Chiang Mai Night Safari (Chiang Mai Night Safari) Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Night Safari

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Apart from sightseeing animals in the Zoo from cage by cage. In Chiang Mai, there is another place you can mingle with more than hundred of species from all over the world throughout the day

Chiang Mai Night Safari has turned to be the biggest night safari in south-east Asia and one of the most advisory place in the northern of Thailand like Chiang Mai by its own 1,400 animals of 134 species and many more interesting activities.
Also, this highlighted nature theme park offer safety trams for everyone to an impression moment with wildlife behavior up close and personal such as feeding the savannah animals like giraffes, seeing fatty hippopotamus, diving tigers or even white lions. Safety is the priority here, all animals are assured of their secured and healthy lives as well.

When the sun goes down from Chiang Mai horizon, many are waiting for the special show like ‘Musical Fountain’ the spectacular light and sound system or be enjoyed by the greatest nightly performances ‘Safari Dancing’ serve with various flavors from chefs which all featured here.

By a mission to emphasis in natural history and keep going on saving the wildlife. Night Safari Resort has become the most popular place that waiting to welcome all nature-lovers, where happiness is among the trees.