Japan Beppu Fukuoka Freeday 5Days 3Nights TATJP 8147

Japan Beppu Fukuoka Freeday 5Days 3Nights TATJP 8147

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Japan Beppu Fukuoka Freeday 5Days 3Nights TATJP 8147

 Fukuoka, Japan
AirlineVietJet Air
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08 Mar 2024 to 12 Mar 2024 Period Other time
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

    09:00 p.m. Meet at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Departure Building, 4th Floor, Gate 3, Thai Viet Jet Counter, Thai Viet Jet (VZ), with staff to facilitate everyone.

  • Date
    Fukuoka City • Dazaifu Shrine • Peppu • Yumi Jigoku Pond • Yufu In Floral Village • Kinrin Lake

    12:15 a.m. depart for Fukuoka City by AirAsia Flight VZ 810 (Tour fee does not include food and beverage charges on board)
    07:25 a.m. Arrive at Fukuoka Airport. Japan (Japan local time is 2 hours ahead of Thailand) Met with a warm welcome from the staff. Successfully passed the immigration formalities.
    Take you to Dazaifu City to see Dazaifu Shrine. The 1000 year old shrine is another ancient symbol of the city. Inside is the god of education. During exams, many students come to pay their respects and ask for blessings. And in front of the shrine there is a statue of a cow. It is believed that If anyone rubs the head of a cow, good intelligence will arise. Moreover, the surrounding area is full of interesting architecture, shops, and restaurants. It is also a place to see plum trees that bloom in February-March. Causing both domestic and foreign tourists to flock to this shrine.
    Travel to Beppu City, located in Oita Prefecture. It is on the southeastern coast of Fukuoka City. It is considered to be the city with the most hot springs in Japan. It is a city famous for its natural hot springs. Until it was known as the onsen capital of Japan. There are natural water sources scattered everywhere.
    Lunch: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Then take you to see the Boiling Sea Pond or Yumi Jigoku. The highlight of this pond is the bright blue pond. like the sea When walking in, you will see steam smoke. A lot of water came out of the pond. which has a very high temperature Near the pond is a small shrine. To be worshiped which must be walked up through bright red wooden torii pillars The bright red torii gates on the side of the pond provide a contrast to the blue hot springs. A beautiful picture was born.
    Take you to see Yufu Floral Village. Located in Yufuin City in Oita Prefecture. It is a unique tourist attraction because it is a model village in the European style. It has an ancient European scent. Classic style brick house Lined along a small road decorated with various types of flowers and ornamental plants, there are also cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, toy shops, gachapon machines, and collectibles for you to see and buy for fun.
    When walking around until the end of the village, you will see Kinrin Lake It is a medium sized lake. There are mountains in the background. It has become a popular village that is perfectly combined and is a point of attraction for tourists to visit throughout the year.
    In the evening, dinner is served at the restaurant.
    Accommodation: BEPPU SEAWAVE HOTEL or equivalent, 3 star level, Japanese standards.
    After eating dinner You are free to relax by soaking in the onsen. to relax muscles fatigue from traveling throughout the day
    (The hotels listed in the tour are only the hotels offered as a preliminary. This may change, but the hotel you stay in will be a hotel of the same level)

  • Date
    Strawberry Garden • Nanzoin Temple • DUTY FREE • Mitsui Shopping Park • Gundam Park

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the strawberry orchard. Fruits are different in each season. It has become a part of the Japanese way of life. and throughout Japan There is an orchard where visitors can taste unlimited varieties of Japanese fruits. Fruit picking, which means getting to taste the delicious variety of fruits each season, is another charm of the trip. Japan Picked fresh fruit From the tree and can be eaten immediately. In Japan, fruit picking is a popular tourist activity. For from December until May It is also the season for strawberry picking, where you can taste the taste of large, fragrant and sweet Japanese strawberries (garden entrance fee included).
    Note: We reserve the right to change the program if the strawberry garden is closed or due to weather or the end of the festival in an unforeseeable manner. Take you to see the outside area of Kokura castle (Kokura castle). Entrance fees inside the castle are not included. 350 yen per person
    Then take you shopping at the DUTY FREE store where you are free to buy souvenirs at your leisure, whether it be cosmetics, perfumes, nutritional supplements, various vitamins that are produced in Japan and sold only in Japan. It can be said that it is another souvenir spot that many tourists must stop by to shop periodically to bring back as souvenirs.
    Lunch: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Take you to visit Nanzoin Temple, a temple that is not yet well known to tourists in Sasaguri. Fukuoka Prefecture But there are many interesting things inside this temple, such as the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan. And there are also many other statues and Buddha statues. This temple is the starting point of Kyushu's famous pilgrimage route. The Reclining Buddha is 41 meters long, 11 meters tall and weighs 300 tons. It has the same architectural style as the Great Buddha statues in Nara and Kamakura, built in 1995 (admission included).
    Take you to the shopping center, Mitsui Shopping Park. It is a 5-story shopping mall with approximately 222 stores for you to freely browse and buy products from. You can also see a life-size Gundam on display. The model name is “RX-93ffν Gundam”. It is 25 meters tall and weighs approximately 80 tons. There is also a lot of entertainment inside. To please Gundam fans Organized into a Gundam Park zone, there are 3 sub-zones: Gundam Side-F where you can learn more about Gundam and can purchase various models as well. Zone VS Park With G allows you to move your body and exercise. Inside and in the Namco Arcade zone, there are popular games for you to play, such as the game of catching things for you to enjoy and join in the fun at your leisure.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure.
    Accommodation FUKUOKA/ HAKATA HOTEL AREA or equivalent 3 star level* Japanese standards
    (The hotels listed in the tour are only the hotels offered as a preliminary. This may change, but the hotel you stay in will be a hotel of the same level)

  • Date
    Freedom to shop at your leisure. Does not include pick-up and drop-off fees and does not include entrance fees to various locations.

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Freedom for you to shop and explore Fukuoka at your leisure. Fukuoka has many attractions for you to visit.
    - Hakata Station is not just a train station. But it is also a convenient source of transportation and a shopping center. There is a movie theater, shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, and more (there is no entrance fee).
    - Tenjin area, another famous shopping area in Fukuoka. There are shops full on both sides of the road. Including clothing brands, cosmetics, restaurants for you to choose from, buy and view. (There is no entrance fee. Open-close time 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.)
    - Tochoji Temple, formerly known as "Nankakusan", was built in Heian. The famous monk at that time was Kobo Daishi. Inside the temple there is a Buddha image made of carved wood with a height of 10.8 meters, known as Daibutsu, which took 4 years to build (no entrance fee, opens and closes from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
    - Ohori Park, a park in the center of Fukuoka. There are 3 islands in the middle of the water that you can walk to connect to each other. which was modeled after the West Lake Park in China Suitable for walking and relaxing. (There is no entrance fee. Ohori Park is open all the time)
    - Momochi Seaside Park, a seaside park decorated in a modern style. There will be an island part sticking out in the middle of the sea. From here you can also walk to 2 points: Fukuoka Concert Tower and Hawktown. (There is no entrance fee. Open all the time)
    Free lunch and dinner at your leisure.
    Accommodation FUKUOKA/ HAKATA HOTEL AREA or equivalent 3 star* Japanese standard
    (The hotels listed in the tour are only the hotels offered as a preliminary. This may change, but the hotel you stay in will be a hotel of the same level)

  • Date
    Fukuoka Airport Japan • Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

    In the morning, breakfast is served in SET BOX style.
    08.25 a.m. Depart for Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by Vietjet Airlines (VZ) flight VZ 811 (tour fare does not include food and drinks on board)
    12.35 Arrive in Bangkok safely with unforgettable impressions.

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