Catamaran Voyage To Seal’s Island (Catamaran Voyage To Seal’s Island) Tierra del Fuego Argentina

Catamaran Voyage To Seal’s Island

 Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Sailing on a beautiful catamaran, we will travel from the pier to Ushuaia Bay and into the center of the Beagle Channel. We´ll weave through the islands of the Alicia Archipelago, an area inhabited by a large colony of imperial cormorants. A photo stop will be made at Bird’s Island. See majestic black browed albatross, scua (a type of gull), and the humorous-looking steamer duck. Continuing our journey at Les Eclaireurs Archipelago, we´ll visit Seal Island, home to two playful species of sea lions. Not far from there, we will cruise to another island for a look at the classic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse named after the Archipelago. This 74-foot scout guards the sea entrance to Ushuaia.