Thai Buddhism (standard) (thailand)

Thai Buddhism (standard)

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Aims & Objectives The aim of this program is to give you an authentic insight into Thai Buddhism. You will learn about the history, customs and practices of this philosophy and get the chance to put them into practice yourself!

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 Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
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Every Monday
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Tour Itinerary
  • Monday
    Wang Nam Khiao
    Depart from Singburi to Wang Nam Khiao
    Stop at a set of waterfalls en route to Wang Nam Khiao
    Arrive at the resort in Wang Nam Khiao in the afternoon
    Walk around the village
    Meditation and Buddhism ethics (how to pray and kneel, how to act around monks, etc)
  • Tuesday
    Wang Nam Khiao
    Early morning giving alms to the Monks
    Visit local market, opportunity to buy white clothing for the monastery.
    Q&A with a monk at Wat Pha Rattanawan
    Watch a documentary about Buddha & Buddhism
  • Wednesday
    Buddhist Monastery
    Depart for stay at Wat Suptawee Monastery
    Early morning giving alms to the Monks
    Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
    Free time or, depending on the needs at the monastery, we may be asked by the monks to help with chores
    Meditation & chanting
  • Thursday
    Buddhist Monastery
    Early morning meditation session (3:30 am)
    Short time for rest (meditation, shower, etc)
    Give alms to the monks
    Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
    Free time or, depending on the needs at the monastery, we may be asked by the monks to help with chores
    Meditation & chanting
  • Friday
    Wang Nam Khiao
    Give alms to the monks
    Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
    A visit to the old temple Wat Phukhao Thong
    Explore a  mushroom farm
    Head to Pa Keep Tawan viewpoint
  • Saturday
    Wang Nam Khiao
    Breakfast at the resort
    Transfer back to Singburi for further programs or taken to the Wang Nam Khiao bus station if this is the end of your program.
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Additional Requirements

  • Please note the following points:

  • Women are not allowed to stay close to monks or touch the monks, so please be cautious.

  • Do not point your feet to the monks or the Buddha as this is considered disrespectful

  • Men and women cannot sleep together during temple stay and passionate contact is not tolerated

  • Please be calm/quiet during and following meditation and chanting

  • Monks only eat one meal per day (breakfast). This means we probably won’t have lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday (when we will sleep in the temple’s grounds)

  • Additional Equipment

  • Please bring enough white clothes that are not tight fitting or see-through. This can also be purchased at the local market