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About Flynas Airlines
Flynas formerly Nas Air, is a domestic and international low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia, the country's first and only budget airline. The company's head office is located on the first floor of the Al Salam Centre in Riyadh. 
Assiut and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt became served by the carrier for the first time in 2009, with flights to the latter initially operated on a seasonal basis. In 2011, the airline started services to three cities in Turkey: Adana, Antakya and Istanbul. Also that year, Lahore in Pakistan became the second city served in the country, after Karachi. In February 2013, flights to Yanbu from Dammam were launched. Also that month, the airline started flying from Dammam to Khartoum, with the Sudanese capital becoming the first international destination ever to be linked to the Saudi city.
In February 2014, Flynas introduced its Global Flight Routes program, aimed at offering affordable rates to passengers for flights between Jeddah and points in Africa, Asia and Europe, and at carrying religious tourists to Saudi Arabia. Flynas became the first low-cost carrier to serve the Saudi Arabia-UK market when it launched the Jeddah–London Gatwick service, its first European long-haul route, in April 2014. Medium-haul routes to Karachi and Lahore were also planned, along with long-haul services to Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Casablanca, Manchester and Islamabad. Flights to Iran were also due to commence by the same time. 
Manchester became the airline's second destination in the United Kingdom on 7 May 2014. Cairo was made part of the route network in June 2014, making the Egyptian capital the carrier's seventh destination in the country. The London-Gatwick–Riyadh sector would also be served from 27 July the same year. A month later, it was informed that services to Manchester would be discontinued starting August 2014, just after three months of operations. That month, the Indian market was expected to be served for the first time with flights to Hyderabad, followed by Calicut in September 2014. Plans were also to serve France next as well as China, Philippines, Nigeria and South Africa later on. Flynas also expected to serve the US market in 2015. 
Manchester was removed from the carrier's list of destinations in early August 2014. In October 2014, Al-Qassim was incorporated to the route network. Also that month, the airline announced the cancellation of most of its long- and mid-haul services owing to poor performance. 
At April 2015, Flynas' three top domestic routes in terms of available seats were Jeddah (JED)–Riyadh (RUH), Dammam (DMM)–RUH and JED–DMM. The carrier also performs Hajj services.
Baggage Information
Hold Baggage
Business Class
  • Guests may check-in up to 2 pieces of Hold Baggage with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 25kg each.
  • Non-standard or over-sized items of baggage (e.g. sporting equipment) that are larger than 158cm H+W+D, will incur a SAR 100 handling fee at the check-in counter.
  • Additional items and/or weight will be accepted subject to space availability and the payment of Excess Baggage fees
  • Infant passengers are not entitled to take Hold Baggage.
Economy Class
  • On all routes except Cairo, guests may check-in 1 piece of Hold Baggage with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 20kg.
  • Economy class passengers travelling to/from Cairo are permitted to check-in 1 bag of up to 30kg.
  • Non-standard or over-sized items of baggage (e.g. sporting equipment) that are larger than 158cm H+W+D, will incur a SAR 100 handling fee at the check-in counter.
  • Additional items and/or weight will be accepted subject to space availability and the payment of Excess Baggage fees.
  • Infant passengers are not entitled to take Hold Baggage.
Cabin Baggage
  • Each guest may carry 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm D and a maximum weight of 7kg. You may also carry a small laptop case or handbag which must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • If your Cabin Baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight, or if we decide it is not safe, you must check it in as Hold Baggage. Excess Baggage fees will be charged if your Hold Baggage exceeds your Baggage Allowance.
  • Please note that due to airport security procedures you are restricted to 100ml of each Liquid, Aerosol and/or Gel in your Cabin Baggage. These must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 500ml. This excludes medicines and infant food.
  • Infant passengers are not entitled to take Cabin Baggage


Special Serices

Expectant Mothers

flynas accepts expectant mothers for travel (without a doctor’s certificate) if your pregnancy is up to 27 weeks (inclusive). Between 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy you must provide a valid doctor’s certificate or MEDIF (Medical Information Form) at check-in. Your doctor’s certificate or MEDIF must be dated no less than 7 days before the date of your departure, it must state the number of weeks of pregnancy and confirm that the expectant mother is ‘fit to fly’. Certificates from registered midwives will not be accepted.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy you will not be accepted to travel.
flynas does not accept any liability for any complications or medical events associated with your pregnancy arising from travel on our aircraft. This is also applicable in the instance that a pregnant passenger fails to inform flynas that she is pregnant.
Travelling with Infants
If you are travelling with an infant*, only one infant is allowed to be seated on the lap of an adult. Children aged 2 years and above must occupy their own flynasseat and must pay the applicable fare. Infants aged 6-months-old to 2-years-old may occupy a certified car-type safety seat, which can be affixed to the aircraft seat.
Please be advised that we do not provide special food for infants and our crew will not heat your own food. Also please note that infants younger than 8-days-old will not be accepted for travel on flynas.
*An infant is deemed to be between the ages of 8-days-old to below 2-years-old.
Travelling with Children
flynas offers discounted fares for children aged 2 to 12 years old (inclusive) at the time of travelling. A discount of up to 50 percent on all domestic fares (minimum fare of SR50) and up to 25 percent on all international fares will be offered from the base fare of any fare class as booked by the accompanying adult. Taxes and fees, if applicable, must be paid. You can book our child fares through all flynas sales channels, including, the flynas Call Centre, retail sales offices or your local travel agent. Verification of your child’s age (passport, identification card or birth certificate) is required upon check in, failing which, a fare difference will be charged accordingly. flynas standard fare terms and conditions of carriage apply.
Unaccompanied Minors
Children below 12-years-old and travelling alone will not be accepted for travel. The minor can however travel on flynas if a person 18-years-old or over accompanies them and takes responsibility for them as their parent, legal guardian or companion.
Young Customers Travelling Alone
flynas permits children aged 12-years-old and above to travel unaccompanied. Please note we are unable to offer any additional services for Young Customers and flynas does not accept any responsibility outside of our Standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage. As such, the parent or guardian is advised to remain at the airport until the flight departs.
Special Medical Needs
If you, or someone on your booking, are a Customer with special needs, you will require prior approval from us at flynas at the time of your booking. You will also need a valid doctor’s certificate stating the nature of your illness and declaring you ‘fit to fly’ on your specified dates of travel. If you need the presence of a Care Assistant they will also be required to make a booking through the Contact Centre on the same flynas flight at the relevant tariff.
Customers with special needs must book their flight via the flynas Call Centre at least 24 hours in advance of the intended travel date. We will try our best to accommodate such requests, however, flynas reserves the right to decline such Customers should appropriate medical assistance or documentation, as stated above, be unavailable
Wheelchair Access
If you, or any Customer on your booking, require a wheelchair from the check-in area to the aircraft, you must make your booking via the Call Centre at least 24 hours prior to the intended date of travel. Please be sure to request this service before you confirm your booking. If your itinerary does not include this request we may refuse to accept you for travel.
Some airports outside of Saudi Arabia may charge an additional fee for wheelchair access and you must pay this, in full. Folding wheelchairs will be carried free of charge and in addition to the normal free Baggage Allowance. Please note that non-folding and/or electrical wheelchairs will not be accepted for carriage.
Please note that to ensure the safety of all Customers we do restrict the number of Customers who require a wheelchair on each flight.
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+966 11 2611126




8018 Abi Bakr As Siddiq - Ar Rabi AR RIYADH 13316 - 4040 Unit No 6 Saudi Arabia

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