Myanmar Kyauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha 2 Days 1 Night TATMM6794

Myanmar Kyauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha 2 Days 1 Night TATMM6794

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Myanmar Kyauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha 2 Days 1 Night TATMM6794

 Yangon, Myanmar
AirlineNok Air
Travel period :
27 Jun 2022 to 28 Jun 2022
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Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - Yangon (Mingaladong Airport) (DD4230: 06.30-07.35) - Reclining Buddha Chadattayi (Phra Non Ta Wan) - Phra Nagathatji - Phra Gototji - Pagoda Bota Town ( Thep Tan Jai / Thep Whisper) - Phra Jetun Phaya Ji - Chedawong Pagoda Summit Parkview Hotel or Wyne Hotel or a similar 4-star hotel
Eng Tor Ya Pagoda - Jai Jaisa Pagoda - Mae Lamu Temple - Scotch Market - Yangon (Mingala Dong Airport) - Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - (DD4239: 21.00-22.55) -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - Yangon (Mingaladong Airport) (DD4230: 06.30-07.35) - Reclining Buddha Chadattayi (Phra Non Ta Wan) - Phra Nagathatji - Phra Gototji - Pagoda Bota Town ( Thep Tan Jai / Thep Whisper) - Phra Jetun Phaya Ji - Chedawong Pagoda
    04.00 hrs. At the same time at Don Mueang Airport International Departure Hall, Level 3, Nok Air Airlines Counter With staff waiting to welcome, facilitate the preparation of travel documents for everyone
    06.30 hrs. Departure to Yangon by Nok Air Flight DD4230 (No food onboard)
    07.35 hrs. Arrive at the Mingalang Airport in Yangon, completed immigration formalities. (The local time in Myanmar is half an hour slower than Thailand.)
    Bring you worship Reclining Buddha Jayadatta (Kyauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha), the most beautiful reclining Buddha and the most beautiful eyes in Myanmar. In the area of ​​the palace, there are paintings of all things Which is the most auspicious Ming Consisting of each character in the center of the royal design And surrounded by 108 sacred lotus statues. His Majesty has overlapping characteristics which are different to Thai art.
    Then take you on a journey to Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda, which has a large Wednesday statue Meaning Reverend Father Ngathatji, meaning Reverend Father, which is as tall as a 5-story building, with a Buddha statue of Marvichai King IX Metal The accessories on the back are all carved teak. And engraved in various patterns Modeled from the Buddha statue in the Yatana era. (Mandalay period)
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Then lead you to worship Koe Htat Kyee Buddh, the largest Buddha statue in Yangon, up to 72 feet. Beat the word "Go" in Burmese, meaning nine, meaning Kotat temple progress. It has 9 floors, with thatched roofs. The top 9 sides of the entrance have statues of giant frogs and snakes. "Snake-eating giant frogs" are believed to be a symbol of "victory". This place is popular for asking monks about various victories for themselves.
    How to request a blessing. Sarath can ask for 1 item. Pray and count the rosary 9 times.
    He worshiped the Botathaung Pagoda, in which Bota Town, meaning 1000 military officers pagoda, built the Bota Town Pagoda and brought 1 royal relic before putting it on the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Chedi. Other important When walking into the pagoda, you can see the Buddha's body closely. There is also something to see within the area around the pagoda is the Golden Buddha statue. Enshrined in the temple on the right It is a Buddha image in the posture of Mara posture which is very beautiful According to history that was enshrined in the Mandalay Palace When Burma became a British colony in the year 1885 was moved to the Eternal Museum in India. Saved from the bombings of the Allies that attacked Mandalay Palace. Later in the year 1945, this Buddha statue is on display at the museum.
    Victoria and Albert And on the left hand side is the Nut Bo Bo Gyi or the God of Instant, which is popular among Myanmar people and Thais. With the belief that when you pray something, it will come true instantly
    Bring you blessings, gods, whispers or Amadawmia According to legend Is the daughter of the serpent Who believe in Buddhism Until death to become a Nut respect to the people of Burma pay respect In which you can whisper at your side quietly Don't let others hear And put milk into the mouth Worship with boiled rice, flowers and fruit.
    Bring you to the temple. Kyay Thon Pagoda. Bronze Buddha Phut, the oldest statue in Burma, more than a hundred years old Which is another ancient Buddha statue of Myanmar people
    Bring you worship Shwedagon Pagoda, the most valuable pagoda in Myanmar Is a beautiful golden pagoda Stands majestically in the center of Yangon, with a height of 109 meters, adorned with 544 diamonds, ruby, onyx and 2,317 topaz beads. Will use real gold to strike around the pagoda The gold used in the construction and repair of the pagoda is said to be far more massive than the gold stored in the British Bank. Surrounding the base of the Maha Chedi is surrounded by hundreds of small pagodas with four sides of the arch. The top tier of Phra Maha Chedi consists of many jewels and jewels. Inside the Phra Maha Chedi, there are 8 Buddha amulet elements of the Buddha amulet, which is the year of the Year of the Horse and is also one of the 5 Greatest Places of Worship in Myanmar. Which has both Burmese people And foreigners worship endlessly day and night. This place has amazingly beautiful architecture. Whether it is the beauty of the Vihara hall, which is made into a pavilion, covered with a castle-shaped roof, layered in layers called the Phayathat around the pagoda. Inside the Buddha image enshrined for worshipers.
    Dinner at Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant
    For Songkran Festival, 12-19 Apr 63 The restaurant is closed. The company reserves the right to change as appropriate.
    Summit Parkview Hotel or Wyne Hotel or a similar 4-star hotel
  • Eng Tor Ya Pagoda - Jai Jaisa Pagoda - Mae Lamu Temple - Scotch Market - Yangon (Mingala Dong Airport) - Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - (DD4239: 21.00-22.55)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you pay respect to Eain taw Yar pagoda, a 170 year old Ayu pagoda. The area around the pagoda has a number of deities for you to ask for blessings. You can ask for blessings around the pagoda. And the Eng Toryaya Chedi can ask for blessings on the way for the people of the faithful to ask for this pagoda It is another old and sacred pagoda of Myanmar.
    Bring you into Kyaikkasan Pagoda, another ancient pagoda in Yangon This pagoda has been built over 2 thousand years by an Indian king. Which was a king in the same era as King Ashoka Inside the Buddha, there were 32 gods and other relics of the gods, according to legend in the Yangon period. Has become an abandoned town There are two giant siblings named "Nong Do Ong Ong" and "Nong Yo" Ong Ong. Serving as a canal protecting the hairs and relics that are contained at this ja jaika chedi until today. And the Jaigas Pagoda also has Jai Kaka Tasan can be asked to bless you. Instant deity, here, the smiling face looks so kind, it is another place. One of the more popular designs of Mir-believers coming to ask for blessings
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant (Peking Duck + Lobster Salad)
    For Songkran Festival, 12-19 Apr 63 The restaurant is closed. The company reserves the right to change as appropriate.
    Then lead you to buy local products at The Bogyoke Aung San Market, which was built in Burma, is still a British colony. For you to browse and buy many local souvenirs at cheap prices such as wood carvings, Buddha statues, fragrant wood carvings, Thanaka flour, local embroidery, silverware, pearls and Burmese jade (Scotch Market is closed on Mondays and Songkran holidays) for During Songkran Festival, the market is closed, the company reserves the right to change as appropriate.
    Then take you to Mae Mae Lamu Pagoda. "Mae Lamu" is the name of the mother of Okkalapa, the King who built the Shwedagon pagoda. In the area of ​​this temple, there is a variety of Buddha images. There are many years for you to worship. And there is a simulation of the Buddha's history You can join the offering of tiles at this temple according to the faith. The merit will help strengthen the position, career and establish a foundation.
    It is appropriate to take you to Mingaladong Airport To return to Bangkok
    21.00 hrs. Return to Bangkok by Nok Air flight DD 4239 (No food onboard)
    22.55 hrs. The group arrives Donmueang Airport, Bangkok with security and impressions
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