Complete Island Helicopter Tour (Complete Island Helicopter Tour) Hawaii United States

Complete Island Helicopter Tour

 Hawaii, United States

Soar high and take an exciting tour of the beautiful Maui Island in Hawaii. This thrilling chopper island will introduce you to the best sights of the island, from east to west. On this 3-hour tour, explore the deep valleys, the high mountains, the dormant volcanoes, the stunning coastline, and the sandy beaches from the sky! Head out first into the majestic West Maui Mountains before making your way to the coastline, where you see the magnificent waves thrash against the unmoving hills. The helicopter will go over thick forests where the lush greenery will take your breath away. Gape at the deep valleys formed by old, dormant volcanoes run across the interiors till they reach the shores. Strap on and take off for views of Hawaii that will stay with you forever.