Bang Son Community
Voucher One Night Stay with Locals
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Voucher for 2 days 1 night community, include meals and activities within the community

Get on a special raft and take in the fresh breeze while enjoying all the seafood you can eat. You’ll float along Khlong Bang Son to a ridge of sand located at the mouth of the bay. It’s around here where you can watch the magnificent sunset in the evening. At night, it’s back onto a boat for a tour to see the famous fireflies light up the water – as well as a spot of squid fishing. There are more activities, too, like snorkeling (where you’ll be able to see the coral reefs underwater), as well as tasting Kopi Luwak, and visiting a yellow Pathio rice farm.
Price * minimum for 2 person

Program 1

1,890 baht per person
1,500 baht per person

Program 2

2,200 baht per person
2,000 baht per person

Program 3

1,400 baht per person
1,100 baht per person

Bang Son Community



  • Reservations for rooms and activities should be made 15 days before the travel day, by contacting the head of the community at 080-7791650 Khun Somchok
  • This voucher is valid until December 31, 2019
  • Please print out or take photo of the voucher and save it on your phone in order to use it as the evidence to access to the accommodation and activites.
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Program 1
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