Baan Pa Miang Community
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Voucher for 2 days 1 night community, include meals and activities within the community

In the middle of a forest on top of the Phee Pan Nam Mountain Range, there is a small village where townspeople live hidden away in peace and solitary. They have inherited the ways of growing and making Miang for more than a century. When the winter season starts to come around with colder weather, the orchid trees start to bloom with an abundance of white color to be seen everywhere. The simplicity of this ‘Lanna’ lifestyle really is part of the charm of this small village tucked away in the mountains of Lampang.
Fees: 850USD per person

Baan Pa Miang Community



  • Reservations for rooms and activities should be made 15 days before the travel day, by contacting the head of the community at 084-8949122 Khun Chanchai
  • This voucher is valid until December 31, 2019
  • Please print out or take photo of the voucher and save it on your phone in order to use it as the evidence to access to the accommodation and activites.
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