Hong Kong Repulse Bay 3Days 2Nights TATHK 7966

Hong Kong Repulse Bay 3Days 2Nights TATHK 7966

Adventure Family Fun History & Culture Shopping Temple Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight Victoria Peak Repulse Bay
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Hong Kong Repulse Bay 3Days 2Nights TATHK 7966

 Kowloon, Hong Kong
AirlineThai Airways
Travel period :
22 Jun 2024 to 24 Jun 2024
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Suvarnabhumi Airport – Hong Kong International Airport – Ngong Ping cable car ride – Po Lin Monastery – Worship the Tian Tan Buddha – Ngong Ping Cultural Village – Citygate Outlet – A Symphony Of Lights

    05.00 am. Together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th floor, with a welcome sign Let's Go Group and staff are there to facilitate and advise you on travel information.
    08:00 a.m. Take you on a journey to Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China by Thai Airways flight TG600 (with food and beverages on board)
    11.45 a.m. Arrive at Hong Kong International Airport CHEK LAP KOK, after that take you through the immigration process, pick up your luggage (local time is 1 hour faster than Thailand) after passing the immigration formalities. Have your group exit Exit B
    Take you to Tung Chung Station to board the Ngong Ping 360 cable car.
    ** Normal cable car ride included ** This place is considered another highlight when coming to Hong Kong, must come to see the beautiful view of Hong Kong Island from the cable car. There are 3 types of chairlifts which are
    - Standard Cabin, normal cabin Suitable for people afraid of heights
    - Crystal Cabin, a glass-bottomed basket Suitable for people who like excitement
    - Private Cabin, a private viewing basket The floor is glass glass, so you don't have to wait in line.
    Note: In the event that the Ngong Ping cable car is closed for maintenance Or closed due to weather conditions, the company reserves the right to change to a coach of the park. to bring you up to the top of the mountain instead And will refund the difference between the cable car price 30 HKD per adult and 20 HKD per child
    Take you to Lantau Island to worship the Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery or popularly called the Big Buddha Lantau. The Buddha image was made of 160 pieces of bronze. The Buddha image faces north towards mainland China. It is enshrined with a height of 26.4 meters on a lotus base. Including the base, the total height is 34 meters. The construction cost of the Buddha statue was HK$60 million. The name of the Buddha image is informally known as The Tian Tan Buddha Enshrined on an altar as tall as a 3-storey building, designed according to the structure of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Inside is the shrine of All 5 Lord Buddhas at Ten Thousand Buddhas Building On the roof of the temple, there will be an auspicious animal in the corner of the roof. Don't bring offerings that contain meat to pay respects. Take him to pray for the Tian Tan Buddha at the prayer grounds. Prang giving blessings from the prayer court You can walk up to see the Buddha image base. There will be a long staircase of 268 steps at the base of the Buddha image. It is enshrined in the Buddha's relics. (The Tooth Buddha) and the white jade Buddha image that was invited from Sri Lanka. Paintings of the history of the Lord Buddha by drawing from oil paints. (Excluding admission fee, 60 Hong Kong dollars per person) or overlooking the view of Lantau Island from a high angle. There are also statues of goddesses offering sacrifices according to Mahayana beliefs enshrined around. Buddha base area
      Little snippets, how to make it perfect!! “Hong Kong people believe that If anyone comes to pay homage to the Big Buddha Life will be happy and was successful in every way.”
    After that, you are free at the Ngong Ping Cultural Village (Ngong Ping Village) where you are free to visit shops, restaurants in this model village. You will find fun that can combine prosperity and traditional culture. perfectly Then take you to Citygate Outlets, allowing you to shop with OUTLET, many world-class brand name products such as COACH, ESPRIT, POLO, RALPH LAUREN or BURBERRY, including shoes. many sports brands And the basement has a large supermarket for you to choose from, whether it's food, used items or fresh fruit. Pay with satisfaction
    In the evening dinner service at a restaurant (1) special menu.. roast goose
    Take you to visit A Symphony Of Lights. The magic begins at 08:00 p.m. every night, a spectacular multimedia show that has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's greatest permanent light and sound show. Areas of major skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Harbor, with their rooftops illuminated. Which just press the switch and it will shine a spectacular light in various colors. showing the bustling atmosphere of Hong Kong.
    Stay at iclub To Kwa Wan Hotel or Regal Oriental Hotel or Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hotel 4 stars or similar.

  • Date
    Independent travel (Choose a trip to buy a tour of Hong Kong Disneyland. or shopping)

    Morning: Breakfast service at a restaurant serving Hong Kong's famous dim sum such as Har Gao, shrimp dumplings, rice noodles, congee, etc. (2)
    Free to travel for a full day There is a tour leader ready to provide travel advice to various tourist attractions.
    ** Free time for lunch and dinner in order not to waste time traveling **
    Recommended place: Hong Kong Disneyland This fantasy realm is made up of seven areas: Main Street-USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point. Then get your adrenaline pumping in Adventureland. Adventurous with a boat trip through the forest full of animals along the way and showing explosive power that is exciting. Enter the Kingdom of Fantasy where you will find Cinderella Castle and the Mickey Mouse Choir With spectacular 3D animated effects, shortcuts to the alien realm and time travel to Tomorrowland. The land of the future and what you can't miss is the roller coaster SPACE MOUTAIN. Of course, don't forget to take a photo with Mickey. and shake hands with the world-famous duck Wander through gardens filled with illusory 3D artifacts, explore a mystical museum where fascinating artifacts from around the world come to life in Mystic Point, and don't miss out on IT'S A SMALL WORLD. Take a cruise to see all the international dolls. which is divided into zones for each nation The dolls will move according to the music of IT'S A SMALL WORLD and inserted with the unique sounds of each nation. which is divided into zones for each nation The dolls will move according to the music of IT'S A SMALL WORLD and inserted with the unique sounds of each nation. and don't forget to stop by
    Greeting dolls wearing Thai national costumes Enjoy various games, light shows, “We love Mickey!” Then invite you to enjoy the rides in Disneyland and various zones. Meet the newest Marvel-themed attraction Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! You can join in the fun by riding state-of-the-art S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles in a heroic interactive battle in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Museum of Science and Technology alongside Ant-Man and The Wasp to battle against the bad guys. ArnimZola and his army of evil Hydra Swarm-bots and enjoy the Iron Man Experience. Over the skies of Hong Kong, put on your Stark Vision goggles and get ready to enter a whole new era! Each Expo Edition Iron Wing flight is powered by its own arc reactor and features the latest technology from Stark Industries – including highly durable metal armor. artificial intelligence and self-repairing glass When you're ready for takeoff You'll be traversing the exciting skies of the city. To see the newest and highest point of view on Hong Kong's horizon, the Hong Kong Stark Tower. There are reports of HYDRA operations in the area. Get ready for battle! Each of which has its own unique strengths. Come to life in a mini version of America on Main Street. with town square Cute Shops and Victoria Observatory The Flight of Fantasy Parade will be staged at 1:30 p.m. daily, where the parade can be viewed on Main Street, USA (depending on the weather on that day). Watch and cheering for disney characters Many participating in the parade, whether it is famous cartoon characters such as Mickey mouse, Minnie mouse, Winnie and the Pooh, followed by beautiful princesses from various fairy tales such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, etc. or characters from famous movies such as The Jungle Book. , The Lion King, Toy Story, etc.
    Recommended places to visit: shopping in famous areas in Hong Kong.
    The Mong Kok area is another bustling shopping area in Hong Kong. It is popular with young women who shop because there is a Ladies Market here. There are products such as cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry. new fashion trends
    Stay at iclub To Kwa Wan Hotel or Regal Oriental Hotel or Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hotel 4 stars or similar.

  • Date
    Che Kung Temple – Jewelry Factory – Jade Shop – Repulse Bay – Victoria Peak – Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping – Hong Kong International Airport – Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Morning breakfast at a restaurant serving Hong Kong's famous dim sum such as Har Gao, shrimp dumplings, rice noodles, congee, etc. (3)
    Take you to Che Kung temple (Che Kung temple), the legend of Che Kung temple, also known as “Windmill Temple” is another temple with a long history. Built 300 years ago, according to legend, there was a pirate who wanted to rob the villagers. When General Che Kung found out, he told the villagers to fold the windmill and put it in front of their houses. It turned out that the pirate had left and did not rob. The villagers believed that the windmill helped to eliminate the evil that was about to come. and bring good things to them Therefore, this Che Kung Temple was built. to commemorate General Che Kung And is worshiped so that nothing does not happen. Each of the 4 turbine blades represents Safe travels, good health, fortune and money. It is believed that if you spin 3 rounds and beat the drum 3 times, it will ward off evil. and bring good things

    Little snippets, how to make it perfect!! “Pray for your blessings and look earnestly into your face. Spin the Wheel of Destiny
    - if life in the past year was not good Use your index finger to rotate the turbine clockwise. Use your left hand to rotate left to right.
    - if life is good Then turn the turbine back from right to left. and pray for what we want to believe "Lucky Turbine" will spin only good things Come into life when the turbine is finished turning and beating the drum 3 times loudly to make it known throughout the sky and earth. and let the blessing be fulfilled.”

    You visit a jewelry factory Which is famous for Hong Kong, meets the design work that has received the best award And used to enhance the horoscope about Feng Shui by shortening the blades of the Che Kung temple turbines. Come to make jewelry, whether it's a pendant, ring, bracelet to make it an accessory. And enhance fortune, visit the Jade Shop, there are many products related to jade, such as jade bracelets or lucky animals like Pi Xia. Free for you to choose to buy as a souvenir. or as a souvenir Or bring luck to yourself
      Little snippets, how to make it perfect!! “The Chinese also believe that jade has the power to protect the wearer from evil. It is a talisman that indicates that the wearer is having luck or misfortune. noticeable from the color of jade If jade is brightly colored That means The owner of the jade is about to have luck. But if the jade color has faded or cracks are clearly visible, it means The owner of the jade is about to have a misfortune to visit.”
    Noon Lunch service at the restaurant (4) Special menu.. Hong Kong Shabu Buffet, soft drink and unlimited beer.
    Take him to worship and ask for blessings of the sacred for the prosperity of the Repulse Bay beach area (Replusbay), believing that at the Replus Bay beach area It is the best feng shui point of Hong Kong Island. leading you to start making a wish Goddess of Mercy Then bring him to make a wish God Caishing Ye God of fortune, stability, wealth Or if you have difficult children can request a blessing about children from Phra Sangkachai Then take you across the renewal bridge. It is believed that crossing once will increase your age by 3 years or single people will choose to ask for a couple or ask for a blessing about love. from the god of love Then make a wish about the journey. Have a safe trip from ruby goddess Then you get power from the pavilion of eight directions. This is considered to be the best gathering point for Hong Kong's power.
    Take you to travel to Victoria Peak (Victoria Peak), a beautiful view point in the middle of the hill of Hong Kong. Everyone will experience the fresh and pure atmosphere. Able to clearly see the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The best vantage point and should not be missed when coming to The Peak, able to see a 360-degree panoramic view with a height of 428 meters above sea level. There will be different beautiful views. The view that can be seen will be a view of the buildings and skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Construction in line with Feng Shui principles, such as the Central Plaza building. China Bank Building and other buildings which is home to some of Hong Kong's leading businesses
    Then freedom for you to be full of Shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui usually starts at Tsim Sha Tsui Station. There are shops selling leather goods, sporting goods, electrical appliances, cameras, etc., and traditional Hong Kong products. There are many complex corners of the building, there is a large SHOPPING COMPLEX called OCEAN TERMINAL, which consists of department stores. lined up And there is a connecting path that can walk through to each other There are many famous brands for you to choose from, such as COACH, LONGCHAMP, LOUIS VUITTON, HEMES, PRADA, GIORDANO, BOSSINI and many more.
    It's time to take you to Hong Kong International Airport.
    Then take you on a journey to Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
    06.55 p.m. Take you to travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by Thai Airways, flight TG639
    08:40 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand safely with the impression of the Let's Co Group team.

Meals And Accommodation
iclub To Kwa Wan Hotel or Regal Oriental Hotel or Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hotel 4 stars or similar.
iclub To Kwa Wan Hotel or Regal Oriental Hotel or Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hotel 4 stars or similar
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