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Luxsair Airlines is using airline is the national airline of Luxembourg. Headquartered in Luxembourg Findel Airport Sandweiler Airport was scheduled to end on such major cities as well. It offers flights to 40 destinations in Europe and Africa

Flight of the airline Luxair or LG

Flight of the airline Luxair or LG has flights between the countries. International flights include Spain   Germany   Denmark   Switzerland & nbsp; France   Italy   Austria   and Portugal and Sweden etc.

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The baggage of each class of the airline Luxair or LG

Luxsair AirlinesBaggage weight of each category are as follows:


Baggage under the machine

All types

32 kg.

- hold baggage weighing up to 7 kg, set up less than 55 cm. X 40 cm. X 20 cm.

Facilities and services of the airline's air valve (Luxair or LG)


1. The airport service

- Lounge with relaxing amenities inside the lounge at the airport. Before takeoff, the airline upon arrival at the airport, access to the lounge at all. A seating area is designed for passengers of airlines in particular. There are many activities to do while waiting for your flight. Whether working or relaxing, dining

2. The services on aircraft

- Food and Beverages. Cat food is high quality catering. Both savory desserts Snacks available The menu includes a wide variety of drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juices are also available, including a special menu for children. Food for obesity Food for Jews Low calorie food For Muslims Vegetarian, etc.

3. The other airlines

- booking a flight. Airlines want you to enjoy to lift the gang. You can book a flight. The number of members who travel from 10 persons

          airlines Luxair or LG is the national airline of Luxembourg. It offers flights to 40 destinations in Europe and Africa. With facilities and services in airports and on airplanes. To facilitate the travelers to get a good flying experience on the airline. Book flights to serve groups of 10 persons or more with

Contact Airlines Luxsair (LG)


+352 2456-1




Luxair S.A.

(société anonyme)

Aéroport de Luxembourg

L-2987 Luxembourg

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How to Book Tickets Online

To book Luxsair ticket online, do as follows

  1. Select route in the search box.
  2. Select fare.
  3. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  4. Select payment method.
  5. Finish transaction and Luxsair e-ticket will be sent to your email.