Myanmar 1 Days By Air Asia

Myanmar 1 Days By Air Asia

Myanmar 1 Days By Air Asia

Adventure Family Fun History & Culture Romance Shopping Dining Religion Temple Full Day
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Myanmar 1 Days By Air Asia

 Yangon, Myanmar
AirlineThai AirAsia
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Don Mueang - Yangon - Shwedagon Pagoda - Botata Town Pagoda - Thep Thanjai - The Whispers - Scotch Market - Jatad Gee Buddha - Nagat Gee Buddha - Baramee Temple - Eng Doya Temple - Marble Buddha - Sanam fly -
Tour Itinerary
  • Don Mueang - Yangon - Shwedagon Pagoda - Botata Town Pagoda - Thep Thanjai - The Whispers - Scotch Market - Jatad Gee Buddha - Nagat Gee Buddha - Baramee Temple - Eng Doya Temple - Marble Buddha - Sanam fly
    04.30 hrs. Together at Don Mueang Airport International Passenger Terminal, Floor 3, Gate 1, Air Asia Counter (AIR ASIA), which will have staff to facilitate travel.
    07.30 hrs. Departure to Yangon by Air Asia Flight FD251
    08.15 hrs. To Mingladong Airport Yangon Take you through immigration and customs. (Local time in Myanmar Later than Thailand, half an hour) to worship Shwedagon pagoda Golden Pagoda of Dagong City or Tak Geng (former name of Yangon) of the Irrawaddy Basin The Golden Pagoda, priceless in Myanmar, is over two thousand and five hundred years old. The largest pagoda in Myanmar Lead you to worship Botata Town Pagoda Which contains the hairs of the Lord Buddha, which eight Indian monks have brought 2,000 years ago, bringing you blessings for Deity immediately or Natt Boi Yi, the holy gods of Burmese and Thai people. "Or the spirit of the deity who protects the place according to the beliefs of the people of Burma Take you across the street to pay homage to the god Whisper, which is called "Amadawmia"
    Noon, have lunch at a special restaurant, Lobster salad, Peking duck.
    From there, take everyone back to Yangon, take you to the Scottish market for you free shopping. The Scotch market is an old market for Burmese people. Built by the Scottish during the British colonial era Is a tiled building There are many types of products sold in this market. Lead you to worship Tadgigi Buddha statue Which is a beautiful Buddha image, typical of the art of Myanmar With a height of about 5 floors, is a Buddha statue of Maravichai Buddha statue carved from marble King IX Metal The accessories on the back are teak wood, all worshiping the Reclining Buddha, Jadhat Ji or Reclining Buddha, which is a large reclining Buddha with a height of 6 stories over 70 meters long, being regarded as a large reclining Buddha And the most beautiful in Myanmar After that you will travel to the Baramee Temple to pay respect to the Buddha's hair. Who believe that he is still alive With the child, that element, when placed on a glass plate, can move In addition, this temple is considered to have the most enshrined relics and arhat elements. As well as receiving the relics to be worshiped for prosperity Take you on a journey to Ang Dorya Temple. This temple is famous for requesting blessings regarding real estate. Then lead you to worship the marble Buddha statue, carved from the entire marble block, the largest in Myanmar. It's time to get you to the airport. To travel back to Thailand
    21.40 hrs. Return to Thailand by Air Asia flight FD258.
    23.25 hrs. To Don Mueang Airport Well-being with the impression of traveling
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  • Regular round-trip airfare for Don Mueang - Yangon - Don Mueang using Air Asia (FD)

  • Burma airport tax and Thai airport tax

  • Air conditioned coach fee for the tour as per the list.

  • The company's guide fees are maintained throughout the journey.

  • Food and beverage expenses specified in the list.

  • Admission fees to the locations specified in the list

  • Travel insurance in the event of death due to an accident Will cover an amount of 1,000,000 baht, medical expenses 500,000 baht (cover the insured aged between 6-75 years, in the case the insured is under 6 years or between 75-85 years, cover 50% of the sum insured Depending on the conditions of the policy / in the case of the insured aged over 85 years, the company reserves the right to cover) the amount of food poisoning protection (The doctor must specify in the medical certificate that Food poisoning only)

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  • 7% VAT and 3% withholding tax

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  • Service fees and personal expenses not listed

  • Tips for local guide / tour leader / driver 1,500 baht / 1 person (pay at the airport before traveling)

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  • Visa fees in urgent cases / Thai passport fees / fees for foreign passport holders

  • Food and beverages that are not listed in the list.

  • Fuel surcharge and airport tax In the event that the airline increases the price

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  • The company reserves the right to change some details in this tour. When an event is impossible until it becomes impossible and cannot be held responsible In case of lost Loss or injury beyond the responsibility of the tour leader And some force majeure such as strikes, natural disasters, riots

  • Since this tour program is a total package payment If you waive the right to use any of the services listed or are denied entry into the country under any circumstances, the company reserves the right to not refund in all cases.

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  • The company is not responsible for any In the event that you are denied entry to the city By the Thailand and Myanmar Immigration Checkpoint

  • For passengers who do not hold Thai PASSPORT or foreign PASSPORT, passengers must be responsible for documents (VISA) or notification of departure in Thailand. The tour company will not be responsible if the immigration checkpoint of Thailand refuses to enter and exit. From country

  • The company is not responsible for any expenses incurred. Feelings Or any other In the event of force majeure arising from the closure of the airport Flight cancellation Flight change Or any flight time that is not caused by a mistake by the company

  • Groupon reserves the right to discount the price for the number of 15 or more people under 15 and reserves the right to not depart in that group. And are happy to refund the full amount in the event that the group does not depart only