Baan Sam Chong Nuea Community
Voucher One Night Stay with Locals
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Voucher for 2 days 1 night community, include meals and activities within the community

This trip will leave you with a new perspective of tourism at Phang Nga Bay, especially when you see the sunrise, lighting up the limestone cliffs and island forests that surround the water. This stunning area includes sparkling caves, lagoons, coral reefs, and bird’s eye views that can only be reached by foot (it’s hot but well worth it!). The many fishing communities of the northern part of Phang Nga Bay are not only skilled at catching fish and crab, but they also have a deep and profound understanding of the sea that you’ll be able to learn about, too.
Price * minimum for 2 person
2,350 baht per person
1,900 baht per person
1,700 baht per person
*Foreigners + 300 Baht more (Pay directly to the community) The difference in prices for Thais and non-Thais is due to different national park entrance fees.

Baan Sam Chong Nuea Community

Phang Nga


  • Reservations for rooms and activities should be made 15 days before the travel day, by contacting the head of the community at 086-7417949 Khun Surat
  • This voucher is valid until December 31, 2019
  • Please print out or take photo of the voucher and save it on your phone in order to use it as the evidence to access to the accommodation and activites.
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