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AboutAir Dolomiti Airlines




Air Dolomiti Airlinesused airline is EN is an airline, a regional headquarters in Villafrance di Verona, Italy, with a base of operations at the airport Verona Villafrance. Airport and Munich, Germany. Offers flights to destinations around 15 destinations in Italy and Germany


the flight path of Air Dolomiti airline


flight path ofAir Dolomiti Airlinesare routes in Italy and internationally as follows:

international flights, including Germany  
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Baggage of each class ofAir Dolomiti Airlines

Air Dolomiti AirlinesBaggage weight of each category are as follows:


Under the baggage of air passengers every year

32 kg.

The weight of carry-on baggage

7 kg.

For Passenger and Light weight not exceeding 10 kg per passenger Emotion Plus, and no larger than 55 cm. X 40 cm. X 20 cm.

Facilities and services of theAir Dolomiti Airlines


1. The airport service

- lounge passengers can relax in the lounge of the airport. Enjoy many free services first started traveling with the airline. The food and drinks at the bar food. Comfortable seats, magazines, newspapers, etc.

2. The services on aircraft

- Food and Beverages. Meals are served for all passengers. The appetizer menu is extensive, including candy, snacks, bread, sandwiches, drinks, both hot and cold dishes. It also offers a special menu. Including vegetarian Cooking for Kids Food for weight loss, etc.

- magazines and newspapers. Passengers can read the latest news and interesting stories to enjoy throughout the journey. This will make you feel bored while traveling

- souvenirs. Passengers can purchase gifts and souvenirs. The logo of the airline on the plane or on the website of the airline

         Air Dolomiti Airlinesis the regional airline of Italy. Offers flights to destinations around 15 destinations in Italy and Germany. With facilities and services in airports and on airplanes. Whether in an airport lounge. Food and Drink magazine souvenirs of the airline. To facilitate the travelers to get a good flying experience on the airline

Contact Airlines Air Dolomiti (EN)


+39 045 2886140
(+49 89 97580497 from Germany)




Head of the office: Claudia Palamini
Via Paolo Bembo, 70
37062 Dossobuono di Villafranca (VR) - Italia

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