Amazing Myanmar Yangon, a magical land

Myanmar Yangon Hanthawaddy Shwedagon 3 Days 2 Nights TATMM7134

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Myanmar, Yangon, Hanthawaddy, Kyaik Kwai Temple, That Mutao Buddha, Bayinnaw Palace Phra That In Hang, Hongsawadee, Shwe Taleo Reclining Buddha, Yangon, Botahown Pagoda, Thep Thanjai, Shwedagon Pagoda

 Yangon, Myanmar
AirlineNok Air
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09 Sep 2022 to 11 Sep 2022 Period Other time
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Don Mueang • Yangon • Hongsa • Kyaik Kawai Temple • Phra That Mutao • Bayinnaung Palace • Phra That In Khang Kyaikhto, Yoyolae , Golden Rock Hotel
Phra That In Hang • Hongsawadee • Shwe Taliao Reclining Buddha • Yangon • Boat Town Pagoda • Thep Thanjai Shwedagon Pagoda SUMMIT PARK VIEW HOTEL or equivalent
Mingala Dong Airport • Don Mueang Airport -
Tour Itinerary
  • Don Mueang • Yangon • Hongsa • Kyaik Kawai Temple • Phra That Mutao • Bayinnaung Palace • Phra That In Khang

    04.00 a.m. Together at Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, Departure Level 2, Gate 6, Nok Air (DD) counter, with staff to assist everyone.
    06.30 a.m. Depart to Yangon, Myanmar by flight DD900
    07.15 a.m. Arrive at Mingaladong Airport, Yangon, Myanmar. Passed the immigration formalities already. (Local time in Myanmar is 30 minutes slower than Thailand) then change to an air-conditioned bus to travel to Hongsawadee or Bago City (BAGO), which was historically the oldest capital of the great ancient Mon City and is more than 400 years old, is about 80 kilometers from Yangon and takes about 1.45 hours to travel.
    Then take a tour of the Jai Pun pagoda, built in 1476, with a seated Buddha image in all four directions, 30 meters high, consisting of Somdej Phra Samana Gotama Sammathaya. (turning his face to the north with the Buddha in the past The three Buddhas are Mahakassapa Buddha. West) It is said that it was built by four sisters who were of high faith and all vowed to maintain their celibacy for the rest of their lives. then bring you to watch Bayinnaung Palace and Bee Throne, which were recently excavated and restored in 1990 from the remaining ruins. It is assumed that this ancient site is the residence of King Bayinnaung He who is praised as the winner of the ten directions and is the residence of Queen Suphankanlaya and King Naresuan the Great. times being a prisoner of war When having to lose Ayutthaya to the Burmese, but now this palace has only traces left. historical and was built to simulate various palaces and palaces up again according to the chronicles
    Noon service lunch at a restaurant **special menu, grilled river prawns, 1 large per person** 
    After the meal, take you to visit the relics located in the heart of the city of Hongsawadee. It is an ancient pagoda in the country and is one of the 5 great places to worship the sacred places of Myanmar.
    Afternoon, continue to the city of Kyaikto, Mon State, along the way, you will find an iron bridge that crosses over the Satong River, a historical landmark. Take you on a journey to Phra That In Khang takes approximately 1 hour to reach the Khimpoon Camp, which is the point for changing to a six-wheel truck. (It is the only bus that can go up to Phra That In Hang) takes about 1 hour from the Kim Poon Camp to the top of the mountain.
    Super special!! Take you on the cable car Go up to Phra That Station It takes about 10 minutes for you to experience another beautiful atmosphere of visiting Phra That In Hang.
    *Note: In the event that the cable car is closed or there is a natural force majeure that cannot be boarded The company will change to a truck instead, with the right to refund in all cases**
    Then take you to the hotel at Kyaikhto, Yoyolae, Golden Rock Hotel.
    Note: In the case of staying at the Golden Rock Hotel, you can only go up and hang up once.
    Take you to see Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda or Phra That In Hung Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. Invite everyone to relax at their leisure.
    In the evening, dinner is served at the restaurant in the hotel, then you can go up to worship or meditate at the pagoda all night, but Iron door that opens for a gentleman It opens until 9 PM. Should prepare a sweater or windproof or blanket, scarf, cushion because the area is very cold.
    Remark : Hotel on Phra That In Hang Built for convenience to accommodate tourists who go up to worship Phra That In Hang Hotels are not as luxurious as Yangon and have limited hotels. But the convenience of traveling Some hotels have fan rooms. Because the weather on the mountain is cool and can't choose or request a hotel.

  • Phra That In Hang • Hongsawadee • Shwe Taliao Reclining Buddha • Yangon • Boat Town Pagoda • Thep Thanjai Shwedagon Pagoda

    05.00 a.m. Good morning independent at will For those who want to make alms offerings to Phra That In Hang This activity is not compulsory. As for the food to be put into the alms bowl, there are shops selling food starting at 3,000-10,000 kyat per set, flowers, incense sticks, and candles starting at 2,000 kyat per set, making merit at your own pace.
    06.30 a.m. Breakfast at the hotel restaurant
    07.30 a.m. Travel back, change to take a six-wheel truck to Kim Poon Camp Change to an air-conditioned coach Travel to Hongsawadee
    Then bring him to worship the Reclining Buddha Shwetaleo. Pay homage to the reclining Buddha image with beautiful Buddhist features in the Mon style in 1981, which is revered by Burmese people across the country and is the most beautiful reclining Buddha image in Myanmar. The Buddha is 55 meters long and 16 meters high.
    Noon service lunch at a restaurant **special menu, grilled river prawns, 1 large per person**
    Then visit Bota Town Pagoda. Built by thousands of soldiers to contain the relics brought by 8 Indian monks 2,000 years ago. In 1943, this stupa was bombed by Allied forces in the middle, resulting in a gold urn containing the hair relics and two other relics. and found 700 gold and silver bronze Buddha images inside the chedi decorated with colorful tiles and there are several corners for meditation practice in the chedi Then bring him to worship Phra Thep Thanjai and Thep Whisper
    In the evening, take you to see and worship the Shwedagon Pagoda.
    Then take you to the accommodation SUMMIT PARK VIEW HOTEL 4* or equivalent.
    07.00 p.m. Dinner service at the hotel restaurant *Special!! International Buffet*

  • Mingala Dong Airport • Don Mueang Airport

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    It's time to take you to Yangon airport.
    08.05 a.m. Depart to Don Mueang Airport by Nok Air (DD) Flight DD901
    09.50 a.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely with an unforgettable impression

Terms and Conditions
  • Full payment

  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated.

Package Include
  • plane tickets to -Back with a group Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok, Nok Air (DD) is a group ticket and cannot earn miles.

  • Accommodation in hotels as listed in the program 2 nights, occupying 2-3 persons per room (in case of not coming in pairs and do not want to add money for a single room)

  • Baggage allowance not exceeding 20 kg. per 1 piece (can load 1 piece per person) Hand-Carry Bag 7 kg. per 1 piece

  • All meals as specified in the list (Reserve the right to switch meals or change the menu according to the situation)

  • 1 bottle of drinking water per day/person

  • Entrance fees to the sites as mentioned in the itinerary

  • The cost of a coach to pick up and drop off attractions as specified in the itinerary

  • Fee for local guides and Thai tour leaders

  • VAT 7%

  • Fuel taxes and all kinds of ticket taxes (Reserve the right to collect more if the airline adjusts up before the travel date)

  • Accident insurance amount 2,000,000 baht (according to the conditions of the policy)

** travel insurance conditions Accident insurance and medical expenses Covers only in the event of an accident during the trip It does not cover the loss of personal belongings and does not cover the traveler's congenital disease.

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  • Baggage allowance in case of exceeding the limit of the airline is 20 kg per person.

  • Personal expenses such as extra food and beverages, telephone-fax, internet, mini-bar, laundry that are not mentioned in the list.

  • Costs arising from airline delays, natural disasters, protests, riots, strikes, refusal from immigration and labor department officials in the city Thai and foreign countries which are beyond the control of the Company.

  • If Thai and/or Myanmar government agencies modify additional quarantine requirements and/or request additional medical tests. The traveler will be responsible for any excess charges.

  • ATK examination fee upon arrival in Myanmar is 300 baht per person.

  • The cost of a Myanmar visa is an E-VISA, 1,800 baht per person. It takes 7-10 days to apply for a visa before travelling.

  • **Visa conditions are subject to change according to the announcement of Myanmar**

  • Myanmar Insurance Myanmar insurance prices are different.

- Age 1-60 years, insurance fee 1,790 baht per person

- Age 61-75 years old, insurance fee 2,700 baht per person

- Age 75 years and over, insurance fee 3,500 baht per person

  • Tips for local guides, drivers, assistant drivers 1,000 baht/trip/tour 1 person (compulsory according to the country's customs and regulations)

  • The tour leader's tip is according to everyone's discretion (not included in the tip of the local guide and driver, but tip is not compulsory).

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