Thailand Phayao Nan Phrae 4Days 2 Nights TATTH 7867

Thailand Phayao Nan Phrae 4Days 2 Nights TATTH 7867

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Thailand Phayao Nan Phrae 4Days 2 Nights TATTH 7867

 Phayao, Thailand
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12 Oct 2023 to 15 Oct 2023 Period Other time
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  • Date
    Bangkok-Pong District, Phayao

    06:00 p.m. Together at the meeting point, Lumpini Park, opposite Chula Hospital, welcomed by staff.
    06:30 p.m. Departure by air-conditioned van to Pong District, Phayao Province.

  • Date
    Phayao-Route 1148-Phu Langka-Route 1256-Pua-Wat Phuket-Tai Lue Coffee Shop-View Point 1715-Ban Sapan-Bo Kluea-Nan

    05.30 a.m. Good morning, Pong District, Phayao Province takes you to Phu Langka, Pong District, Phayao Province (distance 40 kilometers, takes 1 hour to travel). The nature on the mountain of Phu Langka Forest Park is a basin. And is a limestone mountain and trees lined up alternately. Gives a beautiful atmosphere like a painting And there are many cafes for you to take pictures.
    08.00 am. Have breakfast (1) at Barconi.
    09.00 a.m. Take you to Pua District, Nan Province (distance 82 kilometers, takes 2 hours to travel) through the Loi Fah Road, Highway No. 1148, another Doi Loi Fa Road. with beautiful scenery And it's also a classic route that tourists often drive to see the scenery. through Doi Phu Kha National Park
    In the afternoon, take you to see Phuket Temple. The temple is located in Ket Village. and live on the hill Which northern people will call him "Doi or Phu", resulting in this temple named Phuket. named after the landscape located The highlight of this temple is the church's courtyard. looking away will see a view of the green rice fields surrounded by large and small mountain ranges After bringing everyone to fill the cafe Take a photo at check-in Ban Tai Lue Coffee Shop A highlight that cannot be missed when arriving in Pua District, drinking coffee and enjoying the atmosphere of rice fields. Combined with traditional Tai Lue culture, travel to the viewpoint 1715 (distance 31 kilometers, travel time 45 minutes) on the Doi Loi Fa Road, Route 1081, Doi Phu Kha Viewpoint. Where tourists have to stop and take pictures as a souvenir. Travel to Ban Sapan (distance 21 kilometers, travel time 30 minutes). Check-in at Ban Sapan Viewpoint, a small community in the midst of nature, forests and mountains with streams flowing. through the line The view point is located in front of Wat Ban Sapan. when viewed from a high angle will see a view of the village Surrounded by rice fields in the middle of the valley, the scenery is very beautiful.
    12:00 p.m. Lunch (2)
    Travel to Bo Kluea District, Nan Province (distance 9 kilometers, travel time 20 minutes) to see Bo Kluea, Sin Thao, an ancient mountain, which is another highlight of Bo Kluea District. It is known as a salt field in the middle of the valley. You will see the salt making process of the native people. for collectors There are many local products to choose from here. After that, go take chic photos and travel to Muang Nan District (86 km distance, 2 hours travel time). The route is overlapping many valleys on the sky road, Highway No. 1081 and 1169.
    06:00 p.m. Free dinner at Nan Walking Street (Nan Night Food Market) for you to taste food.
    various indigenous
    Stay at Nan Ban Khun Hotel or same level, 2-3 persons per room

  • Date
    Nan - Phra That Chae Haeng - Leelawadee Tunnel - Wat Phumin - Wat Ming Mueang - Wat That Khao Noi - Ban Na Khuha - Mae Chang Reservoir - Mon Mae Thang - Doi Pha Sawan Buddhist Park - Wat Na Kuha - Wat Phra That Cho Hae - Kad Kong Kao - Phrae

    07.00 am. Have breakfast (3) at hotel restaurant
    08.00 a.m. Travel to Phra That Chae Haeng It is a relic of people born in the Year of the Rabbit (year of the Rabbit). It is a place where Buddha's relics are contained from the Sukhothai period. The relics are all covered with brass. It is a construction art that is very beautiful. It is believed that those who came to pay homage to Phra That Chae Haeng will make life well, happy, free from various diseases Prosperous work. Congratulation. Take you on a journey. Leelawadee Tunnel An arch of frangipani or Frangipani trees is located in front of the Nan National Museum, lined up in rows extending their branches arching towards each other. like a tunnel of great and magnificent trees regarded as an important landmark let you keep the picture Take beautiful photos and check in. can walk and enjoy See the scenery along both sides of the road. Then travel to Wat Phumin, formerly known as Wat Prommin. It is an ancient royal temple, over 400 years old. Its beauty is different from other temples of Wat Phumin, in that it is a Ubosot and a Wihan built in the same building. a tetrahedron Outstanding architecture with a unique identity. which combines churches, temples and pagodas in the same building In the frescoes inside the viharn, known as the hoop taem, which were written during the period when Wat Phumin was undergoing major renovations. In the reign of Chao Anantawarithidet in 1867 (the end of the reign of King Rama IV) and it took up to 7 years to repair. that has been nicknamed Whispering images of love conquering the world Ajarn Somjate Vimolkasem, Nan city philosopher Has composed a very romantic verse in the northern language to describe the whispered words of Pu Man Ya Man Freedom for you to see the dusty mural painting tell the Jataka story folk legend and the way of life of the Nan people in the past as if recording the story of Nan Province through painting on the dusty wall and the area around Wat Phumin There are souvenirs, Thai desserts, local products for sale. take you to pay homage to enhance the prosperity at Nan City Pillar at Ming Muang Temple, the main highlight of this temple is the stucco pattern on the outer wall of the ubosot Designed by craftsmen from Chiang Saen, exquisitely beautiful. Visit Wat Phra That Khao Noi. Phra That is located on the top of Doi Khao Noi. is a pagoda Brick and mortar It is a mixture of Burmese and Lanna arts. Inside can contain the hair relics of the Lord Buddha. It is another ancient sanctuary of Nan. The way up is a 303-step Naga staircase and then travels to Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province, to bring you to worship Phra That Pu Jae.
    12:00 p.m. Lunch (4) at Chokchai raft by the Mae Thang Reservoir.
    Afternoon takes you to Mon Mae Tang View Point It is a new beautiful view point of Phrae Province that takes you to Ban Na Khuha, the country's number 7 source of ozone. lead you to Doi Pha Sawan Buddhist Park honor pay homage to Phra That In, a replica of the relics for the year of birth, the year of the dog, and a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda (the relic of the year of the Horse). Build a Buddha image or Phra Chao Ton Luang in the middle of the rice field. The golden color of the Buddha image contrasts with the green of the surrounding rice fields and mountains. It is a beautiful picture and invites people who visit to take pictures continuously. Also here There are also other community learning activities such as making tie-dye fabrics using Hom to bring you to study and buy as souvenirs. Pay homage to Wat Phra That Cho Hae. It is an ancient sacred temple, a pair of houses, a pair of Phrae provinces, and is the temple of the birth year of those who were born in the year of the Tiger. Take you to travel to Kad Kong Kao and Kad Phra Non, Phrae Walking Street. Which this road is a neighborhood of houses that are still old buildings, with 2 gad adjacent to each other, the old Kong gad and the Phra Non gad. Organized to be a trading area for local products. recreational activities for people in the community It is a meeting place for Phrae people. and is a source of unique local cultural heritage which will only be on Saturdays The products that are sold are all local products. native clothes and other products The merchants who bring products to sell are all people in the community. will see the charm of the old Kad Kong, see the cuteness of the merchants with free dinner for convenience in shopping
    Stay at Tharis Art Hotel (Phrae) or similar class 2-3 persons per room

  • Date
    Phrae - Wat Sung Men - Don Moon - Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri - Phitsanulok - Bangkok

    07:00 a.m. Breakfast (5) at hotel restaurant
    08.00 a.m. Depart for Sung Men District, Phrae Province to pay homage to Wat Sung Men, which is considered one of the oldest temples in Phrae Province, aged not less than 300 years. The name of the temple appeared “Wat Sung Men Kaew Kwang” used to have a large area. And has historical importance, governor, governor The dynasties of both Lanna and Lan Xang used to worship the scriptures of the Tripitaka. visit various wood products Ban Don Mun Wood Market Travel to Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri or Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkol Khiri Samakkhitham. It is a new temple built in 1977. Its distinctive point is that it is a temple that collects one of the most beautiful applied Lanna arts. There are more than 30 Lanna-style chedi in the temple area. In front of the stairs leading up to the east, there is a large lion statue and a large reclining Buddha statue in front of the temple. There is also a Lanna-style teak museum building. that collects stories of Phrae
    12:00 p.m. Have lunch (6) at Khao Hom Kitchen and buy souvenirs to take home.
    In the afternoon, take you to pay homage to Phra Buddha Chinnarat at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan (8), which is one of the 6 first-class temples in Thailand. is enshrined Buddha Chinnarat One of the most beautiful Buddha images in the posture of subduing Mara in Thailand. Then take you to see Hathai Naresuan 5 King Pavilion is located in the area of Wat Nang Phaya, Phitsanulok Province. This pavilion took about 3 years to build. Inside the pavilion is enshrined five statues of King Rama Maha Thammaracha (Father), Phra Wisut Kasat. (Royal Mother), King Naresuan the Great, King Ekathotsarot (King) and Phra Suphankanlaya (Brother Nang), all of which took 5 years to build, brought him to ask for blessings. Until it's time to go back to Bangkok.
    10:30 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely............

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