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Avianca Peru information


The Avianca Perú fleet consists of the following aircraft as of February 2017:

Avianca Perú Fleet
Aircraft : Airbus A319-100
In Service : 10
Orders : —
C : 12
Y : 108
Total : 120

Aircraft : Airbus A320-200
In Service : 8
Orders : —
C : 12
Y : 138
Total : 150

Aircraft : Airbus A330-200
In Service : 30
Orders : —
C : 30
Y : 222
Total : 252

Total In Service : 20
Orders : —

Avianca Peru routes

This is a list of airports that Avianca Perú flies to as of April 2018. The airline serve to 33 destinations.

City : Buenos Aires
Country : Argentina
Airport : Ministro Pistarini International Airport

City : Mendoza
Country : Argentina
Airport : Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport

City : La Paz
Country : Bolivia
Airport : El Alto International Airport
Notes : Operated by Avianca Ecuador

City : Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Country : Bolivia
Airport : Viru Viru International Airport
Notes : Operated by Avianca Ecuador

City : Brasilia
Country : Brazil
Airport : Brasilia International Airport

City : Porto Alegre
Country : Brazil
Airport : Salgado Filho International Airport

City : Rio de Janeiro
Country : Brazil
Airport : Galeao International Airport

City : Sao Paulo
Country : Brazil
Airport : São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport

City : Antofagasta
Country : Chile
Airport : Cerro Moreno International Airport
Notes : Terminated

City : Santiago
Country : Chile
Airport : Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport
Notes : Operated by Avianca Costa Rica

City : Bogotá
Country : Colombia
Airport : El Dorado International Airport

City : Cali
Country : Colombia
Airport : Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport

City : Medellín
Country : Colombia
Airport : José María Córdova International Airport

City : San José de Costa Rica
Country : Costa Rica
Airport : Juan Santamaría International Airport

City : Havana
Country : Cuba
Airport : Jose Marti International Airport

City : Punta Cana
Country : Dominican Republic
Airport : Punta Cana International Airport

City : Guayaquil
Country : Ecuador
Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport
Airport : Operated by Avianca Ecuador

City : Quito
Country : Ecuador
Airport :Mariscal Sucre International Airport
Notes : Operated by Avianca Ecuador

City : San Salvador
Country : El Salvador
Airport : Cuscatlan International Airport

City : Cancun
Country : Mexico
Airport : Cancun International Airport

City : Mexico City
Country : Mexico
Airport : Benito Juarez International Airport

City : Asuncion
Country : Paraguay
Airport : Silvio Pettirossi International Airport

City : Arequipa
Country : Peru
Airport : Rodríguez Ballón International Airport

City : Chiclayo
Country : Peru
Airport : Cap. FAP José A. Quiñones Gonzáles International Airport
Notes : Terminated

City : Cusco
Country : Peru
Airport : Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport

City : Juliaca
Country : Peru
Airport : Inca Manco Cápac International Airport

City : Iquitos
Country : Peru
Airport : Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport
Notes : Terminated

City : Lima
Country : Peru
Airport : Jorge Chávez International Airport

City : Piura
Country : Peru
Airport : Cap. FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport

City : Puerto Maldonado
Country : Peru
Airport : Padre Aldamiz International Airport

City : Tarapoto
Country : Peru
Airport : Cad. FAP Guillermo del Castillo Paredes Airport
Notes : Terminated

City : Trujillo
Country : Peru
Airport : Cap. FAP Carlos Martínez de Pinillos International Airport

City : Miami
Country : United States
Airport : Miami International Airport

City : Orlando
Country : United States
Airport : Orlando International Airport

City : Montevideo
Country : Uruguay
Airport : Carrasco International Airport

City : Caracas
Country : Venezuela
Airport : Simón Bolívar International Airport
Notes : Terminated

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Avianca is the commercial brand that represents the Latin American airlines integrated in Avianca.Its workforce of over 19,000 employees have been recognized to provide an excellent world class service. The Avianca airlines, specialized in air cargo and passenger transportation, serve more than 108 direct destinations in 26 countries throughout the American and European continents with its modern fleet.

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