Russia Moscow Zagorsk 6 Days 4 Nights TATRU6572

Russia Moscow Zagorsk 6 Days 4 Nights TATRU6572

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Russia Moscow Zagorsk 6 Days 4 Nights TATRU6572

 Moscow, Russia
AirlineThai Airways
Travel period :
30 May 2022 to 04 Jun 2022
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok - Moscow Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
Moscow Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
Moscow - Sakors - Moscow Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
Moscow Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
Moscow -
Suvarnabhumi -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Moscow
    11.00 hrs. Meet at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Gate 2-3, Group D Check Counter, Thai Airways. Staff are ready to welcome and assist with documents and luggage. In the case that some of you travel from foreign countries or provinces, please check the itinerary of each itinerary before booking your private ticket. Since the tour program is a series program and has been conducted several months in advance When changing seasons Travel time may vary slightly.
    14.00 hrs. Depart for Moscow By Thai Airways Flight TG974
    20.20 hrs. Arrive at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, Russian Federation. After going through the passport inspection process Baggage waiting After that the coach waiting to receive you.
    Then take you to the Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
  • Moscow
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to Sokolniki city, Sokolniki is located not far from Moscow, just 7 kilometers, which is named after the home of a falcon (Sokol in Russian means falcon) built by Tsar Alex. Zi Mikhailovic (Father of Peter the Great), who likes to hunt hawks. Nowadays it is a place for Russian people to come to do various activities. Many children and adults in the summer is full of lush and colorful flowers. During the cold season it will be covered with thick snow. Bring you to enjoy Activity of Dog Sledding or Sledding Dog by Husky Dogs Russian native dogs or Siberian husky Classified as a medium sized dog, tightly fluffy hair, classified as a working dog group Originating in eastern Siberia Breed from dogs in the Spitz family. The fur coat is 2 layers, tight, sickle-shaped tail, ears are steeply triangular. And the pattern that is unique Siberian Husky is a dog that is strong, active, full of energy and resilience, a property inherited from its ancestors from the harsh cold environment of Siberia. And from the breeding of the Chukchi people that live in the northeastern part of Asia Dogs were brought to Alaska during the gold rush in Nome and spread to the United States and Canada as sled dogs. Before quickly becoming a domestic dog later (For the period of 30 May - 4 June will be the beginning of the Russian summer season Therefore, the list will be adjusted to visit the Novodevichy Convent Cheese Monastery instead of the Novodevichy Convent Cheese Monastery built in the 16th and 17th centuries in Baroque architecture. Is a convent of more than 300 years, the cultural and religious center of Moscow. And also used to be the detainee of Sofia and the female royal family of the Romanov dynasty It is now a national graveyard for important women. And was established as a museum in 1922)
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you back to Moscow and see the Red Square, which is important in the history of Russian politics. Is an important place in the center of Moscow Is the most beautiful square in the world Is the morgue where Lenin, the prophet of the socialist country Built of granite and marble in front of the red square Is the location of kilometers at the center of Russia And the wide square of this red square, which covers an area of ​​695 meters wide and 130 meters long, has served as an important event venue for many generations of Russia. The red square area also consists of other tourist attractions. Many more, such as the Kremlin Palace Russian History Museum And the department store holds, for example, for you to take pictures with St. Basil's Cathedral Symbols of moscow Created by Ivan the Savage The memorial of the Bolshevik party leaders That is currently collapsing with the greatness of the Soviet Union It was built during the reign of Ivan IV, the cruel with ancient Russian art. There are 9 colorful domes, so many tourists call it a candy church built with ancient Russian art by Russian architect Postnik Yakovlev. side By order of Ivan IV or the cruel Ivan Pleasing the beauty of this cathedral Therefore ordered the gratuity of the architect who designed by cutting both eyes So that the architect can not create anything more beautiful than this Then free you to shop at the most luxurious Gum Department Store in Russia. Sources of brand-name products from around the world. Is a shopping destination of Russian millionaires The building and interior are elegantly decorated.
    Dinner. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
    Then take you to the Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
  • Moscow - Sakors - Moscow
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to Zagorsk or Sergiev Posad, north-west of Moscow. About 70 kilometers away from Moscow, Zagors is home to the largest and oldest religious site in the city, found on the pilgrimage of Saint Sergoyevskop or Sergejios. Of Radonés in 1354 This city is like an ancient city. It is home to the largest and oldest religious site. In the 19th century
    14-17 is the sacred pilgrimage of the country Is an art college Teaching religious singing Teach to draw icons Take you to see the old church of Sarkos. The interior is decorated with saint images. There is a pedestal for the patriarch's ceremony and a chorus for vocalists. The ground floor is the kitchen for cooking food for the poor. Then, visit the Assumption Church. That imitated the church of the Kremlin Can only be viewed inside the summer And see the Holy Trinity Church, built in the years 1422-1423. Was the first church of this city Golden Onion Dome Architecture The interior is decorated with frescoes and icons. Do not use the sound inside the church to perform the ceremony. You can worship the casket of St. Sergei with the Russian people ... After that there was time to take a picture with the bell tower. Or to reserve water from Holy water Return to Sirimongkol The water in the pond is natural water. There is a story that The blind man came to the church and accidentally discovered the well. After washing the face with water Holiness makes the blind man see
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon leads you to travel to downtown Moscow. Take you to stop and take a picture with the evolutionary building of Russia. Is a new symbol of Russia that has it all Take a photo with the Evolution Tower, a skyscraper on the Moscow business center. It is a 55-story office building with a height of 246 meters on a total area of ​​169,000 square meters. It was designed in Moscow to be shaped like a future DNA. It was designed by British architect Tony Kettle and has been collaborated with University of Edinburgh Built since 2011 until completed at the end of the year 2014, then take you to travel to "Sparrow Hill Peak Or Lenin Hills, Sparrow Hills. "A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of Moscow below. Therefore Lenin, a former Communist party leader, chose the Sparrow Hill as his home Currently, this area is the location of Moscow University. And is the most beautiful view point in Moscow Allows you to take pictures with the beauty of the main building of Moscow University. Is the oldest and largest university in Russia With the Stalinist architecture that is unique to Russian building construction Was founded in 1755 by Mikhailov Russian scholars at that time The university was named after him in 1940.
    Dinner. Dinner at the local Hard Rock Cafe.
    Then take you to the Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
  • Moscow
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Led you to visit the Kremlin Palace The symbol of the former Soviet Union, the birthplace of Russian history More than 850 years, built in the year 1147 by the crown prince of Kiev. Prince Yury Dolor Koruki has ordered to build to protect the enemy. In the past it was just an ordinary wooden fortress. That is like the heart of Moscow According to the Russian beliefs, the Kremlin is the dwelling place of God. Currently, the Kremlin Palace is a museum. And the location of many important places such as Congress, various temples, Ivan's Great Bell Tower and many other buildings. Visit the Assumption Church. The oldest and most important royal temple in the Kremlin By building over the old wooden church that was before Used in coronation ceremonies Admire the cannon fort, Ivan's Bell Tower and See the largest giant bells in the world (Note: limited to 4 sessions per day, only 10.00 / 12.00 / 14.30 / 16.30 hrs. (Closed on Thursday), so please be punctually strictly on the appointment time) then watch Armory Chamber Museum Which is a treasure trove of Russian kings, including diamond throne, ivory throne, gold chariot, tribute from various royal families In Europe, including eggs
    Easter that is hard to see. Then visit the Assumption Church, the Giant Cannon and the Evangelical Bell Tower. See the largest giant bell in the world.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon brings you to see the Moscow Metro Station. The perfect combination of technology and various architectural styles, especially the decoration. Decorated in various stations with stained glass, marble, etc., which is regarded as the only subway station in the world that has more beautiful art And also a building that the Russians can show off to foreigners to see the greatness Have a history Nationalism And beautiful cultural traditions The decoration of each station is different with sculptures, chandeliers, glassware, granite, marble all are exquisite. If visiting this white bear land Then bring you shopping in the Arabat Street area. The name of this street appeared since the 15th century. In the past it was the residence of the aristocratic class. And artists with sponsors Later, in the Soviet Union Arbat Road is a residential area of ​​high-level members of the Communist Party. Today, Arbat Street has become the most famous pedestrian street in Russia. Is a source of artists, painters, souvenir shops, cafes, etc. For the convenience of walking around the city and browse the various local products. Free to have dinner at your leisure. Appointment takes you to Hotel Milan Moscow or an equivalent level.
  • Moscow
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to the St. Xavier Cathedral, built in 1839 during the reign of King Alexander I as a memorial to the victory. And showed gratitude to the Lord who helped protect Russia from the Napoleonic War It took 45 years to build, but later in 1990, Stalin, the leader of the Communist Party at that time, ordered the church to be thrown away. To be converted into the largest swimming pool in the world, until in 1994 President Boris Yeltsin approved the construction of a new temple. With donations from the whole country Which replicates the original to nearly a hundred percent The sanctuary returned to its original location, completed in August 19, 2000, and is now used as an important national ceremony in Russia.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to take pictures at the Zaryadye Park, the first park built in Moscow for over 50 years on an area of ​​over 78,000 square meters and the Soviet Friendship Park, built for youth and student festivals in 1957 from That led you to travel towards Ismaylovsky Market, Ismaylovsky Market, the largest shopping center in Moscow Free for you to buy various local products. At the cheapest prices such as Russian watches, matryoshka dolls, or shawls, shawls, amber, souvenirs and many more.
    17.30 hrs. Prepare you to travel to Domodedovo Airport in Moscow (because the traffic in Moscow is quite crowded and takes a lot of time to travel So it is necessary to allow time to travel to the airport
    22.00 hrs. Departure to Bangkok By Thai Airways Flight TG975
  • Suvarnabhumi
    10.50 hrs. Travel back to Bangkok. 
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