the traveler encounters an emergency due to a congenital disease which is not caused by an accident in the tour (which the customer must accept this condition in the event of force majeure which is beyond the responsibility of the tour company)

  • The company will not take any responsibility. If you do not use the services of the company, such as not traveling for some items, not eating some meals, because of all expenses, the company has paid the expenses to foreign agents as a complete package. Before the trip is complete, it is a complete payment of the contract.

  • The company will not take any responsibility. In the event of loss of belongings due to theft and or accidents caused by the traveler's negligence or in the event of lost or damaged luggage by the airline.

  • In the event that immigration, both in Bangkok and abroad, refuses to leave or enter the country specified in the itinerary The company reserves the right not to refund the service in any case.

  • Airfares are discounted tickets. In the event that you do not travel with the group, it cannot be postponed or refunded and the name cannot be changed if the ticket price is increased. According to the fuel rate or exchange rate, the company reserves the right to adjust the said ticket price.

  • When you agree to pay, whether in whole or in part, through the company's agent or directly to the company The company will assume that you have accepted all the terms and conditions set forth above.

  • Groups traveling during holidays or festivals that require a guaranteed deposit with the airline or through agents in the country or abroad. Including special flights such as Charter Flight , Extra Flight There will be no refund of the deposit or the total tour cost.

  • In the case of PASSPORT, it must not be damaged, wet, scribbled, or even a cartoon stamp. That is not the official stamp of the Immigration. Please check your PASSPORT before traveling every time if immigration refuses to enter and exit your city. The company will not take any responsibility.

  • In the event that there is a "lawsuit" that does not allow you to travel outside the country Please check before booking the tour to see if you can leave the country or not. if unable to travel which is beyond the control of the Company The company will not take any responsibility.

  • In the case of a "pregnant woman", you will need a medical certificate. clearly stated that they can travel outside the country including clear gestational age details This is beyond the control of the Company. The company will not take any responsibility.

  • In the case of using an official passport (blue book) to travel with a tour group If you are refused entry - out of any country, the company reserves the right not to refund the tour and assume any responsibility.

  • In the case of those traveling to the country Lao PDR must present a certificate of complete vaccination doses. (Original/Copy) at least 14 days before departure