Italy Switzerland Wonderful Countries 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH6562

Italy Switzerland Wonderful Countries 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH6562

Italy Switzerland Wonderful Countries 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH6562

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Italy Switzerland Wonderful Countries 7 Days 4 Nights TATCH6562

 Lombardy, Italy
AirlineEVA Air
Travel period :
23 Apr 2020 to 29 Apr 2020 Period Other time
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok-Taiwan -
Taiwan - Milan - Zug - Lucerne ALBANA MEIXIN or another similar hotel.
Lucerne - Mount Riki - Interlaken CITY OBERLAND accommodation or equivalent.
Interlaken-Schilthorn-Bern-Geneva-Lausanne Hotel B&B LULLY or equivalent.
Lausanne-Montreux-Taz-Zermatt-Milan BEST WESTERN HOTEL GOLDENMILE or a similar hotel.
Milan - Airport -
Taiwan - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok-Taiwan
    15.00 hrs. Concurrent groups at Suvarnabhumi Airport International passenger terminal EVA Air Airlines Counter, Gate 8, Line Q, meet staff Provide convenience
    17.10 hrs. Departure to Taiwan By EVA Air Flight BR068
    The group that departed from 07 Apr 63 departed at 16.25 hrs
    21.45 hrs. Arrive at Taiwan Airport Wait to change
    The group that departed from 07 April 63 arrived in Milan at 21.15 hrs
    23.40 hrs. Departure to Milan By EVA Air Flight BR071
  • Taiwan - Milan - Zug - Lucerne
    06.30 hrs. To the Milan Milano Malpensa Airport, Italy (local time is 5 hours slower than Thailand and will change to 6 hours on October 27, 2019). Take you to take pictures with the Cathedral of Milan. (Duomo di Milano) created with neo-Gothic art. Combined It is a Western style architecture. During the Renaissance period, visit the gallery of Victor Emanuel (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II), which is considered a beautiful shopping mall. The most luxurious and oldest monument in Milan Emanuel 2, the initiator of the integration of various districts in Italy And another monument of famous artist in the Renaissance era, Leonardo Darwini, in front of the Scala theater After that, watch Castello Sforzesco is a centuries-old castle. Which is a famous gallery and museum in Milan The former was a fortress of the Visconti family. Later, the residence of dictators in the 15th century was the Sforza family. Then they traveled to Milan. ) A city known as the fashion capital of the world
    The group that departed from 07 April 63 arrived in Milan at 07.15 hrs 
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to Zug, a small fairytale lake town located in the upper central region of the country. In addition to the beauty of the scenery The city also has a relatively low tax rate which is considered a popular resort for the rich. Many world-famous celebrities come to visit. You may see super cars parked along both sides of the road, so it's normal. Have time for you to admire the building In the Lohri Store, there are also world-class watches for you to choose from, such as Patek Philippe, Franck Muller Cartier, Piaget, Parmigiani Fleurier, Panerai, IWC, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Blancpain, Tag Heuer etc. Travel to Lucerne, Switzerland's number one tourist destination. That is surrounded by lakes and mountains
    Independent dinner, free dinner
    The property takes you to your accommodation in ALBANA MEIXIN or another similar hotel.
  • Lucerne - Mount Riki - Interlaken
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take a look at the carved stone lion (Dying Lion of Lucerne) carved on natural rock cliffs. To commemorate the brave sacrifice of the Swiss soldiers of the French Revolution in 1792, visit the 204-meter-long Chapel Bridge across the river. The beautiful Reuss River, which is a symbol of Lucerne. It is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. Built in 1333 under the roof covering the bridge, there are paintings of Swiss history along the bridge, then you can freely buy Swiss products such as chocolate, leather, knives. Folding, famous brand watches such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer etc.
    Lunch Lunch at a local restaurant.
    In the afternoon, take you to the Rigi hiking train, which is regarded as the oldest hiking train in Europe. And is still second only to the top of Mount Washington In new hampshire In the united states At an altitude of 1,797 meters above sea level, the peak of Rigi Kulm is derived from the word Mons Regina, meaning the Queen of the mountains because it can see the views of other peaks all around. 360 degree panoramic view surrounded by the nature of Lake Luzern and Zug. Take you to Interlaken. The city is between Lake Thun and Lake Brienne (Lake Brienz), a tourist attraction As important and important as the capital of Berner Oberland. There is a picture of the top of Leu Feira in the background. There is time for you to stroll around this lovely city.
    Independent dinner, free dinner
    The property takes you to the CITY OBERLAND accommodation or equivalent.
  • Interlaken-Schilthorn-Bern-Geneva-Lausanne
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to The city of Murren takes the longest cable car in Switzerland to The peak of Schilthorn, this mountain peak is located in the Alps. It is a peak that is over 2,970 meters in height and is one of Switzerland's famous landmarks. This peak is famous around the world for being used as the location for the James Bond 007 film "On her majesty’s secret service" or Thai name. "Top Tiger King". At the top of the hill is a restaurant that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Piz Gloria This restaurant can be rotated in a circle. So customers can see the scenery of the Alps in all directions In addition, the ground floor of the restaurant is also the exhibition of the James Bond exhibition, also known as Bond World 007. Excited with the Wat Jai Temple Skyline walk is a view balcony with clear glass floor looking down to the bottom. On a clear day, from the top of Chilthorn You can see many different peaks of Switzerland, such as the Eiger peak, Titlis peak, Mainz peak, as well as the Jungfraut peak. Led the group down from the top of the mountain by stopping at Birg, which has a cliff path.
    Free lunch, free lunch
    Afternoon takes you to Bern, regarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage City in 1863. In addition, Bern is ranked in the top 10 in the The city that has the best quality of life in the world. In 2010, you can see the bear's pond (Bear Park), a symbolic animal of Bern. Bring you to see Marcus. Old town Currently full of flower shops and boutiques. Therefore suitable for walking around the 200-300 year old building, bringing you shortcuts Jungkern Castle The highest level of the city, G. Gassee Street, which is full of painting shops and antique shops in ancient buildings. Watch the site. The clock is 800 years old, with a "show" to watch every hour in each beating time. Take a picture of The Parliament Building, which is the parliament building of Switzerland. Visit The Cathedral of Bern, a Swiss reformed cathedral in Bern. The cathedral was built in the Gothic style. Since year 1964 The tower is 100.6 meters high. Completed in 1893. It is considered the tallest cathedral in Switzerland and is considered a Swiss cultural property. Then take you on a journey to Geneva: Take a tour of the city as an international convention center The city that houses the world-class international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the Red Cross, international workers, etc. Take a picture with the jet d'eau fountain that injects 390 feet of water into the air (only open on good days). And take pictures with The flower clock (L’horioge Fleurie), an important symbol of Geneva, takes you to see Cathedral St.Piere, the great cathedral of Geneva. Switzerland Protestantism Created in the year 1160, with the prototype of the Romanesque style. But after that it has improved Repaired many times Then take you to Lausanne.
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    The property takes you to your Hotel B&B LULLY or equivalent.
  • Lausanne-Montreux-Taz-Zermatt-Milan
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take a tour of Lausanne, which is located north of Lake Geneva. Lausanne is considered to be one of the most charming natural cities in Switzerland. There is a long history since the 4th century, when the Romans settled on the lake's edge here. The city of Lausanne is beautiful by nature. Beautiful scenery And pollution-free air Therefore attracting tourists from all over the world to take a vacation here This city is also an important city for Thai people because it used to be the residence of Somdej Ya. Take you to see the park with 3 monkey statues covering their ears, gag and eyes, which is a favorite place of the King. young And take a picture with the Thai pavilion that the Thai government sent in the park of Lausanne Then take you to Montreux, a resort town on the edge of Lake Geneva. Was named the Swiss Riviera See the beautiful scenery of the lake houses. Take a picture with Chillon castle (outside). An ancient 800 year old castle built on a rock island on Lake Geneva. Since the Roman era was dominated by the SAVOY dynasty with the aim of controlling the travel of travelers and goods trains traveling from north to south or from west to east of Switzerland. Since it is the only path that does not require traveling across a steep mountain range This castle is like a tax station, which has taken advantage of the Swiss for hundreds of years. Travel to Tasch train station to Zermatt, the most popular ski resort town. Because the city is free from air pollution because the vehicles in the city do not use fuel. But use only batteries And also the backdrop of the city as the Matterhorn peak, which is known as the most beautiful mountain peak in Switzerland
    Free lunch, free lunch
    Afternoon, then travel to Milan.
    Dinner. Dinner at the Chinese restaurant.
    The property takes you to the BEST WESTERN HOTEL GOLDENMILE or a similar hotel.
  • Milan - Airport
    Morning eat breakfast
    9:00 am travel to Milan Airport, Italy to allow you to have a Tax Refund and Duty Free shopping at the airport.
    11.00 Departure back to Bangkok. By Eva Air, BR072 flight
    The group that departed from 07 April 63 departed at 11.50 hrs. 
  • Taiwan - Bangkok
    06.30 hrs. Arrive at Taiwan airport. To wait for the transfer
    Departure to Suvarnabhumi Airport. By EVA Air Flight BR067
    The group that departed from 07 April 63 departed at 09.00 
    11.50 hrs. Travel back to Bangkok safely.
    The group that departed from 07 April 63 arrived at 11.35 hrs. 
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  • The Economy Class plane ticket that specifies the return date with the group. (In the case of intending to continue Must not exceed the number of days And under the conditions of the airline)

  • All airport taxes listed

  • Air conditioned coach fee for the tour as per the list.

  • Hotel room rates as specified in the item or equivalent (3 stars - 4 stars)

  • Food expenses as specified in the list.

  • Admission fees to the tourist attractions listed

  • Individual travel insurance (If you need insurance conditions, please ask the staff) Accident insurance coverage during the trip not over 1,000,000 baht per person. Medical expenses in the event of an accident not over 500,000 baht per person (according to the insurance conditions)

  • The company's guide fees are maintained throughout the journey. (Not including the tip of the guide)

  • Value added tax 7%

Package Exclude
  • Passport fees

  • Personal expenses such as beverages that are specially ordered, telephone fees, laundry fees, passport fees, overweight items from the airline more than 30 kg and more than 2 items, medical expenses In the event of illness due to chronic illnesses, luggage fees or valuables lost during the journey, etc.

  • Fuel surcharge and airport tax In the event that the airline increases the price

  • Hotel porter fee Which you will have to take care of your luggage and belongings by yourself

  • Switzerland visa fee (Visa applicants must pay directly to the Visa Application Center on the filing date. In the amount of approximately 3,500 baht)

  • Tips for driver And local guide (15 francs)

  • Tips for tour guides from Thailand (21 switzerland)

  • Cancellation 45 days or more before traveling Return all costs

  • Cancel within 30-44 days of departure. Charge at 10,000 baht per person

  • Cancel within 16-29 days of departure. The cost is 20,000 baht per person.

  • Cancel less than 15 days before departure The company reserves the right. Keep all expenses

  • The company reserves the right to collect all expenses in case you cancel the trip and resulting in the group not completing the amount that Company (30 persons or more) due to damage to the company and other travelers traveling in the same group, the company must bring to pay for damages arising from your cancellation

  • In case of illness until being unable to travel Which must have a medical certificate from a certified hospital The company will postpone your trip. To the next faculty, but you will be charged for non-refundable expenses, namely Fee for deposit of tickets And visa fees charged by the embassy

  • In the event that the visa has been submitted and the visa has not been approved by the embassy (Visa not passed) and you have already paid for the tour or deposit, the company would like to keep only the actual expenses such as visa fee and visa filing service / plane ticket deposit Or plane tickets (If the plane ticket has already been issued) The difference in the case that the group does not travel in full amount

  • In the case of a visa already passed Cancel before or after the ticket is issued. The company reserves the right to not refund all the tour fees.

  • In the case that travelers cannot enter or exit the city Due to forgery or prohibition of officials Regardless of the reason, the company reserves the right to Not all tour returns

  • Pay a deposit of 20,000 baht per person by transferring into account. Seats will be confirmed only after receiving the deposit.

  • Send a copy of the passport page of the traveling person. That is valid for at least 6 months to book the visa queue within 3 days of booking If not sending a copy of the passport page, the company requests permission to cancel the booking automatically.

  • Once confirmed that the group can leave Customers prepare documents for visa applications immediately.

  • If you want to issue a domestic ticket (In the case of customers located in other provinces) please contact the staff Before ticketing every time If the ticket is issued without notifying the staff The company reserves the right not to be responsible for the costs incurred.

  • Visa applications at each embassy are prepared. And the process for submitting a visa is not the same Both group forms and individual submissions (presence). You can ask for information to make a decision before booking from the staff.

  • If in your group there are people who need special care, use a wheelchair, children, the elderly, or have medical conditions Or inconvenience in traveling for more than 4-5 consecutive hours You and your family must look after your own family members. Due to group travel The tour leader is obliged to look after all tour groups.