India Gaya 6 Days 5 Nights TATIN6464

India Gaya 6 Days 5 Nights TATIN6464

India Gaya 6 Days 5 Nights TATIN6464

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India Gaya 6 Days 5 Nights TATIN6464

 Bihar, India
AirlineThai AirAsia
Travel period :
12 Mar 2020 to 17 Mar 2020
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Date Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner Hotels
Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - Bodhgaya - Stupa Bodhgaya - Si Maha Pho Ton Bodhgaya Gautam Hotel or a similar hotel, Kaya
Phutthakhaya - Vesali - Wat Pa Mahawan - Kusinara Om Residency Hotel or similar hotel, Kusinara
Kusinara - Maha Nirvana Stupa - Crown Prince Phedi - Lumphini (Nepal) Nansc Hotel or a similar hotel, Lumpini
Lumphini One Park - Stone Columns, King Asoke the Great - Vihara Maya Devi - Varanasi City Inn Hotel or a similar hotel, Varanasi
Ganges River Cruise - Sarnath - Jao Gandhi Stupa - Dhammakaya Stupa - Sarnath City Museum - Bodh Gaya Bodhgaya Gautam Hotel or a similar hotel, Kaya
Phuttakaya - Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) - Bodhgaya - Stupa Bodhgaya - Si Maha Pho Ton
    06.30 hrs. Concurrent group at Don Mueang Airport International Departure Hall, Floor 3, Counter 2, Gate 1-2, Air Asia Counter, with staff to assist you with travel documents and luggage.
    08.20 hrs. Departure to Khaya by Air Asia Flight FD122
    10.10 hrs. Arrives at Kaya Airport, Kaya City, India (Local time Later than Thailand 01.30 hours) and go through immigration and customs procedures The group traveled to Bodh Gaya, taking approximately 45 minutes.
    The city of Bodh Gaya is believed to be an enlightenment. Of the Buddha, which was discovered by English archaeologist Sir Alexander Sandner Cunningham over a hundred years ago
    Lunch, Lunch
    You worship the newly restored Bodh Gaya Buddha Stupa inside the Buddha statue. "Phra Buddha Metta" Pang Man Wichai and then worship the Sri Maha Pho tree which has been planted directly, believed to be the point where the Lord Buddha sat ascetically until enlightenment, enlightenment, and then visited the sacred place of the Lord Buddha, who sat after the enlightenment. Then seven places Each week around Bodh Gaya to review the knowledge before going on to teach people Which consists of
    1. Imprinted on the Phra Watcharachat Phra Beneath the Sri Mahapho tree and enjoying 7 days of liberation on week 1
    2. His Highness stared at the Animis Chedi, staring at the eyes of the Si Maha Pho tree. Without flashing his eyes for 7 days in the 2nd week
    3. Entering the Rattanakosin Chedi He increased his vision. Then proceeded for 7 days on the 3rd week
    4. Entering the Rattanakod Chedi with the northeast direction of the Si Maha Pho tree And sat cross-legged in the glass house offered by the Nimrod Angel Considered the 7 days of metaphysics in the 4th week
    5. Going to sit and sit cross-legged under the banyan tree, which is the resting place of the shepherds On week 5
    6. He sat in a cross-legged position under the Jig Mu Lin tree to the south-east of the Si Maha Pho tree in week 6.
    7. Going to sit under the King's Tree Rattana. Seated for 7 days to eat well.
    Take you to see Phra Maha Pho Chedi. Memorial of the Enlightenment of the Lord Buddha Inside the Buddha's compassion is enshrined. The Buddha that survived the destruction of Lord Sasaka. This Buddha is a Buddha image in the art of Pala. It is respected by Buddhists worldwide. Then take him to see Indian art in the reign of King Ashoka, aged over 2,000 years. See the Ashoka god statue that was built for religious declaration and offering as a Buddhist worship to the saint. Admire the carved trophy door. A story about Buddha's life And see stupas and carvings of past Buddha art in the Pala period, aged around 2,000 years. "The Pala period was a period of Buddhism prosperity in northern India, centered at Nalanda University. The Bihar state, as evidenced by the recording of the incident letter, traveled to inherit Buddhism of Luang China. (Phra Tang Sam Chung) and Luang China Ying From China. "It's time to take you back to your accommodation.
    Dinner dinner
    Accommodation Bodhgaya Gautam Hotel or a similar hotel, Kaya
  • Phutthakhaya - Vesali - Wat Pa Mahawan - Kusinara
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Travel to Vesali (travel time is approximately 6 hours)
    Take you to see the capital of the Watchatchee Kingdom. One of the sixteenth centuries of the Indian subcontinent. The city has many names: Paisalee Waisali and this city is one of the important centers for the dissemination of Buddhism. Including the birth place of the Mahavira Buddha, the Prophet of Jainism, and the source of holy water in Buddhism Due to a terrible disaster throughout Vesali, with many dead King Li Chawi then invited the Buddha to please the people of the city. The Buddha took 500 monks to please Waisali As well as conducting holy water throughout the city Take you on a tour of the Maha Wan Temple, see the most complete and beautiful Asoke pillars of India Vesali has been important since the era before It is the capital city of one of the 16 prosperous regions of the Indian subcontinent. Ruled by a system of unity or oligarchy Which can be called a democratic system That there is no monarch as the head of state Only the head of state is run with the approval of the parliament. Which will consist of members from various royal families, which form a group of regional rulers In the Buddhist scriptures, there are 8 clan families, and of this Lichawi family of Vesali and Vita Thitha of Mithila are the most influential. In the Buddhist era, the Lord Buddha had been to Vesali many times Each time he would stay at most of the banks, Sala Maha Wan. Many sutras occur in this city. And in the Khutakhan Sala that is the place The Lord Buddha allowed the Great Mahabajdi Diote to have a hermit. Her Royal Highness Along with the followers Can become a nun for the first time in the world And in the last visit of the Lord Buddha He received the mango grove of Amphampali. Courtesan of Vesali Which she dedicated to a Buddhist monastery The Lord Buddha remembered the last lent at the Velu Kham. And His Highness passed away at Pawan Chedi And after 100 years of Buddhist nirvana, the second edict was made at Walikaram, all of which were in Vesali.
    Lunch, Lunch
    Take you to Kusinara City (Travel time is approximately 4-5 hours) which is the nirvana of the Lord Buddha.
    Dinner dinner
    Om Residency Hotel or similar hotel, Kusinara
  • Kusinara - Maha Nirvana Stupa - Crown Prince Phedi - Lumphini (Nepal)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Bring you to watch Kusinara City In the modern era, it was one of the two cities in the Mallas region Located opposite the river bank of Pava It is the location of Salawang Sala Forest Park. Where the Lord Buddha passed away, nirvana Has a local name called Mattha Kunwarakot (Matha-Kunwar-Ka-Kot), which means the district of the dead prince Appeared in the scripture that This city used to be the nirvana of the Lord Buddha, the name Pha Sa Sa. It was the cause of many Bodhisattva acts. Was once the royal capital of the Great God of the Great Emperor Bring you worship. The important memorial is The Nirvana Which Ashoka the Great created and contained the Buddha's relics The temple of nirvana, in which the Buddha's nirvana is enshrined and many ancient religious remains
    After that he worshiped the place of the Lord Buddha at the Crown Prince Chedi. Then take meditation at the Vihara Reclining Buddha image With an inscription specifying the age older than 1,400 years, showing when he passed away
    Lunch, Lunch
    Take you to Lumbini (takes about 4-5 hours) which is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha.
    *** Please have your passport with you
    To seal from India to Nepal ***
    Dinner dinner
    Nansc Hotel or a similar hotel, Lumpini
  • Lumphini One Park - Stone Columns, King Asoke the Great - Vihara Maya Devi - Varanasi
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Bring you to see the Gath Lumphini One Park Was the place where Queen Sirikit was born, Prince Siddhartha On Friday, the full moon of 6 years, 80 years before the Buddhist era. Inside, there is the Mahamaya Vihara, the Bok Khorani temple, and the Ashoka goddess statue with a height of 22 feet 4 inches and inscription as evidence: Of Prince Siddhartha And Ashoka came to worship in the twentieth year of his reign "(around the 3rd century AD). Today, Lumpini One has been restored and there is an important object of worship that Buddhists like to worship is" Stone Columns, King Asoke the Great ". Which states that this place is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Also have "Maya Devi Temple", inside the enshrined image of a stone carving of the image of the Queen. It is an old, contemporary temple with the stone pillar of Phra Asoke. Currently, the Nepalese authorities have built a new temple over the old Maya Devi temple. And excavated a stone inscription shaped like a footprint It is assumed to be the seventh step of Prince Siddhartha's seven steps on his birthday. Currently, Lumpini is in Nepal. Bordering the northern border of India, Korakapura city 11 kilometers away from the city of Tilau Rakot (or Kabinilpastut) east and from Sittanakhon (Or Nakorn Thewa Ha) 11 kilometers west Which is correct according to the Buddhist texts that say "Lumbini Wan". The birth place is located between Kabinlaphat Dut and Tewathah Currently, Lumpini One has an area of ​​approximately 2,000 rai. The official name for this place is Rumsinde, being rural. There are not many residents, only a few Buddhist buildings. But there are many Buddhist temples in this area Including Thai Lumpini Temple Lumpini One has been honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the cultural heritage category since 1997.
    Lunch, Lunch
    Take to Varanasi (takes approximately 6-7 hours) Land of pilgrimage for sin India's four-thousand-year-old world heritage and capital of the Khasi region With the sacred Ganga River flowing through It has a history of more than 4,000 years. It is the city of Suthawas, the dwelling place of the gods and is considered the immortal city of India. It is a place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhists around the world.
    Dinner dinner
    City Inn Hotel or a similar hotel, Varanasi
  • Ganges River Cruise - Sarnath - Jao Gandhi Stupa - Dhammakaya Stupa - Sarnath City Museum - Bodh Gaya
    05.00 hrs. Good morning and bright new morning. Take you on a river cruise on the Ganga. Experience the diversity of people and the Ganges River that Hindus believe to be a holy place Since it is the point of the earrings Of Shiva falls under this river In Buddhism itself, it is believed that the Buddha's relics were floated on this river as well. Bring you the Krathong to be a Buddhist worshiper. Here, you will feel the Hindu way of life which will bathe. Drink water, including water. There is a cremation ceremony in the early morning before sunrise Then take you back to the hotel.
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to the seminar venue, city of Sarnart, the orientation place Worship the pagoda The place where the Lord Buddha met again Jakki after enlightenment Leading to worshiping the dharma at the Stupa Believed to be the place where the Lord Buddha gave an initiation on the Dharma teachings of the Gautama Buddha's enlightenment to attain Sodanada. Buddhism therefore has three complete incarnations and then take a tour of the new Mantakhuni Shrine inside the statue of Buddha. Introduction to imitation of Gupta and murals, telling the story of the Buddha's history
    Then take you to see the Sarnath Museum Watch the top of Phra Ashoka's pillar. Some people describe it as a symbol of the Shakyamuni lion, the royal family of the Lord Buddha. The pillars have a lotus base. There is a square throne carved in the form of Dharma and elephants, horses, lions and cows. Take a look at artifacts discovered in the city of Sarnath and nearby cities such as Buddha images, Gandhara art, Mathura style, Gupta style and Thai style. Pala, etc. and then take a look at the masterpieces of the museum's antiques Buddha statue Gupta Pang orientation Discovered near the grounds of the abode of the Lord Buddha's Lent "Moreover, Gupta art is regarded as the most beautiful and perfect in all Indian art, and the city of Sarnath is also the center of the Gupta art school. That is as old as 1,400 years ago
    Lunch, Lunch
    Take you back to Bodh Gaya (takes approximately 5-6 hours)
    Accommodation Bodhgaya Gautam Hotel or a similar hotel, Kaya
  • Phuttakaya - Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    It's time to bring you to Bodhgaya Airport.
    10.40 hrs. Departure to Bangkok, Thailand by Air Asia, flight FD123
    14.50 hrs. To Don Mueang Airport Bangkok Well-being
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