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AboutAir Niugini Airlines




Air Niugini Airlinescode is PX Airlines is the national airline of Papua New Guinea. With its headquarters and operations center in the Jackson International Airport. It offers flights to 25 domestic destinations and 10 international destinations of


The flight path ofAir Niugini Airlines


Routes ofAir Niugini Airlineswith routes between countries:

international flights, including Japan   Hong Kong   China   Indonesia   Australia   Singapore   Malaysia   New Zealand
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Baggage of each class ofAir Niugini Airlines

Air Niugini Airlinesset up under the weight of baggage each machine types:






Destination Members

Executive Club Member

Free Baggage Allowance

Executive Club Members


Business Class

20 kg.

20 kg.

29 kg.

40 kg.

45 kg.


Economy Class

16 kg.

16 kg.

25 kg.

30 kg.

35 kg.

40 kg.

facilities and services ofAir Niugini Airlines


1. The airport service

- Lounge Lounge for passengers of airlines. Have a seat and relax while waiting for your flight. Dining options Care facilities and services provided by a team of airlines

2. The services on aircraft

- Food and Beverages. Cat food is creative catering for all passengers. Airlines invented a new menu and the menu better. To serve the best food to passengers. The pastry snacks Drinks, tea, coffee

- duty free. You can shop tax-free from your seats at all. There are many products to choose from, whether it is watches, perfume, cosmetics, chocolates, gifts for children. And many other

- entertaining all passengers can watch movies through the front passenger's seat, including music, movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.

- the magazine for you to enjoy a fascinating story in the magazine on the plane. Both the content and beautiful illustrations

3. The other airlines

- air freight services

         Air Niugini Airlinesis the national airline of Papua New Guinea. Offers flights to destinations in Papua New Guinea and internationally. The routes and 25 domestic routes and 10. With facilities and services in airports and on airplanes. To facilitate the travelers to get a good flying experience on the airline. The airline will then serve passengers. It also provides air cargo services as well

Contact Airlines Air Niugini (PX)


675 6411031



Alotau - Gurney
Gurney Sales Office,
P.O.Box 3, Alotau,
Gurney Airport

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