NokScoot (XW)

NokScoot (XW)

Find NokScoot flight deals and all you need to know about flying NokScoot.

NokScoot information

The Help you find the best prices on flights and plane tickets Airlines Just enter your city name or city name or airport of departure and destination airports. From a search engine on the Web The system will search and display flights at the best of Airlines offers flights on the route your flight. The flights are direct flights more convenient for you. By filtering information such as price, time, and allows you to find flights, according to your needs by quickly You buy a ticket immediately. Quick and easy Without going through the website of the airline or airline ticket sales agent of your choice. Secure online payment system that has an SSL certificate from Geotrust along with promotions for both domestic and international flights. Great deals on flights and discounted more.

NokScoot facility and service

Services on aircraft

- Food and drink Delicious dishes Whether you like the Western or the familiar taste of Thailand. It is served with many dishes of hot appetizers, snacks or drinks for you to enjoy the rest of the trip on the flight
- duty free. Shopping for your getaway with a variety of products. Brands such as jewelry, watches, perfume and alcohol. And so you get comfortable with the selection of products in the catalog to the full. The crew is ready to serve you at Lahore
- magazine on an airplane. Magazine is a lifestyle Packed with the content of the tour in each city, the routes of the airline. Ready to follow the new trend of the famous writer.


There are flights and routes, both within and outside the country, covering most of the country. Whether you are traveling domestically or abroad. Make sure that you are safe. Because of the condition of the aircraft. Receive comfort from the service charge prior to departure. during the travel And after the trip The facilities are provided. The more confidence with the award-winning. Whether the system. Security Airlines Vacations Service quality and food websites Help you find the best price and buy plane tickets through the airline's website. Not through the website of the airline or airline ticket sales agent. It offers convenience Be sure the seat does not fall With highly secure payment system on its own and also has a certificate SSL (secure data on the website) from Geotrust so you can pay securely online without worrying. Along with promotions and offers discounted flights to many.

NokScoot routes

Routes of Nokscoot Routes International following

-International flights to Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao, Nanjing, Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo. A flight of this airline in all directions. To purchase a ticket price of Airlines in the best condition as you want. We can use the web to find the best price and buy plane tickets directly.

NokScoot Baggage weight

1.Economy class

1.1 Economy standard (blue), 30 and 31 inch wide seats upholstered with fine blue cloth. Which can sit up to 107 degrees
1.2 economy standard increased leg space (yellow) with a size of 35 inches wide leg
1.3 standard economy class front row with a leg length (color. Yellow) whether you're tall or small. You should stretch your body at ease. Venice Beach has a seat leg at least 35 inches, and most do not have in front of you. Seats are upholstered with fabric upholstery and yellow in the front row near the door. You can own this seat. The fee increase only slightly.
1.4 ScootinSlience (yellow) would go quiet. You can do it now. Cabin 21 to 25 rows behind the business class cabin ScootBiz Apart from the special and personal. You also get to enjoy the cabin. With less than 12 at the point where you can get a leg as well as a super or Venice Beach area of ​​35 inches by 4 inches wider than the economy class seats generally.

2.Business class
The seats are leather upholstery on the leg of 38-inch and 21.7-inch width, backrest back 8-inch space footrest and armrest folded.

Baggage of each class of Airlines.

Airlines weight of baggage brought up each machine types.

Type of class : Economy class
Baggage : 1 piece up to 7 kg.

Type of class : ScootBiz
Baggage : 2 pieces of up to 15 kg.

The carry-on baggage weight for each category are as follows:

Type of class : Economy class
Baggage : 1 piece up to 7 kg.

Type of class : ScootBiz
Baggage : 2 piece up to 15 kg.

Let's get to know before flying with NokScoot

Airlines was founded in 2557 by a partnership between Scoot, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines. Use airline is offering XW difference is that, unlike conventional low-cost carrier. Fares bird specials scooter comes with a travel experience filled with the exotic. Do not worry about restrictions Passengers can travel with peace of mind and comfortable. To all destinations according to your needs. Passengers of bird scooter will simply not fly with us. But from the comfort of your own style.

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

? TripAdvisor 2019
Traveler type

Latest reviews from TripAdvisor

Date of travel September 2019
“Worst Airline I've ever flown with, Asian Ryanair.”

Where to start. You cant check in online to start with. For a 6 hr flight there is zero inflight entertainment. No food included or water ( yes you have to buy water!) The seats are cheap and... more +

Date of travel September 2562
“Just stay away from Nokscoot. Bad customer service. THE WORST COMMUNICATION EVER.”

The keep changing the flight to save their cost ( 2 times for my flight) Put customer to have no choice. There is no updated on the flight status on their website and also send me a wrong information. more +

Date of travel July 2019
“Quality low cost”

One good thing for flying low cost for six hours, is no one will bother you for the whole trip, where you can get a full rest. Full service is of course much better, if you fly during daytime. But... more +

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NokScoot Airlines Company Limited

222 Don Mueang International Airport

Room no.2001, Central Block Building, 2 nd Floor, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanambin, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210

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3.5 rating

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How to Book Tickets Online

To book NokScoot ticket online, do as follows

  1. Select route in the search box.
  2. Select fare.
  3. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  4. Select payment method.
  5. Finish transaction and NokScoot e-ticket will be sent to your email.