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Book your flights and pay with K Point

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Conditions for using accumulated points instead of cash

1. The Bank reserves the right to participate in the program only for all types of Kasikorn credit card members. who still maintains membership status and have a good payment history with the bank only Except for corporate credit cards Kasikorn Bank Titanium MasterCard Credit Card, Fleet Card Happy Online Credit Card ,ThaiBev credit card, which the bank reserves the right not to participate in the program
2. Customers can use points earned from spending via credit cards combined with K Points from other transactions. You can increase your power to use more points.
*Except points on Kasikorn Thai Visa The Passion Credit Card, Blue Credit Card, One Siam-Kasikorn Credit Card, Bangkok Dusit Medical Credit Card, Kasikorn Bank. and Kasikorn Bank-Shopee credit cards Cannot be combined with other K Points​
3. Customers must have enough K Points remaining to pay for air tickets.
4. Set to redeem every 1,000 accumulated points in place of 100 baht in cash to pay for products and services. (Fragments of points less than 1,000 cannot be exchanged for cash.)
5. K Point accumulated points will be deducted from the cardholder's accumulated points according to the number of points redeemed.
6. Accumulated points cannot be exchanged or exchanged for cash.
7. Redemption points must be used in lieu of cash on the same day at the store where the points are exchanged only.
8. Redeemed points cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
9. All flight booking depending on our terms and conditions
10. Cancellation of bookings and requesting a refund according to the company terms and conditions. There will be a period of time to proceed according to the company's procedures.
11. The Bank is not be responsible, not be held liable for any part in any of the services provided by TraveliGo so if you have any questions or problems, please contact to TraveliGo directly, Tel. 02-0015855.
12. For more information about using the K PLUS service, please contact the K Contact Center, Tel. 02-8888888, press 3.
13. TraveliGo and KBank reserves the right to change terms and conditions or cancel this promotion without notice. In case of dispute, the decision of KBank and TraveliGo are final considered.