Lao Vientiane Luangprabang 3 Days 2 Nights TATLA6799

Lao Vientiane Luangprabang 3 Days 2 Nights TATLA6799

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Lao Vientiane Luangprabang 3 Days 2 Nights TATLA6799

 Vientiane, Laos
AirlineThai AirAsia
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30 May 2022 to 01 Jun 2022
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok - Wiang Chan - Phra That Luang - Pratuchai - Vang Vieng - Roti Road GRAND RIVERSIDE HOTEL or similar 4 star accommodation.
Vang Vieng - Tham Jung - Luang Prabang - Phrathat Phutsi - Walking Street Chitchareunguanglouang Hotel, at Luang Prabang or similar 4 star hotel
Give sticky rice to monks - Wat Chiang Thong - Royal Palace - Ho Phrabang - Wichunrat Temple - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Wiang Chan - Phra That Luang - Pratuchai - Vang Vieng - Roti Road
    09.30 hrs. Concurrently at Don Mueang Airport, Building 1, Outbound, 2nd Floor, Gate 1, Thai Air Asia (FD) Counter, with all staff members providing assistance
    12.05 hrs. Departure to Vientiane Capital via FD 1040 (Hot meals are served onboard)
    13.15 hrs. Arrive at the airport Wattay, Vientiane, Laos, through immigration formalities
    Afternoon brings you to worship. Wat Phra That Luang, located to the northeast of the Arch of Triumph, is the most important religious site in Laos. Is the national symbol of Laos, meaning to the minds of the people of Laos greatly, representing the independence and sovereignty of Laos. 16 is the most distinctive pagoda in the Lan Xang Kingdom.It is a combination of Buddhist architecture and the kingdom's architecture, looks like a fortress, with a taller balcony surrounded by relics and a small window. Throughout The entrance is a large red lacquered wooden door. Around Phra That, there are also pagodas surrounded. Take you to see the Victory Monument, located to the northeast of Vientiane on Lan Chang Road, ending at the Pratuchai area. Completed in 1969 is a memorial to commemorate the people of Laos who gave their lives in the war before the Communist Party Revolution. Pratuchai is also known as Vertical highway because this construction uses cement from America that was purchased to build a new airport in Vientiane during the Indochina War but lost first, so it used to build the Triumphal Arch instead, an architecture that combines Lan Xang art With France together beautifully and extremely harmoniously, then take you to travel to Vang Vieng city to experience the way of life, living and the fair Amid the criticism surrounding mountains surrounding. Until becoming known as "Guilin of Laos
    Dinner at the restaurant in Vang Vieng. And allow you to relax at your leisure. Enjoy the nightlife in Vang Vieng city on Walking Street or Roti Road, where Roti is available for you to choose from.
    Enter the GRAND RIVERSIDE HOTEL or similar 4-star accommodation.
  • Vang Vieng - Tham Jung - Luang Prabang - Phrathat Phutsi - Walking Street
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel.
    After the meal take you dazzlingly with the beauty of the stalactites and stalactites in Tham Jung inside, cool atmosphere, and breathe fresh air at the top of the cave as well as see the top viewpoint, the cave where you can see the whole city of Vang Vieng and see the emerald pool, which is mineral water from limestone mountains. The time is right to take everyone to head to Luang Prabang, a world heritage city on the way. You will pass through the Laos village with many plants. Enjoy the beautiful scenery Stair farming and tribal villages of Laos passing the town of Khasi Phu Khun Chiang Ngoen and this route is considered the most beautiful road One of the routes in Southeast Asia. On the way, you can take pictures from a bird's eye view of one of the most beautiful peaks on this route and relax with a comfortable atmosphere at Phu Phiang Fah.
    Noon serves lunch at the restaurant.
    Take you up to 328 steps to pay respect to the Phra Phut Si (Phou Si Mountian) on both sides shaded by Champa flowers. Phusi means "Phu Si", which is the Sri capital of Luang Prabang. It stands out in the heart of the city, with a viewpoint before reaching the top of Phra That, can see temples and houses stretching parallel to the Mekong River to the mouth of the Kan River. Case On the narrow flat area, the relics are lotus-shaped squares painted in gold, set on a square base, decorated with seven-tiered gold bronze, about 21 meters high. It is very beautiful in the evening. This way, the sunlight will illuminate the Buddha's relic in golden color, with a walkway around the Buddha's relic, able to see the view of Luang Prabang almost round.
    Dinner and dinner at the restaurant (Pisit !! Baisi welcome ceremony according to the folk customs of Luang Prabang)
    After eating, can walk Visit Khao Niew Road Luang Prabang or black market. Buy local products as souvenirs or souvenirs. Independent, free time
    Bring you to stay at Chitchareunguanglouang Hotel, at Luang Prabang or similar 4 star hotel
  • Give sticky rice to monks - Wat Chiang Thong - Royal Palace - Ho Phrabang - Wichunrat Temple - Bangkok
    05.00 hrs. Wake up in the morning to join making merit-offering food to monks in Luang Prabang. Every morning, every villager of Luang Prabang will come out to sit and offer food to monks lined up and walking hundreds of streets. The picture is a lively morning picture of Luang Prabang, reflecting the way of life of a peaceful society and devotion to Buddhism deeply rooted in the Lan Chang culture. And take you to visit the morning market
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel.
    Then take you to visit Xieng Thong Temple, a former royal temple in Luang Prabang, built during the reign of King Chaiyachet Thathirat before moving the capital to Vientiane and also receiving patronage from the great life of Sri Sawangwong. And Chao Chao Sawang Wongwattana, the last two kings of Laos. The temple's location is in the northeast of the capital, Luang Prabang, near the area where the Kan River flows to meet the Mekong River. There is a Ubosot or Lao language called That "Sim" is not too big The chapel's roof is curved and very low. There are 3 layers of Luang Prabang art. There are 17 Chofahs in the middle. It is observed that It is a temple built by the monarch, so it has 17 steps. Ordinary sections are constructed from only 1-7 bouquets. It is believed that valuable items will be kept there. Or Laos, as "Ng" is a picture of the head Naga. The beauty of the temple is calm, elegant, clean, planned, designed and maintained, then take you to see the old palace (Royal Palace Museum) is the palace that the great life of Sri Sawang. The family lived here until his death. When there was a change of government in 1975, the palace was changed into a museum consisting of the Dharma Listen Hall, the living room of the Great Life and the Queen. Hall room At the back is a palace which has various accessories. Kept in a simple order and worshiped the Phra Prabang Hall, which is the sacred relic of Luang Prabang It is a Buddha statue standing at the sea pagoda, which is a Khmer art Buddha image. The weight of 54 kg consists of 90% gold. There are also 4 Naga statues carved into the Khmer art stone enshrined.
    Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    After a meal, take you to Wat Mai Suwannaphumaram, or the people of Luang Prabang for short, "New Wat" used to be the residence of Boonthan Patriarch. Which is the last patriarch of Laos and also used to enshrine Phra Bang Buddha statue, the capital of Luang Prabang, during the reign of the Great King Sakarin Rit Until the year B.E. In 1894 he was invited to be enshrined in the chamber of the Royal Palace until now. When visiting this temple, what we
    Will notice differences from other temples Is the Ubosot (Sim), which looks like a theater building The roof is large With eaves covering all four sides, two consecutive levels Then lead you to worship Phra That Mak Mo, a Pathum pagoda or Lotus Buddha's relics. But Laos people generally call Phra That Mak Mo Due to the fact that it is shaped like a watermelon, cut in half or upside down Resembling a sponge pagoda India The peak of the relics resembles the flame radius of the Ceylon or Sukhothai Buddha image. In the corner of the base, middle and top, there are four lotus buds. It's time to take everyone heading to Luang Prabang International Airport.
    16.30 hrs. Depart for Bangkok. By Thai Air Asia flights at FD 1031
    17.55 hrs. Arrive at Don Mueang Airport Bangkok with security
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