Italy Venice Mestre 7 Days 4 Nights TATIT6442

Italy Venice Mestre 7 Days 4 Nights TATIT6442

Italy Venice Mestre 7 Days 4 Nights TATIT6442

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Italy Venice Mestre 7 Days 4 Nights TATIT6442

 Lombardy, Italy
AirlineThai Airways International
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Bangkok -
Bangkok-Milan-Verona DB HOTEL VERONA AIRPORT or a similar hotel
Verona - Venice Island - Venice Mestre NOVOTEL VENICE MESTRE or a similar accommodation.
Mestre - Florence - Pisa SAN RANIERI or an equivalent.
Pisa - Rome - Vatican - Colosseum NOVOTEL ROMA EST or equivalent.
Rome - Airport -
Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok

    21.30 hrs. Together at the Suvarnabhumi Airport International Passenger Terminal, Gate 3, Counter D, Thai Airways with staff Waiting to welcome and facilitate

  • Bangkok-Milan-Verona
    00.35 hrs. Depart for Milan By Thai Airways Flight TG 940
    *** For groups departing from 24 April 63, departing at 00.40 hrs and arriving at Milan at 07.35 hrs ***
    07.10 hrs. The airports Milano malware as a Manassas City, Milan, Italy (local time later than 5 hours, and was changed to 6 hours on October 27, 2562) takes you through the ceremony immigration and customs. From then, travel to downtown Milan (Milan), a city known as Is the fashion capital of the world Take you outside of the cathedral of Milan (Duomo di Milano), created by the neo-Gothic art combines the beauty astounding. Western-style architecture of the Renaissance Visit the gallery Victor M. Manuel (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II), which is a beautiful shopping mall. The oldest and most luxurious in Milan, the monument of King Victor Emmanuel II, the initiator of the unification of various cities in Italy. And a monument to another famous artist from the Renaissance era, Leonardo Darwini in the area In front of the Scala theater
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to Verona, the second largest city after Venice of the Veneto region. And Verona also has registered as a World Heritage Cultural Organization UNESCO on the ice. The 2000 William Shakespeare was a poet and playwright British. Who is regarded as the great writer of England and the world, also uses the atmosphere and love story of two young families in Verona Composed as a tragedy in 1595, Romeo and Juliet After that, he walked around to see the bright and beautiful houses. Lively town square Then take a picture with outdoor Roman theater (Verona Arena), the larger is ranked 3rd in the world, built from the 1st century, with the same characteristics as the Colosseum in Rome. Only smaller Currently, there are still operas or concerts in the stadium on a regular basis. Take you outside to take pictures with Juliet's house number 23. Watch the story balcony. The romance Juliet has been waiting to meet Romeo every night. And in front of the house there is a life-sized bronze statue of Juliet
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    Accommodation Access to DB HOTEL VERONA AIRPORT or a similar hotel
  • Verona - Venice Island - Venice Mestre
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Venice, the mainland (Venice Mestre), the capital city of the Veneto region. Venice was built from connecting a small island. Many together in the Lake of Venice Which is part of the Adriatic Sea It is an ancient port. And is the city that uses canals for the most transportation Arrive at Tronchetto Pier, take a boat through the houses of Venice to the island of Venice or Venezia (Venezia), a romantic land. It's a city like no other. By using a boat instead of a car Use canals instead of roads Has the nickname "The Queen of the Adriatic" has 118 islands, more than 400 bridges connecting to the coast of San Marco, the center of Venice.
    Lunch. Lunch at a local restaurant. (Black ink spaghetti)
    Afternoon, then take you to walk to see the beauty of the island of Venice. See the Bridge of Sighs, a fascinating story from the past. When the inmates walked out of the chambers to the prison, they would have the last chance to see the light and the outside world while walking through the window of this bridge. Which is connected to the Doge’s Palace, the former residence of the ruler of Venice In which the famous prisoners who have walked past this bridge are Casanova Take you to take photos at St. Mark's Square, which Napoleon once said: "It's the most beautiful living room in Europe." The square is surrounded by a beautiful arcade. Including the San Marco Church (St.Mark’s Bacilica), which has 5 large domes, according to Byzantine art. Then free you to have a time to visit the romantic island, such as to see the charm of Venice, visit the Church of San Marco, buy souvenirs at your leisure such as Murano glassware, masks. Venice or sip coffee in the Café Florian, which has been open since 1720. After that you take a boat back to Mestre.
    Independent dinner, Venice dinner
    The property takes you to NOVOTEL VENICE MESTRE or a similar accommodation.
  • Mestre - Florence - Pisa
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the Tuscany region. The capital city of Florence is Florence (which is known as the center of art in the Renaissance period. All of which have important historic sites And has beautiful natural scenery Until being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Tuscany has become famous as a world-famous tourist destination. Tourists around the world Watch greatness And the grandeur of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell Fiore, the Cathedral of Florence The 4th largest in Europe, which is characterized by the architecture using various colors of marble decorated beautifully. Take a look at the Piazza Della Signoria, which is surrounded by statues such as the Fountain of Neptune, the Perseus with the Medusa head. Head of Medusa), the statue of David, the famous work of Michael Angelo.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon then take you to Pisa, the important art city of Italy. It is a small town in the west of Florence, in the western part of the city next to the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is a small town, Pisa is a famous and well-known destination for tourists all over the world. Take you to Duomo Pisa Square or Compo Dei Miracoli Square, which consists of a group of Romanesque architectural buildings. Start with the largest Baptistry of St. John in Italy, see the beautiful Duomo and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The symbol of Pisa, 1 of the 7 wonders of the medieval world Beginning in the year 1173, it took about 175 years to build, but during the construction had to be stopped. When the construction reached the 3rd floor, the collapse of the base. And later there was a construction of an additional tower until completed It took 177 years to complete the construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Galileo, the father of science. Which is an Italian people used as a place to test the theory of gravity of the world that Two items Unequal weight If releasing both items from a height at the same time Will fall to the ground at the same time Give you freedom for you to buy cheap souvenir products With many shops lined up
    Dinner. Dinner at a local restaurant.
    The property takes you to your accommodation in SAN RANIERI or an equivalent.
  • Pisa - Rome - Vatican - Colosseum
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Rome, the capital city of Italy. Then visit the Roman Forum, the former center of politics, religion and economy of the Roman Empire. Reflecting the prosperity of the Roman civilization in the last 2,000 years, he took you to Vatican, the smallest country in the world, located in the heart of Rome. Is the only country in the world that has walls all over the city Except the front of the entrance And is the center of Catholicism with the pope Highest power Take you to see the largest cathedral in the world, St. Peter's Basilica, see the famous sculptures of Michelangelo Pieta and see the altar of Baldaccino. Peter's Baldachin) is a bronze arch built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, which is believed to be the burial ground of Saint Peter. (In the case of an inner ceremony May not receive traffic)
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon brings to see the greatness in the past. And capture beautiful images around the outside of the Colosseum, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world The former Roman Grand Battle Arena that can hold up to 50,000 spectators. Take a look at the Greek mythology sculpture and toss the prayer coins around the famous Trevi Fountain, the symbol of Rome. Take you to the Spainsh Step, the leading fashion and meeting place for shopping lovers.
    Independent dinner, free dinner
    The property takes you to NOVOTEL ROMA EST or equivalent.
  • Rome - Airport
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take the group to the airport to give you time to Tax Refund and time to shop in the airport duty free shop.
    13.35 hrs. Departure to Bangkok with a flight at TG 945
    ** For groups departing from 24 April 63, departing at 13.55 hrs and arriving at Milan at 05.45 hrs ***
  • Bangkok

    06.05 hrs. To Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Well-being

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