Thailand Ratchaburi Orchid Farm 2 Days 1 Night TATTH6850

Thailand Ratchaburi Orchid Farm 2 Days 1 Night TATTH6850

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Thailand Ratchaburi Orchid Farm 2 Days 1 Night TATTH6850

 Ratchaburi, Thailand
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Bangkok - Ratchaburi - Khao Ngu Stone Park - The Scenery Vintage Farm - Suan Phueng Floating Market - Kao Joan Waterfall (Kao Lay Waterfall) - Bo Kloeng Hot Stream 3 star accommodation or equivalent
Khao Krachom - Suan Phueng Orchid - Ban Hom Thian - Ash Hong Tai - Wat Phra Sri Aray - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Ratchaburi - Khao Ngu Stone Park - The Scenery Vintage Farm - Suan Phueng Floating Market - Kao Joan Waterfall (Kao Lay Waterfall) - Bo Kloeng Hot Stream
    05.30 hrs. Meeting point Big C Extra, Lat Phrao Soi 7 departing with New VIP air-conditioned van heading to Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province
    06.00 hrs. The spinning wheel. If arriving later than this you will miss the trip and cannot claim any damages at all
    Stop by to have breakfast at the restaurant
    08.00 hrs. Arrive at Suan Phueng District
    Take you to travel to Khao Ngu Stone Park Is a rock park, a forest park, originally a major bomb and sub-rock site Of Thailand since the early Rattanakosin period Because it is a good quality cement Later, both government and citizens Foresee the deterioration of the terrain And scenery Moreover, Khao Ngu is still an ancient religious place, so the concession, eruption, and rock subdivision cancellation in this area has been canceled. After canceling the concession, he snakes into an abandoned mine. Dilapidated The Ratchaburi province therefore developed Khao Ngu into a public archaeological park and tourist attraction and built a large stone Buddha statue. The entire cliff area is created by firing a laser beam onto a rocky cliff.
    Take you to The Scenery Vintage Farm, Suan Phueng's most popular attraction.
    The Scenery Vintage Farm has many trendy activities. Anyone who comes to Suan Phueng must stop by to take a photo and feed the sheep. The former is a resort that is now a day trip. There are English-style farmer village, sheep farm, visit the farm, feed the sheep, have Honey Scene shop, provide food, drink, ice cream and dessert, Vintage photography service, game arches and games such as archery and shooting Pao, a Sheepie Sheep shop selling clothes Souvenir products Home decor Quality local products Such as Honey, The Scenery Vintage Farm etc.
    Take you to travel to Suan Phueng Floating Market, Veneto, a new place of rest and shopping in
    Teacher Suan Phueng is outstanding and unique. With a luxurious floating market in Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province, with a romantic Santorini style, striking with outstanding architecture with clean white tones Cut with cash Stretching for Lake over 20 rai surrounded by mountains And the weather is cool all year round Was transformed into Luxury floating market Giving the atmosphere like paradise in Greece Freedom for you to capture impressive images
    11.00 hrs. Lunch (1) at Mon Mon Khai Restaurant After a meal, find a cold drink to eat.
    A little refreshing @ Amante Coffee and Camp and see the cute rabbit. Variety of colors It is also a souvenir shop. There are many types of hand made souvenirs to watch and buy for those you think of. Whether it's a T-shirt Bicycle frame, keys, decorative items, colorful sheep, cute rabbits Or choose to send a post card with many different options Find someone who didn't come to Suan Phueng this time to tell a story through your own pen.
    Afternoon take you on a journey to relax and fatigue together. @ Bo Klueng Hot Stream
    Bo Khlueng hot stream It is a natural hot water source that is created by humans, meaning that a long time ago this place was excavated. A small hot water accidentally emerged as hot water rising from mud. And flow in a straight direction The pioneer therefore tried Create a barrier to control the flow of hot water. Until the formation of a stream created by humans But seems to flow like nature until becoming another famous attraction of Suan Phueng With the specialty of the pond here is He has properties used in treatment. Body aches
    Take you to travel Kao Joan Waterfall or Kao Lay Waterfall Arrive at the parking lot on the ground which takes you to travel with Continue for another 500 meters to reach the waterfall area. Kao Lay Waterfall is a large 9-level waterfall located in a valley surrounded by nature. The distance from the ground floor to the top is about 2 km. It takes about 2 hours for you to freely swim in the cold at your leisure.
    17.00 hrs. Bring you to the accommodation. Bua Watthana Resort / Oung Long Resort Or equivalent to the same level
    Check in, free luggage, free time
    18.30 hrs. Dinner service (2) at the restaurant. After the food, invite everyone freely to relax, keep the energy for Travel tomorrow
  • Khao Krachom - Suan Phueng Orchid - Ban Hom Thian - Ash Hong Tai - Wat Phra Sri Aray - Bangkok
    05.00 hrs, get up early In order to prepare to travel to capture the beautiful and impressive images on him @ Khao Tented Tent (don't forget to prepare cold-weather items as well)
    Take you to travel with a 4X4 pickup truck (1 car can seat 10 people). Adventure up to the marquee takes approximately 40 minutes.
    06.00 hrs. Arrive at the top of the pavilion, waiting for the golden light to touch the horizon. In the midst of the cold Add warmth to your body with a cup of warm coffee or warmant on the golden light. We will see pictures of mist. Amid the 360-degree mountains, freely capture memories at your leisure.
    Take you to visit the orchid farm, Suan Phueng Orchid, see various kinds of orchid flowers, take pictures and can also buy back as souvenirs as well. Can choose by yourself in the garden With a special discounted price according to the garden promotions held in each period It is appropriate to bring you back to your accommodation.
    Take you to Ban Hom Candle, see various colorful candles made by ourselves
    Ban Hom Candle There is a small factory behind the candle. Here, there are many styles and colors different from the others because because of the design itself, do not imitate anyone. "Ban Hom Candle" has many types of products to buy such as scented candles. Blocks, scented candles, various designs, the product will be on sale at the store if anyone likes to decorate the house to be both beautiful and useful as well. Those interested can choose to buy for Or candles as souvenirs. Candles are beautiful handicrafts that can be decorated as you wish. Visitors will not only buy premium quality candles as souvenirs, will also be satisfied. In an atmosphere surrounded by nature and art, with beautiful photographs, take home the impressive decorations, surrounded by green trees, old collectibles, and keep the containers. None antique lamps, old toys, etc. that look attractive layout even unintentionally.
    08.30 hrs. Breakfast (3) at the accommodation of the restaurant. After the independent meal, do personal tasks with luggage to prepare for departure.
    Take you to see the "Ash Hong Tai" factory, which is regarded as the oldest pottery factory in Ratchaburi.
    Ash Hong Tai was founded in 1933. Song Hong Sa Tei found the soil in Ratchaburi province and invited him to come and set up. The factory for producing fish jar jars, without water pattern, flower pot, was the first factory in Ratchaburi and later developed products like Continuing to the present until the 3rd generation successor, Khun Wasin Buri (Tio) Suphanit Woraphach sees the survival of the factory in At that time, there was a high competition. There were more than 20 jar plants, overflowing the market and the changing period. People wanted Therefore, we developed ceramic art that has been eliminated from the original framework into beautiful, contemporary, and creative works of art. True, not only has the brown-green color as it used to be, but more than 600 colors in the present and the new patterns always appear.
    12.00 hrs. Lunch (4) at the restaurant
    Take you to see Aesthetic Land, Doll Land
    Soontharee Land arose from the intention of Khun Soontaree Iamnu, the pioneer of doll factory after doing business about The doll is therefore an inspiration for Open this esthetic land to be a tourist destination for doll lovers by transforming a part of the factory area into a land of dolls. In the name of "Soontree Land Doll Land "come here, tourists will get Enjoy taking pictures with these dolls. In a simulated atmosphere from all over the world, you can come to play, hold, hug and take pictures to the full, considered to be a happy age. Have chosen to buy dolls for many many brands at factory prices, considered another source Travel in Ratchaburi, which is very interesting, in a simulated atmosphere from around the world, can come to play, hold, and take photos. Which has divided the doll display zones into many rooms, each of which is unique With the youngest male protagonist in it Whether it is a room that simulates countries such as Korea, Egypt, America, the place also offers us to change the mascot costume as well. Can say that it's quite fun
    Take you to travel to The Blooms Orchid Park to see rare plants such as Kankha, Payung, Saraphi, Mahad, Takhra, etc. Inside, surrounded by shady gardens, orchid park.
    The Blooms Orchid Park has orchids hanging on large natural trees. Hybrid orchid species such as Dendrobium Aranda Mokara, Artherthera VandaOncidium that blooms beautifully throughout the year. There is a decorative garden zone with rare orchid species and many beautiful photo corners. In the midst of a large export-cut orchid garden The walking paths to visit the park are convenient and shady. There is still a demonstration field tour. Ancient farming tools, wagons, plows, antique rice milling machines, etc. You can watch and feed the sheep on beautiful pastures. With various activity areas and playground equipment for children to choose to play safely
    Take you to travel Golden Hall at Phra Si Ar Temple, Photharam District Ratchaburi
    The Golden Chapel at Phra Sri Aray Temple shows the grandeur and power of the people of Ratchaburi. Buddhism in the construction of a golden temple worth a hundred million The construction took 37 years, bringing you to watch.
    #See only the stucco designs that are not finished.
    #The wall is decorated with Painting on 5 Buddha images
    #Showing respect to the Phra Sri Arhat Buddha statue Buddha's appearance in the Gandhara period Is a sacred Buddha image that everyone Pay respect
    # The Buddha statue of the Marvichai posture, Burmese art, created with whole white jade
    #The body worship Of Luang Pho Khan Does not rot in a glass coffin
    #Seeing the old church and holy pond
    #A source of learning how to make a Thai kite with a folk philosopher
    #Buddhamma Training Camp teaches young people
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