Taiwan Germanium Power 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW6502

Taiwan Germanium Power 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW6502

Adventure Family Fun History & Culture Romance Shopping Dining Temple Free Day National Park Full Day Cruise Lake Museum Taipei 101
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Taiwan Germanium Power 4 Days 3 Nights TATTW6502

 Taipei, Taiwan
AirlineThai Airways
Travel period :
21 Dec 2022 to 24 Dec 2022
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport) (TG634: 07.10-11.50) - Taichung - Rainbow Village - Night Market ORANGE HOTEL-TAICHUNG Or equivalent
Nantou - Suriyan Chandra Lake Cruise - Wat Tang Tang Sam Chung Temple - Wenwu Temple - Taipei - Cosmic Store - Ximending Shopping ORANGE HOTEL-TAIPEI or a similar hotel
Shopping for Pineapple Pie Cake - Ye Li Li National Park - Jiufen Ancient Village - Taipei 101 Building (Not including the building up to level 89) - Long San Temple (Ask for blessings for love) - Shihlin Night Market - Mineral water bath Private Taiwan s EASTERN RESORT YANGMEI or a similar hotel
U Lai Waterfall (including tram ride) - U Lai Ancient Road - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - Germanium Power –DUTY FEE - Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG635: 20.10-23.00) -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport) (TG634: 07.10-11.50) - Taichung - Rainbow Village - Night Market
    04.30 hrs. Faculty at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Gate 2, Counter C, Thai Airways with a luggage weight of 20 kilograms, with staff waiting to welcome and facilitate before boarding.
    Very important !! Not allowed to bring fresh food such as meat or processed meat into Taiwan, if violated, can be punished with a fine
    07.10 hrs. Arrive to Taoyuan Airport, Taipei, Taiwan, by Thai Airways Flight TG634 (with food and beverages on board)
    11.50 hrs. Arrive at Taoyuan Airport, Taipei, Taiwan. Local time is 1 hour ahead of Thailand. Please adjust your watch to the local time) after you have passed the immigration and customs formalities.
    Lunch box lunch (Hamburger + drink)
    Then take you to travel by coach to Taung. Take you to Rainbow Village. Formerly the veteran village of the Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War. Who traveled asylum to gather in Taiwan In the past several decades, many people have moved away and have died. Later, there was a project to demolish this village and build a new town but During the demolition, an old soldier named Grandpa Huang Yong Fu decided to paint and paint the wall and the house, implying that he was saying goodbye to this village that Drawings on the wall and the house caught the eye of the spectator. With bright colors bursting with happiness Both characters, cartoon characters, faces and people have been widely spoken.
    Bring you shopping at the night market. Of Taichung city, there are many types of products both stalls and mid-range brands Cosmetics shop from Japan Sports shoes shop of various brands Various brands of clothing Both local Taiwan brand For you to choose to buy Visit as you like. If anyone is not a shopper, don't be afraid of boring, because this market is also a market that gathers local food. Snacks or serious meals, also the largest source of Taichung
    Dinner, dinner at the restaurant (Shabu buffet menu)
    Accommodation ORANGE HOTEL-TAICHUNG Or equivalent
  • Nantou - Suriyan Chandra Lake Cruise - Wat Tang Tang Sam Chung Temple - Wenwu Temple - Taipei - Cosmic Store - Ximending Shopping
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Travel to Nantou, the largest province in Taiwan. Without landings, take you on a cruise on the Suriyan-Chanthra lake It is the largest natural freshwater lake in Taiwan. The route around the lake is 33 kilometers long. If viewed from a high angle, this lake is shaped like the top half like the sun. The bottom half is like a crescent moon that is splitting together and is also a good feng shui position surrounded by dragons. This area is considered to be the most perfect spot for dragon power in Taiwan. Take you on a private yacht ride of the group Watch the beauty of the atmosphere around. This lake
    From then, leading you to Phra Tang Sam Sam Chad Temple Worship Phra Tant (teeth) of Phra Tang Sam Jum That is brought from the Indian subcontinent and is also a high-angle view of the lake You will be able to take pictures with the most beautiful corner of the Sun Moon Lake.
    Then led him to pay respect to sacred objects at Wenwu temples such as the Confucius of the Confucius, the God of Wisdom and the Guan Guan God, the god of faithfulness. And the newest god of love, or as we know it, "Old Chandra", very famous for love at Long Sun Temple in Taipei This temple is considered the center of important gods that you can come to ask for all the wishes at this temple. There are not only interesting things to do, there are also 2 marble lions in front of the temple. Which is valued at 1 million Taiwan dollars each as a backdrop for you to take a couple more pictures
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant (presidential fish menu)
    It's time to take you to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. Bring you shopping COSMETIC SHOP cosmetics shop, famous cosmetic center in Taiwan Many many brands Which you can buy as souvenirs for people at home
    Then bring you shopping. Ximending is considered the most popular shopping area in Taiwan. If comparing with Thailand, Siam Square, Taiwan If compared to Korea, it is Myeong-dong, Taiwan. Inside there are many brands of products, including clothes and shoes. How many brands? There are also local brands to buy. But here is not just shopping products There are still many restaurants for you to choose from. Recommend not to miss the menu Ice Monster Ice Or Ping Soo in Korean, the original of this menu is in Ximending
    Independent dinner, free dinner For convenience in shopping
    Accommodation ORANGE HOTEL-TAIPEI or a similar hotel
  • Shopping for Pineapple Pie Cake - Ye Li Li National Park - Jiufen Ancient Village - Taipei 101 Building (Not including the building up to level 89) - Long San Temple (Ask for blessings for love) - Shihlin Night Market - Mineral water bath Private Taiwan s
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to buy souvenirs at the pineapple pie shop. Considered as a symbol of Taiwan, like a national dessert, it is recommended that you buy it as a souvenir for the family or friends. (Pineapple pie, popcorn, fried mushrooms etc.)
    Take you to Ye Li Li National Park This park is located at the northernmost part of Taiwan island. The area is a cape extending to the sea. Erosion of sea water and sea breeze and the movement of the earth's crust Resulting in the form of stalagmites and various exciting features Especially the rock shaped statue of the queen Which is famous throughout the world
    Lunch, have lunch at a restaurant (Taiwanese style seafood)
    He went to Jiufen ancient village. On the way, before going up the hill to Jiufen village, you will see the first railway line in Taiwan built in the Qing Dynasty. In the past, Jiufen was a famous gold mining site since the reign of King Kuang Sui. Qing dynasty There are many gold miners coming here to dig gold. But in this present day, Jiufen Village is a village that sells local products Local desserts, food and local souvenirs, or what we easily understand, are Taiwan's OTOP villages. There are also many beautiful and unique locations that have been chosen as the location for the Korean series. The Taiwanese series and Japanese animation that is spreading around the world, like SPIRITED AWAY, makes people around the world see the beautiful scenes of Jiufen Village from this cartoon and become a popular tourist destination to Come to check in or take another photo of Taiwan
    Note: If the trip to Jiufen Village is on Saturdays and Sundays, it is necessary to change to a local bus up and down like a local. You will experience the local atmosphere and increase the experience of taking a bus in Taiwan
    Return to Taipei Take you to take pictures with the Taipei 101, which is now considered a landmark of Taiwan. If you come to Taiwan and don't have a picture with the Taipei 101 building, it means you haven't arrived in Taiwan. The structure of this building shows the engineering ability of Taiwan. Because this building has a height of 508 meters. Inside the building there is a large pendulum weighing more than 660 tons, which helps to balance the building. And helps to vibrate when an earthquake occurs and in the past is still the highest in the world, but the Taipei 101 is still the number one of the fastest elevators in the world. (Not including the fastest lift in the world to get to the observation deck on the 89th floor for 600 NTD) Long San Sue Temple or "Dragon Mountain Temple" is an old temple built in 1738 which is considered It is said that it is the oldest Buddhist temple in Taiwan. The temple is full of exquisite sculptures and architecture. You will see the intricate designs of dragons and deities by rare craftsmen today. Each day, Buddhists from all over the world come to worship and For those who wish to pray for love. May the red thread increase the love horoscope. Can be here with the God of Love or "Old Chandra Chandra, the legend of the red thread of love", which is a symbol that shows true couples. Very famous in Taiwan Bring you shopping Shilin Night Market It is the most famous market in Taipei. In the local food area of ​​Taiwan There are more than 80 restaurants for you to choose from, taste the local style ever. And still have local products Teen fashion products A variety of sport shoes brands that allow you to enjoy shopping
    Independent dinner, free dinner For convenience in shopping
    Accommodation EASTERN RESORT YANGMEI or a similar hotel
  • U Lai Waterfall (including tram ride) - U Lai Ancient Road - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - Germanium Power –DUTY FEE - Taiwan (Taoyuan Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (TG635: 20.10-23.00)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Wulai A small rural tourist town, about 20 kilometers south of downtown Taipei, famous for its mineral water baths, beautiful views, beautiful Wulai waterfalls, clean green rivers. And the famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Taiwan Making this small town Draws a great deal of both Taiwanese and foreign tourists at all times of the year Wulai Old Street, a pedestrian street that sells tribal goods, urban areas in Taiwan and snacks, snacks, tea and coffee. Ride a small tram that looks like a toy Run for a short distance Drop off at U Lai waterfall Along the way, enjoy the view. Wulai Falls is one of the main highlights of visiting Wulai. It is a 85 meter high waterfall. You can watch it from the Warrior Square area.
    During January - March you will see the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Note: The blooming of the cherry blossoms depends on the weather and other factors. Affecting the blooming of the cherry blossoms together 
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    You see the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial. Created to commemorate former President Chiang Kai-shek It took 3 years to build. Completed in 1980 with an area of ​​205 hundred square meters. Inside the building consists of 2 important parts which are various photo gallery rooms. Of the former president and close ones, as well as pictures of Madam Song Mei Ling or Madam Jiang In this room, not only the pictures tell the biography of both of them, but also the appliances, clothing, bulletproof cars on display that are interesting, for you to choose, take a picture and listen to the history as well. With these And another important part is that on the 4th floor, there is a large statue of former President Chiang Kai-shek, and every 1 hour there will be a show of change of duty for showing respect and loyalty to Former President Chiang Kai-shek
    Bring you shopping. A Germanium shop famous for Germanium bracelets consisting of magnets, minerals and rare earth elements. Qualified Improving blood circulation Increasing energy and relaxation, including red coral. The deep-water coral is a rare gem that is rare in the world.
    Then bring you shopping at DUTY FREE, which has leading brand name products for you to choose from. At the promotional price that will give you many discounts. Recommended products! EXCLUSIVE SET perfume sets from various brands are available, and most importantly, you will definitely get a genuine item if you buy in Duty Free and cheaper than Thailand. Confirm!
    It is appropriate to take you on a journey to Taoyuan Airport National airport of Taiwan
    20.10 hrs. Travel back to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by Thai Airways Flight TG635 (with food and drink on board)
    23.00 Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.
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  • The company staff provides all the convenience throughout the journey.

  • The total luggage weight on the plane ticket [30 kilograms]. The aircraft insurance insurance fee according to the conditions of each airline that is charged.

  • Accident insurance cover while traveling Coverage in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person. Medical expenses in case of accidents, 200,000 baht per person according to the terms of the policy.

  • 7% VAT and with 3% withholding tax

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  • Thai passport fees And various foreign documents (The Taiwanese government has announced a visa cancellation for Thai people. Those wishing to stay for a short period in Taiwan for no more than 14 days, if the Taiwan government announces to return the visa Travelers will have to pay additional visa fees as required by the embassy.)

  • Personal expenses in addition to items such as beverages, food that is ordered by themselves, telephone fees, laundry fees, etc.

  • Fuel tax Which the airline charged more after the company issued the plane ticket

  • Tips for local guide and driver, total 1,500 TWD / trip / person

  • Cancel 30 days before departure, not including travel date Return all costs

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  • Cancel less than 15 days of travel The company reserves the right. Keep all expenses

  • Except for groups that depart during the holiday season, such as New Year, Songkran, etc. Some airlines have guaranteed the seat deposit with the airline and accommodation deposit. Including special flights such as CHARTER FLIGHT will not refund all deposits or tour fees. Regardless of canceling under any circumstances

  • In the case of the Immigration Division in Bangkok And in foreign countries Refusing to leave or enter the specified country In the travel list. The company reserves the right to not refund the tour fee in any case at all

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  • Please pay a deposit of 10,000 baht per person.

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  • Please pay for the rest of the tour 15-20 days before departure.