Thailand Chachoengsao 1 Day by Van TATTH6792

Thailand Chachoengsao 1 Day by Van TATTH6792

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Thailand Chachoengsao 1 Day by Van TATTH6792

 Chachoengsao, Thailand
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10 Dec 2020 to 10 Dec 2020 Period Other time
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Bangkok - Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - Phra Sri Ariya Maitthitri Bodhisattva Dharma Park - Wat Chin Prachasamoson - Ban Mai Market - Wat Bot Stainless - Wat Pak Nam Jolo - Wat Saman Rattanaram - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - Phra Sri Ariya Maitthitri Bodhisattva Dharma Park - Wat Chin Prachasamoson - Ban Mai Market - Wat Bot Stainless - Wat Pak Nam Jolo - Wat Saman Rattanaram - Bangkok
    07.00 hrs. Groups at the same time at the meeting point, with staff waiting to welcome them. For the safety of the tour and it is SHA compliant, the staff will measure the customer's temperature for screening before boarding the vehicle. There will be alcohol, hand sanitiser on the car. And spaced the ride in the car
    07.30 a.m. departure to Chachoengsao Province By air-conditioned van
    Snack service during travel (1st meal)
    09.00 Arrive at Sothon Wararam Worawihan Temple (Wat Luang Pho Sothon) is a priceless Buddha image, Paet Riu or Chachoengsao Province, literally all along, the lap is 1.65 meters wide and 1.48 meters high as you can see the Buddha image in the present. Someone knows that the true body of Luang Por Buddhasothon is a smaller bronze Buddha image than what appears, but because Luang Por Sothon is a very beautiful Buddha image. There were people afraid that it would be dangerous, and there could be a sinful person who could do anything wrong and therefore managed to rebuild the stucco Buddha image. Then placed the real body of Luang Por Sothon and placed it inside so that no one could see until now
    10:30 am take you to visit the Maitriya Bodhisattva Dharma Park. It is the Rueyong Tai temple in honor of the 84th anniversary of the Buddha image in honor of His Majesty the King and the eight gods or Sutthiwachara, according to the beliefs of Thai people of Chinese descent, believed to be the god of joy and prosperity. Near each other, there is a Dharma Park, Phra Sri Ariyamitra, Bodhi, animal with a large Buddha image in glittering brass.
    11.00 Bring you to the Chinese temple, Prachasamoson. (Wat Leng Hok Yi) is a Chinese temple built in the reign of King Rama 5 when he visited Prachinburi province. To open the Bangkok-Chachoengsao railway line and has bestowed the name of that temple "Wat Chin Prachasamososon" As for the Chinese name, Hok Leng Yi comes from Hok, which means Wassana, fortune, wealth, Srisukleng, meaning Mangkarn, hence the name of this temple is another name. Wat Mangkon Wasana or Wat Mangkon Luck
    12.00 Bring you to Ban Mai market, a market that is more than 100 years old, is one of the old communities in Chachoengsao Province with a unique lifestyle that is different from other communities, that is, houses that are unique, old since the reign of King Rama IX. The fifth is the filming location. And period dramas of the Chinese community, for example, live with Gong Nang Nak, the magnate of Siam, a variety of shops and restaurants. It is a collection of delicious food of Paetrew, including Chinese food, Thai food, and coffee shop with rich and sweet taste. It is a collection of souvenirs that must be visited as souvenirs to take home.
    Independent lunch at leisure
    13.00 Take you to visit. Temple church stainless This church is built on a concrete base high off the ground. There is a stainless steel fence. Decorative Dharmachak pattern Swan pillar holding lanterns around The entire chapel is made of stainless steel, except for the area paved with granite. At the back, there is a great Buddha image enshrined as the president, which is waiting for the craftsmen from the north to decorate various jewels. From molded stainless steel and argon-ancients, the pediments and windows are depicted of Buddha and deity by etching techniques and yellow painted. On the outside, around the chapel, carved in stainless steel, is a figure of 80 Arahants, the lower male, is a picture showing the Buddha's life by spraying airbrush As well as the 10 incarnation of the Lord Buddha in the Ubosot
    14.15 Departure to Pak Nam Jolo Temple The Golden Church is located on the bank of the Bang Pakong River. It is a temple in the late Ayutthaya period, built about 200 years ago. In the past, this area was home to the Burmese army. Which brought the army and navy to clash with the army of King Taksin the Great. As a result, King Taksin the Great triumphed over Burma. Therefore please be sure to build a chedi as a memorial
    3:30 p.m. Bring you to Saman Rattanaram Temple, bringing you the biggest blessing of Ganesha, the largest sleeping place in Thailand. Lord Ganesha, sleeping with happiness, height 16 meters, length 22 meters, pink color, semi-sitting, lying on its side With the left hand holding the tusks that are broken, the right hand holds the lotus Around the base there are 32 Ganesh pangs to pray to pay homage to the meaning of Ganesha. The sleeping post of happiness is happiness, comfort, happiness, abundance, wealth, complete with all aspects, joyful, without suffering, without gloom, fullness, pleasure, eating, and fortune, will bring success to the worshiper. Besides Lord Ganesha, Yajang has sacred things for you to make a wish around the temple service.
    4:30 p.m. Worth the time to bring you back to Bangkok.
    6:00 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely with impressive pictures.
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