Croatia TK 7 Days 4 Nights TATHR6506

Croatia TK 7 Days 4 Nights TATHR6506

Croatia TK 7 Days 4 Nights TATHR6506

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Croatia TK 7 Days 4 Nights TATHR6506

 Zagreb, Croatia
AirlineTurkish Airlines
Travel period :
28 Apr 2020 to 04 May 2020 Period Other time
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Suvarnabhumi Airport -
Istanbul-Zagreb-Pittwice Airport JEZERO HOTEL or another hotel of the same class
Pritzwice - Pritzwice National Park - Zadar City KOLOVARE accommodation or equivalent 4 stars
Zadar - Sibenik - Trogir - Split - Dukopoly Hotel KATARINA or similar 4 stars
Dupolier-Mos-Star-St-Neum GRAND HOTEL NEUM or equivalent 4 stars
Neum-Dubrovnik - Old Town - Airport -
Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    17.30 hrs., Concurrently at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th Floor, Turkish Airlines Counter U, Gate 9Turkish Airlines (TK), with all the convenience staff
    22.35 hrs. Departure to Turkey Istanbul With a flight at TK 65 Superior starting from May 63 onwards departing at 23:00 hrs. Flight TK 69 to Istanbul at 05.20 hrs.
  • Istanbul-Zagreb-Pittwice Airport
    05.45 hrs. Arrive at Istanbul Ataturk Airport to transfer
    08.05 hrs. Departure to Zagreb by Turkish Airlines. Flight TK1053, from April 63 onwards. Departure at 07.05 hrs.
    08.15 hrs. Arrive at Zagreb Airport, Croatia (CROATIA). Bring you through immigration and customs clearance. (Local time is 6 hours slower than Thailand)
    Then take you to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, the land of the Adriatic Sea. Which has an ancient, hidden and magical charm, leading you to the UPPER TOWN area. See the St. Mark's Cathedral (ST.MARKS CHURCH) with a tiled roof with a pattern of the medieval military badge. Considered as an important symbol of Zebra See the St. Catherine's Old Town Church (ST. CATHERINE). This area is also home to the Presidential Palace. Take a look at the 13th-century ancient stone walls that surround the city. Old that still remains the miraculous image of Phra Mara Mara, which was not burnt when destroyed in a major fire in 1731.
    Noon serving lunch at Chinese restaurant (1st meal)
    Take a photo with St. Stephen's Cathedral (ST. STEPHEN CATHEDRAL), which has a pair of spiers at the top of the cathedral, beautifully decorated. Can be seen from every angle in Zagreb This cathedral was renovated several times. Until the shape of the cathedral in the Neo-Gothic style of the present Influenced by renovations in the 1880s, visit the TRG BAN JELACIC SQUARE square. The town square is surrounded by modern stores. Visit the magnificent BAN JOSIP JELACIC Monument, which fought for independence from Hungarian people. Study in 1848, then take a look at the DOLAC MARKET, an old-fashioned outdoor market with colorful, decorative flowers and cheap fruit on sale.
    Then take you to the city of PLITVICE (ISTRIA & KVARNER) region (takes about 2 hours)
    Evening dinner at the hotel (2nd meal)
    Accommodation JEZERO HOTEL or another hotel of the same class
  • Pritzwice - Pritzwice National Park - Zadar City
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (3rd meal)
    Take you to PLITVICE NATIONAL PARK, which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 16 colors of Thermocoux that are different in beauty. Take you to see the beauty of the Lower Lake Park by boat across the lake JEZERO KOZJAK, the largest lake in this park. Bring you to see the various lakes. Follow the wooden bridge pathway that connects each lake. See VELIKI SLIP and see the largest waterfall in the park at a height of 70 meters.
    Noon serving lunch at a local restaurant (4th meal)
    Take you to ZADAR (takes about 2 hours), a city with more than 3,000 years of history and an important port located on the large peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. That has played its role from Roman times to the present Take you to take pictures with the important church of the city. Anastasia Church (THE CATHEDRAL OF ST.ANASTASIA) is a Roman Catholic church built in the 5-6 century in the Romanesque period. Is the largest church in Dalmatia. Take you to see the outside of St. Donat's Church, another important church in the city. Look at the Roman Forum or the Roman community two thousand years before archaeologists have worked diligently to find important evidence. various Both the Roman residence
    Evening dinner at a local restaurant (meal 5)
    KOLOVARE accommodation or equivalent 4 stars
  • Zadar - Sibenik - Trogir - Split - Dukopoly
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (6th meal)
    Take you to SIBENIK (approximately 1 hour). Old world heritage city. The mouth of the Adriatic sea leads to the town of Shibinik. Old town on the shores of the Adriatic, influenced by architecture from Venice. See the Church of St. Jakob or St. James (ST. The beautiful JACOB CATHEDRAL), built since the Renaissance in 1431 in Venice-Gothic architecture. Mixing Toccan Renaissance art by artist Jura Dolmatinae. The church is unique with the cathedral's roof lamp, as well as prominent head sculptures around the cathedral. Then take you on a journey to TROGIR (takes about 1 hour to travel) is a small town on an island that is located near the mainland. Houses are influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque art styles. Which UNESCO registered as a World Heritage Site in Troy Gear in 1997. Take a tour of the old town and experience the buildings that were influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, such as the Kopnena Vrata Gate, which was renovated during The 16th century brought you to take pictures with St. Laurence Cathedral (ST. LAWRENCE CATHEDRAL). Is the entrance that is carved into various stories Magnificently Then take you to the city of Split (SPLIT) (takes about 40 minutes), the second
    largest city after Zacrek, which is in Dalmatian region. Which is the origin of the famous Dalmatian dog
    Noon serving lunch at the Chinese restaurant (meal 7)
    Sightseeing in Split Built around the Diocletian Palace, consisting of the Renaissance style town hall Built in the 15th century. Various old houses. Take you to see the Diocletian Palace. The Unoccupied Organization UNESCO (UNESCO) declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, built on the will of the Emperor Diocletian. Roman, who wanted to build a palace for the end of his life After taking the throne Inside the palace are the main entrance, GOLDEN GATE, Jupiter Cathedral, Venus Church, CATHEDRAL OF ST.DOMNIUS, perfectly arranged. See the PEOPLE SQUARE center. Business and management from the 15th century and famous buildings such as engraved pictures VENETIAN-GOTHIC CAMBI PALACE and RENAISSANCE TOWN HALL, built in the 15th century, strolling around the city and shopping.
    Evening dinner at the Chinese restaurant (meal 8)
    Then take you to DUGOPOLJE to bring you to your accommodation. (Takes about 30 minutes to travel)
    Accommodation Hotel KATARINA or similar 4 stars
  • Dupolier-Mos-Star-St-Neum
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (Meal 9)
    Take you to MOSTAR (approximately 2 hours) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city has been bombed and affected during the war between Serve and Chromate Mosstar is the 5th largest city in the country, located on the Neretva River, which is like a cultural barrier between the two regions. Which is on the east side of the river, is part of Islam, which is the site of the mosque and Turkish house The west side is a part of Catholic Christianity. Which was the location of the church and the residence of the clergymen Nowadays, Mosstar is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Bosnia. The word "moost" comes from "The Bridge Keepers", meaning "people who keep the bridge above." The Neret River admits the turkish houses which are only a few remaining in the star Today, the owner of the house is still of Bosnian descent. Have time for you to freely buy souvenirs at your leisure
    Noon serving lunch at a local restaurant (meal 10)
    Take you to the city of Ston (STON) (takes about 2 hours). The city is famous for delicious seafood. And have a famous oyster farm where you can taste fresh oysters from the farm and sip on fine wines The city of Sat is a city that represents the history of medieval architecture, the ancient city walls. Which was built to surround the city This ancient wall took approximately 200 years to construct this wall, with a length of more than 5.5 kilometers. Although in the past the wall had been bombed in the 1991 war and the 1996 earthquake, it was able to Persist until today Then take you to NEUM (approximately 30 minutes)
    Dinner, dinner at the hotel (meal 11)
    GRAND HOTEL NEUM or equivalent 4 stars
  • Neum-Dubrovnik - Old Town - Airport
    Morning Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (Meal 12)
    Take you to the World Heritage City of Dubrovnik (DUBROVNIK) (takes approximately 1.15 hours) by traveling on the Adriatic coast. Marvel at the coastal atmosphere with houses with colorful tiled roofs. Periodically alternating along the coast To Dubrovnik Take you to the cable car that was opened after being destroyed in the YUGOSLAVIA WAR in 1991, where you can capture the old town from a panoramic view in POSTCARD VIEW.
    Free lunch, free lunch
    Then take a walk to see the charm of the Old Town (OLD TOWN), which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. View the scenery of the old city, surrounded by an ancient 190 meter length. Considered as a symbol of the city that is comparable to the Grand Canyon or the Grand Canal of Venice. You walk through the PILE GATE gate with the statue of Saint Blaise, the city saint. To enter the center of the old town, see the ONOFRIO fountain, which is located. In honor of the architect who built this fountain. Take a picture with THE CATHEDRAL TREASURY, one of the old churches that collects artifacts of merchant traders who have traded with the people of Venice in the past. Take a picture with the BELL TOWER CLOCK, then take a picture with the RECTOR’S PALACE, a palace built with a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art. Stop and take a photo with SPONZA PALACE, built by 15th-century Gothic Renaissance art. Now it is used to store documents and government offices. Take you through the Stradan Road The main road is over 398 meters long, on both sides of the road, surrounded by Romanesque gothic buildings and shops, cafes, ice cream shops, souvenir shops and lots of time to bring the group to the airport. So you have time to make a refund (Tax Refund) and time to shop in the duty free shop at the airport
    20.30 hrs. Departure to Bangkok, Thailand by Turkish Airlines. Flight TK440 serves food and beverages onboard. From April 63 onwards, departing at 21.05 hrs. And arriving in Istanbul at 23.55 hrs.
  • Bangkok
    00.25 hrs. Arrive at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (local time is 4 hours slower than Thailand). Relaxing while waiting for the transfer.
    01.50 hrs. Departure to Suvarnabhumi International Airport By Turkish Airlines TK68, serving food and beverages onboard From April 63 onwards, depart at 01.25 hrs. To Thailand at 15.00 hrs. 15.10 hrs. To Suvarnabhumi International Airport with impressive impressions.
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  • Round-trip Economy Economy Economy ticket with group Turkish Airlines TK

  • Fuel tax and all airport taxes

  • Luggage weight not exceeding 20 kg. Carry-on luggage for 7 kg Hand Carry per piece. However, if the airline has notified about the weight of baggage, mileage or any other announcements from the airline, the company. Reserves the right to adhere to the changes in accordance with that announcement

  • Hotel accommodation charge throughout the standard travel (2 people per room)

  • All meals as listed, drinking water serviced on the car 1 bottle per day / person

  • Entrance fees to the places listed

  • Fee for coaches-to send to tourist attractions and vehicles as specified

  • Local tour guide and Thai tour leader.

  • Accident insurance in the amount of 50,000USD / conditions according to the insurance policy.

  • Travel insurance conditions, accident insurance and medical expenses Coverage only in the event of an accident while traveling Does not cover the loss of personal belongings and does not cover traveler's disease

Package Exclude
  • 7% VAT and with 3% withholding tax

  • Schengen visa fee 5,500 baht / person, paid with tour deposit.

  • Thai passport fees And fees for foreign passport holders

  • Luggage weight in the case of exceeding the airline limit of 30 kg per person.

  • Personal expenses such as food and beverages with an extra order, telephone-fax, internet, mini-bar, laundry not listed

  • Costs caused by airline delays, natural disasters, protests, riots, strikes, denial of entry and departure from immigration officials and labor department officials both in the city Thai and foreign which are beyond the control of the company

  • Tips for drivers and local guides, around 2 euros / person / day, 12 euros

  • Tips for tour leader according to the rules, 3 Euro per day including 7 days 21 Euro / person

  • Cancellation or postponement of the trip must be made 45 days before the trip. The company will refund all deposits. Except in the case of holidays, public holidays, the company reserves the right to refund the deposit without any conditions.

  • Cancel the trip after full payment. The company reserves the right to refund all conditions without any conditions.

  • The company has the right to change the tour program in the event that force majeure cannot be resolved.

  • Flights, prices and travel items Can be changed as appropriate with regard to the interests of travelers

  • Passport must have validity not less than 6 months and the company accepts only those who are traveling for tourism purposes only. (Passport must have at least 6 months work left. The company is not responsible if the remaining age is not able to travel)

  • The company is not responsible in any way. If airline delays occur, airlines cancel flights, protests, strikes, riots Or if you are denied entry or exit from the immigration officers or the Department of Labor officials, both from Thailand and abroad, which are outside the company's responsibility or natural disasters. (Which customers must agree to these conditions in the event of force majeure Which may modify the program as appropriate)

  • The company is not responsible in any way. If the traveler experiences an emergency due to congenital disease Which is not caused by an accident on a travel program (which the customer must accept in these conditions in the event of force majeure Which is outside the responsibility of the tour company)

  • The company is not responsible in any way. If you do not use all of the company's services, such as not traveling on certain items, not eating certain meals, because of all expenses, the company has paid the expenses to foreign agents for a flat fee. Before traveling already is a lack of payment