Myanmar Yango Bago Kyaiktiyo 3 Days 2 Nights TATMM6068

Myanmar Yango Bago Kyaiktiyo 3 Days 2 Nights TATMM6068

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Myanmar Yango Bago Kyaiktiyo 3 Days 2 Nights TATMM6068

 Yangon, Myanmar
AirlineThai AirAsia
Travel period :
30 Dec 2022 to 01 Jan 2023
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Bangkok - Yangon - Hongsa - Jaya Poon - Bureng Nong Palace - Jai Tho - Phra That In Hung (Including a cable car + car that relics) KYAIKHTO HOTEL / YOE YOE LAY HOTEL, 3 star or equivalent.
Hongsa - Jaisahayi Temple - Phra That Mutao - Phra Non Shweta Leaw - Yangon - Scotch Market - Bota Town Pagoda - Thep Thanjai - The Whisper - Phra Maha Shwedagon BEST WESTERN HOTEL accommodation or equivalent 4 stars.
Yangon - Sirium - Yelpaya Chedi - Reclining Buddha - Buddha Tatyani - Gaba Pagoda (Relics Ceremony) - Yangon Airport - Don Mueang -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Yangon - Hongsa - Jaya Poon - Bureng Nong Palace - Jai Tho - Phra That In Hung (Including a cable car + car that relics)
    04.30 hrs. Concurrent group at Don Mueang Airport International Departure Hall, Level 3, Doors 1-2, Air Asia (FD), which has company personnel To assist with luggage and documents
    07.15 hrs. Depart for Yangon By flight at FD251, Air Asia (FD)
    08.00 hrs. Arrive at Mingladong Airport Yangon Passing immigration and customs (Local time in Myanmar Slower than half an hour in Thailand) takes you to travel to Hongsawadi, or Bago, in the past, was the oldest capital. Of the great ancient Mon city and over 400 years old away from Yangon (Distance about 80 kilometers, travel time around 1.45 hours)
    Lunch at the restaurant (Special !!! The shrimp menu)
    Lead you to worship Jai Buddha statue It is a chedi with a large Buddha image on all 4 sides, aged over 500 years, facing his face in 4 directions, created by 4 siblings who are devoted to Buddhism and therefore built Buddha images for himself. And vowed not to be involved with the male sex Later, the youngest sister Instead found love with a young man and married Then it caused the miracle of lightning, the Buddha statue that represented the youngest sister, collapsed And there was a restoration therefore the Buddha statue would look Different from other gods. Take you to see Burinon Palace. An important place in Thai history is the area that used to be the palace of King Burin Nong. It was built in the year 2109, but was destroyed by the skill of the Rakhine and Toungoo in the reign of King Nanthabureng in the year 1599 from the remains of ruins. Make it assumed that this ancient place is the residence of Bureng Nong You who are praised as the winner of ten directions and the residence of Phra Nang Suphan Kalaya and King Naresuan the Great At times had to be taken prisoner of war When having to pay Ayudhya to Burma, but nowadays, this palace has only the historical traces And was modeled on palaces and palaces Rebuilt with reference from the chronicles. From there, take you to travel to the Zai Tho City of Mon State. On the way, you will cross over to see the Stong River, a historical landmark which in the past, while King Naresuan was gathering Thai people back, Ayodhya was expelled by the Burmese military. After being led by Surajaya as the front Phra Maha Uparacha is a royal army. King Naresuan used a light gun from a nine-long shot to kill the front-line commander of Burma's death on the neck of an elephant. The Burmese army saw that, so they were frightened and withdrew back to Hongsawadee. It takes about 2.30-3 hours to travel to the camp. To change to a local car (A small six-wheel truck is the only type of bus that we are able to take in Phra That In Hang) takes about 30-45 minutes. Then, you can experience the new experience in getting up the Phra That In Hang by sitting. Cable car Which takes about 10 minutes on the cable car, you will experience the atmosphere and beautiful views of the trip to the summit in another form. ** Note that the cable car is closed due to weather conditions. Or any other reason that the company cannot control Reserve the right to travel up to Phra That by six wheels instead. And reserves the right to refund all cases After that you must walk on foot to enter the accommodation. Allow you to freely follow and relax at your leisure
    Lead you to worship Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda or Phra That Inhang or Golden Stone which is considered one of the highest worship of the people of Burma. It is a small 5.5 meter tall pagoda situated on a large gilded stone that is precariously placed on a cliff. But the Burmese always insist that there is no way to fall Because the hair of the sacred element contained within the Chedi is ensured that this stone will maintain a balanced balance. According to the worship of the relics of the year of the Lanna people, this relics are considered to be the relics of the year of the screen instead of Phra Ket Kaew Chulamanee in the heavens. By believing that if anyone comes to worship Phra That Inhang in full 3 times, that person will only have happiness and prosperity And requesting anything that he desires in all respects You can meditate or pray all night. (This pagoda is open all night, but metal doors are open for gentlemen who enter the gild. The pagoda is open until 22.00 hrs. The lady can pray and leave the gentleman for closing. You can prepare a gold plate to close the gild. That Inhang)
    Note (Please prepare a small luggage for 1 night to take up to Phra That Inthang As may have to hire a porter to carry luggage which will cost according to the bag size starting at 1,000 Kyat about 25 baht) depending on the needs of customers in using the service
    Evening dinner at the hotel restaurant.
    Check in at KYAIKHTO HOTEL / YOE YOE LAY HOTEL, 3 star or equivalent.
    From there, you can go up to worship or meditate at the pagoda throughout the night.
  • Hongsa - Jaisahayi Temple - Phra That Mutao - Phra Non Shweta Leaw - Yangon - Scotch Market - Bota Town Pagoda - Thep Thanjai - The Whisper - Phra Maha Shwedagon
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Free to make merit by giving alms to you at your leisure For food to be put on a bowl, you can buy it at a shop selling food prices of around 3,000 kyats, flowers, joss sticks, candles, about 300-500 kyats to take down from Phra That In Hang With a small six-wheel truck reaching Cement camp Change into an air-conditioned coach Bring you to make merit and give alms to the monk at Jai KhaYai which is an important temple. There are more than 500 monks remembering the Buddhist Lent. It is also a place to study the Tripitaka of monks and novices. (Note: You can donate books, pens, pencils at this temple. If anyone is inconvenient, it can be a gift as well.) Then bring you to watch. The Shwedi-Monde Pagoda or the Phra That Mutao stands majestically in the center of the town. This pagoda is considered remarkable in many ways, more than 2,600 years old, containing the child's relics of the Lord Buddha, and is also one of the 5 most sacred holy sites of the people of Burma. Lead you to worship The top of the pagoda is broken, which the Mon and Burmese people believe is a very sacred spot. (At the holy prayer point And can bring incense to support the top of the broken pagoda as a blessing which is like supporting life to be more prosperous). King Naresuan the Great of Thailand used to pay homage. This pagoda is a blend of Burmese art and Mon art harmoniously. The pagoda is 114 meters taller than 14 meters tall Shwedagon pagoda. There is a sacred prayer point at the top of the tiered chedi. Falling in the year 2473 with enormous weight Fell to the ground but the tiered tops Instead, it remains the same and will not disperse. Is truly rumored to be holy And this place is also the place where God Hongsa black tongue Used as a piercing ears (ear) according to ancient traditions to test the courage before the reign. It is considered the highest pagoda in Myanmar. The broken cabbage peaks were set up in one corner of the pagoda for Buddhists to pay respect along with the current pagoda. Then led him to worship. Reclining Buddha, Shweta Leow, bowed to worship the reclining Buddha image with a beautiful Buddhist appearance in Mon style in the year 2524, which is respected by the people of Burma throughout the country. And is the most beautiful reclining Buddha in Myanmar Also, you are able to choose Wood carving machine With so many to choose from Along both sides and can buy souvenirs such as Burmese cloths and souvenirs at a cheap price
    Lunch at the restaurant (Special !!! The shrimp menu)
    From there, take everyone back to Yangon. Then allow you to freely shop at the Scotch Market, an old market for Burmese people. Built by the Scottish during the British colonial era Is a tiled building There are many types of products sold in this market such as silverware mixed with Mon art and Burmese paintings. Carvings of wood, jewels, jade, textiles, ready-made garments, Thanaka flour, etc. (If buying goods or high-priced jewels, a receipt should always be requested, as customs clearance is required. Note: Scot Market is closed on Mondays. Worship you. Botata Town Pagoda Which contained the hairs of the Lord Buddha, which eight Indian monks had taken 2,000 years ago. In the year 1943, this pagoda was bombed by the Allies in the middle, so found a golden urn containing the hairs and 2 relics and found 700 gold, silver, bronze Buddha statues and Pali inscriptions And the Indian Brahman script in the south Prototype Burmese The pagoda is decorated with colorful tiles. And there are corners for practicing meditation in the Chedi, leading you to ask for blessings. Thep Tanjai or Natt Boi, the holy god of Burmese and Thai people Natt Boi is "Natt" or the spirit deity who protects the place According to the beliefs of the people of Burma In which deities that are classified as "nuts" are often the ones who used to create goodness Or have impressive deeds And came to die with a deadly event called the interviewee, causing the spirits to still be concerned about their obligations And still bond with the people behind Resulting in not being able to be reborn Therefore became a nut to protect the country Or sacred places such as important pagodas How to pay respect to the god statues of the goddess Nattobo (Niyaboboi). To request anything and fulfill the desire, then take flowers, fruits, especially young coconuts, bananas, then give money to be dollars. Or Kyat, then put into the hands of 2 Nattayoi brooks to pay respect and then late 1 night to take to keep And then touched the forehead of the Nattobo Bee You will only be able to fulfill your wishes. Worship of the Deity, Quick, Ahi Sakak, Mahanat, Poh, Jipotong, Tongsit, Matthiitang, Phalang, Aet Saming, Rattanang, Phutthang, Thamang, Sangkhang, Devang Prasit Pochayayanitjuntawasamphapasimet takes you across the road to pay homage to the god whisper, which is called "Amadaw Mia". She is the daughter of the serpent. That caused a strong faith in Buddhism, keeping the precepts and not eating meat until after death became Nat In which the people of Burma respected each other for a long time Asking for blessings to gods, whispered, have to go whisper softly. Prohibiting others from hearing Worshiping the Deity Whisper Worship with boiled rice, flowers and fruit. Worship you. Shwedagon pagoda Golden Pagoda of Dagong City or Tak Geng (former name of Yangon) of the Irrawaddy Basin The Golden Pagoda, priceless in Myanmar, is over two thousand and five hundred years old. The largest pagoda in Burma is 326 feet in height, built by King Okala, over 2,000 years ago. The Shwedagon pagoda has 1100 kilograms of gold wrapped around the top. The chedi is decorated with precious stones and precious stones. 5,548 tablets, including rubies, the size of a chicken egg at the top of the Chedada Kong Pagoda is a wide courtyard to support the faith of Many Buddhists In the four directions to the temple, there is a wooden hall, a castle-shaped roof, gilded canopy, decorated with glass. Inside the Buddha image enshrined for worshipers. Because Mon and Burmese people hold worship at the Shwedagon Pagoda forever. Will bring merit, which is the way to liberation, all suffering and all diseases Some sit, meditate, grow, pray, count the rosary. And some walked around the pagoda Then you can see the light of the gem that is decorated at the top of the tiered spot, with each spot you will see different colored lights such as yellow, blue, orange, red etc. Dakong is the praying ground where Bureng Nong comes to ask for a blessing before the battle. You can bring flowers, joss sticks and candles to pay respect to the Shwedagon pagoda at the prayer hall to strengthen and honor. In addition, there are 8 Buddha statues enshrined around the pagoda in the eight directions. If anyone is born on any day, then go to bathe the Buddha in his birthday. Will be a blessing to life)
    Evening dinner at a special restaurant, lobster salad + Peking duck.
    Bring you into the BEST WESTERN HOTEL accommodation or equivalent 4 stars.
  • Yangon - Sirium - Yelpaya Chedi - Reclining Buddha - Buddha Tatyani - Gaba Pagoda (Relics Ceremony) - Yangon Airport - Don Mueang
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Siriam, about 45 kilometers away from Yangon by air-conditioned vehicle, which takes about 1 hour to see the strange city, which used to be the port of Portugal in ancient times. Located on the Yangon River that is connected to the Irrawaddy River From then, admire the beauty of Chedi in the middle of the water or the Chedi Phaya pagoda Towering over the island in the water is a worship of the Siriam. Created by Mon rich people In the era of the prosperous Kingdom of Mon about a thousand years ago It is believed that when the rich monk built the pagoda, pray for the water not to flood the pagoda. If there are a large number of people worshiping, ask them to never fill the area. And whoever comes to make a merit to renovate the pagoda Wish everyone to trade and prosper. Which made people believe that making merit and paying respect at this pagoda Will make the sales and sales prosperity For you to worship the old Buddha statue, the Emperor, enshrined on a throne of wood, gilded with gilded flames that are beautiful. And worship Phra Upakhut The people of Burma believe that it will inspire them to eat, use, not lose and have good fortune when returning to Yangon. Bring you worship Reclining Buddha, Jadatta Ji or Reclining Buddha, a large reclining Buddha with a height of 6 floors, over 70 meters long, using a 65-meter steel barrier with a 6-layer roof built in 1907, was honored as a reclining Buddha. The largest and most beautiful in Myanmar With a beautiful face smiled Eyes made of glass beads that are manufactured from foreign countries. Apply the eyeliners in blue and have long lashes making the eyes look sweet. Until being called another name, "Phra Ta Wan", in which the King's paintings were painted in Thammachak The center of the foot is surrounded by 108 auspicious images that represent the air, the world, the animal world and the Sangha. Regarded as a Buddhist art that has beauty, value
    Noon, have lunch at a special restaurant, Shabu Buffet.
    Lead you to worship Tadgigi Buddha statue Which is a beautiful Buddha image, typical of the art of Myanmar With a height of about 5 floors, is a Buddha statue of Maravichai Buddha statue carved from marble King IX Metal The accessories on the back are all carved teak. And engraved in various patterns Modeled from the IX Buddha statues in the Yatana period (Mandalay period), which is very beautiful. Then take you to see the Gaba Pagoda, a 34-meter circular chedi built in 1952 in order to sort out the 6th Tripitaka. It is a beautiful and unusual pagoda. Inside the Phra Relic's relics of the Apostles of the Lord Buddha. Is Mok Callana and Sariputra There will be five entrances on all sides. Every side has a Buddha image enshrined on the Thaksin base. There are 28 other small gold-clad Buddha statues in place of the 28 former Buddha disciples that emerged in this world. As for the Buddha image, the Buddha image inside, cast with pure silver, weighs over 500 kilograms and is attended by ceremonial ceremonies for relics. It's time to get you to the airport. To travel back to Thailand
    19.25 hrs. Return to Bangkok by Air Asia (FD) flight FD258.
    21.10 hrs. Arrive at Don Mueang Airport with security and impressive service.


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  • Burma airport tax and Thai airport tax

  • Air conditioned coach fee for the tour as per the list.

  • 4-star hotel accommodation in Yangon for 1 night and hotels on Phra That In Hung for 3 stars and 1 night (hotels in Phra That In Hung only have 3 stars for Local only)

  • Freight weight 20 kilograms

  • Fee for traveling up to Phra That Hang

  • The company's guide fees are maintained throughout the journey.

  • Food and beverage expenses specified in the list.

  • Admission fees to the locations specified in the list

  • Travel insurance in the event of death due to an accident Will cover an amount of 1,000,000 baht, medical expenses 500,000 baht (cover the insured aged between 6-75 years, in the case the insured is under 6 years or between 75-85 years, cover 50% of the sum insured Depending on the conditions of the policy / in the case of the insured aged over 85 years, the company reserves the right to cover) the amount of food poisoning protection (The doctor must specify in the medical certificate that Food poisoning only )

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  • The company reserves the right to change some details in this tour. When an event is impossible until it becomes impossible and cannot be held responsible In case of lost Loss or injury beyond the responsibility of the tour leader And some force majeure such as strikes, natural disasters, riots

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  • The company reserves the right to leave in the event that there are more than 15 people (with a tour leader traveling with the group), but in the case of fewer than 15 people but not less than 10 people, the company confirms the journey but will There is no tour leader with the group. There will be staff from the company to facilitate and advise you to travel at the airport in Thailand. And there will be a local guide That speaks Thai very well Wait at the Burma airport and will wait for everyone. Throughout the journey to Myanmar as well But if under 10 people, the company reserves the right to not depart in that group Which will refund all the tour fees to you Or you can postpone traveling