Vietnam Golden Bridge 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN6472

Vietnam Golden Bridge 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN6472

Vietnam Golden Bridge 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN6472

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Vietnam Golden Bridge 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN6472

 Danang, Vietnam
AirlineBangkok Airways
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Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Da Nang (Da Nang Airport) (PG947: 11.00-12.40) - Hoi An - Tham Boat - Japanese Bridge - House Number 101 - Marble Carving Village - Da Nang MUONG THANH LUXURY hotel accommodation (5 star level) or equivalent.
Da Nang - Ba Na Hill (Full Day) - Take the cable car down - Da Nang MUONG THANH LUXURY hotel accommodation (5 star level) or equivalent.
Da Nang - Dragon Bridge - Han Market - Da Nang (Danang Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (PG948: 13.40-15.20) -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Da Nang (Da Nang Airport) (PG947: 11.00-12.40) - Hoi An - Tham Boat - Japanese Bridge - House Number 101 - Marble Carving Village - Da Nang
    08.30 hrs. At the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport Departure Hall, Level 4, Counter F, with staff at the company welcoming and facilitating check-in. (While waiting to board the plane You can use the lounge service. Of Bangkok Airways With food and drink available)
    11.00 hrs. Departure to Da Nang by Bangkok Airways Flight PG947 (with food and drink served on board)
    12.40 hrs. Arrive at Danang International Airport (Danang Airport) after going through immigration formalities
    Afternoon, head to Hoi An, which is located on the banks of the Two Bone River. Near the coast And is a very prosperous old port named Phofhoi, an important center of cultural exchange between East and West. "Great value, free special" for customers to enjoy the activity !! Ride the bouncing cam Thanh Water Coconut Village at Kam Than Village. The small village in Hoi An is situated in a coconut grove by the river. In the past, during the war, this was a military residence. The main occupation of people here is fishing. During the cruise you will see the beautiful culture. The villagers will sing traditional songs. Men and women tease each other to bring the paddle to knock together in a fun music rhythm.
    Take you to the Japanese bridge built by Japanese people. Curved With green and yellow tiled roof tiles In the center of the bridge is a square-shaped pagoda. Which created a connection between the Japanese and the Chinese people Family house built in 1792. Located on Tran Phu Road Is a meeting place for people who have migrated from the same line
    Take you to the house number 101, Nguyen Tai Hok Road. The front of the house is on a road. After going home to reach another road. It is the unique architecture of Hoi An, built with two layers of elaborate wood. The front is made into a boutique shop. The back is the storage. Inside is a residence. With an open courtyard to see the sky And there is a terrace connecting many residential areas The form of the carapace roof.
    Then free for you to walk around and buy souvenirs. Souvenir shops will be located in the ancient house. The more you walk around the city, the more charming this town feels. Old and unique houses Including being influenced by China and Japan Which has been well-preserved Blending together spectacularly, houses, temples, pagodas, pavilions, prachom sharp, shrines, family houses And various shops
    Visit the marble carving village. This is considered one of the handicrafts in the Department of Art of Vietnam within You will find the carving work that is purely carved by hands from various artisans. And free for you to choose to view handicrafts within your leisure
    Take you on a journey back to Da Nang, Vietnam's fourth largest city, which is growing rapidly in both size and importance. Located between the coastline and the central plateau
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Board accommodation into the MUONG THANH LUXURY hotel accommodation (5 star level) or equivalent.
  • Da Nang - Ba Na Hill (Full Day) - Take the cable car down - Da Nang
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Ba Na Hills (takes about 30 minutes) to take the cable car to Ba Na Hills. Enjoy the views of the city at a height of 5,810 meters. The Bana-Hill Cable Car is one of the longest non-stop cable car in the world. It was recorded from the Guinness Book on March 9, 2009 (approximately 15 minutes) up to the old French Hill station of Ba Na Hills Resort. And admire the panoramic view on a clear day. Bana Hill is a resort and recreation place Located in the west of Da Nang Which the tourism of Vietnam has advertised that Ba Na Hill is Dalat of Da Nang city. Was discovered by the French when the colonial period was to build a road up the mountain to build accommodation and facilities To be used as a resting place Since it is cold all year round The average annual temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius only. Then free for you to walk around Golden Bridge, a giant sky bridge in the palm of your hand Which is a tourist attraction that has just been opened for tourists to visit recently With an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, length of 150 meters, bend along the hill. The highlight is that the bridge is cast through two giant stone claws. The designer would feel as if he was walking on the golden thread spreading in the hands of the gods. Free for you to take pictures and view the scenery.
    Afterwards, stroll through the LE JARDIN D’AMOUR flower garden zone. With a variety of flowers, beautifully arranged in proportion Which has a cute photo corner For you to choose to shoot as you like Freely walking around Ba Na Hills at your leisure
    Lunch. Lunch at the buffet restaurant on Ba Na Hill.
    Afternoon, then take you to FANTASY PARK. ** This price does not include activities such as etc. (Train ticket to see the flower garden, 150 baht, wax museum), which has a variety of rides, such as challenging the thrill of the 4D thriller movie and the ghost house. Fun games, soft rides, roller coasters or shopping for souvenirs of the theme park. View the newly opened golden bridge. Until the right time
    Dinner. Dinner at the buffet restaurant on Ba Na Hill.
    A good time Bring everyone to take the cable car down from Mount Ba Na Hill. Travel back to Da Nang.
    Board accommodation into the MUONG THANH LUXURY hotel accommodation (5 star level) or equivalent.
  • Da Nang - Dragon Bridge - Han Market - Da Nang (Danang Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (PG948: 13.40-15.20)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Bring you to see the Dragon Bridge (Dragon Bridge), another visit to the new Da Nang, the fire dragon bridge, a symbol of success. Vietnam's new 666 meters long, as wide as 6 lens road connecting the banks of the Han River. Vietnam, the Dragon Bridge was built as a tourist destination in Da Nang. Is a symbol of the resurrection of the country And is a revival of the country's economy Which has been active since 2013 with architecture combined with technology Modern, inspired by the legend of Vietnam more than a thousand years ago
    Take you to Han Market, the fresh market of Da Nang city. Located on the Han River Not far from the bridge over the river In front of the market there is a sculpture by the river, a beautiful female statue. There are both fresh and souvenirs to buy.
    It's time to take you to Danang International Airport (Da Nang Airport) to travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
    13.40 hrs. Departs back to Bangkok by Bangkok Airways Flight PG948
    15.20 hrs. The group arrives Suvarnabhumi airport with security and impressive
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