Japan Fukuoka Beppu Yufuin Tenjin Ski Area TATJP 8037

Japan Fukuoka Beppu Yufuin Tenjin Ski Area TATJP 8037

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Japan Fukuoka Beppu Yufuin Tenjin Ski Area TATJP 8037

 Fukuoka, Japan
AirlineVietJet Air
Travel period :
05 Mar 2024 to 09 Mar 2024
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Suvarnabhumi Airport

    09:30 p.m. Make an appointment together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand. Please notice the Letsco Group sign. Meet the staff waiting to welcome you and facilitate check-in for you.

  • Date
    Fukuoka Airport - Fukuoka - Yufuin Village - Beppu - Boiling Sea Pond - Yume Town

    12:30 a.m. depart for Fukuoka Airport Japan by VIETJET AIR flight VZ810
    07:55 a.m. Arrive at Fukuoka Airport. Japan Pass through immigration, pick up your baggage through the screening point according to airport regulations. After that, you will travel to “Fukuoka,” a small city in the Land of the Rising Sun. Anyone who experiences it will be fascinated by the charm of this city that, although it is full of skyscrapers, still exudes the scent of a quiet ancient culture. This small city has both emotions for tourists to experience the charm of Fukuoka. It is so famous that it was ranked by ASIA Week magazine as the most livable city in Asia. The United Nations predicts that this city has the second highest growth rate in the world after Las Vegas.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    After the meal, you will be taken into Yufuin Village It is a model for OTOP villages in Japan. and this city is famous Another thing about hot springs Within the city is Lake Kinrin. This lake is another beautiful spot for viewing the autumn leaves in Yufuin Village. Yufuin Village has shops selling local products. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, cute handmade souvenirs. The city of Yufuin is nestled amidst nature in a beautiful green valley. Today, Yufuin has become a tourist town, a popular destination for tourists. And there is also a famous snack like "croquette" (breaded and fried potatoes), a popular food that can be eaten while walking to cure hunger. Inside the batter, which has been fried until crisp, is made from ground Danshaku potatoes mixed with minced Wagyu meat. Fry until crispy on the outside. But the inside is still soft and smooth and melts in your mouth.
    Take you to "Beppu City" located on the east coast of Kyushu Island. It is a city of mineral springs that are mud ponds. It is classified as a city with the most mineral water resorts. Tourists can try soaking in various types of mineral water.
    Take you to the hot springs (Jigoku Meguri) or the eight hells hot springs. It is a naturally occurring hot spring. After the volcanic eruption It contains concentrated minerals such as sulfur, iron ore, sodium carbonate, radium, etc., and is too hot to bathe in. The 8 ponds are named terrifyingly based on their appearance. You will find the boiling sea pond Umi-Jigoku (Umi Jigoku), which is one of the 8 famous hot springs of Beppu. It is the pond that tourists like to visit the most because it is beautiful and looks less hellish than other places. From the entrance, we can see white smoke rising up and intersecting with large rocks, making a hissing noise all the time. As we walk closer, You will feel the heat rising from beneath the earth.
    Before going to see the boiling sea pond, you can stop by to see the lotus pond first. In the pond there were lotus leaves so large that small children could not understand them. You can sit down. Yumi Jigoku is a hot spring. Blue like seawater, with a depth of 150 meters, formed after a volcanic eruption 1,200 years ago. It is composed of cobalt minerals. White smoke rises up around the pond all the time. The water temperature is as high as 98 degrees Celsius. You can boil eggs. Even though the water is too hot to bathe in this pond, But it also has mineral water powder. Sold in souvenir shops. You can dissolve it in water and take a shower at home. Its properties make the skin radiant and can treat skin diseases. Before coming out, don't forget to sit and soak your feet in the hot spring under the pavilion. (Foot spring) will make your feet feel comfortable. and have strength to continue walking which is provided free of charge to tourists You can sit and soak for any length of time. Includes admission to 2 mineral springs.
    Take you to Yu Me Town (You Me Town), a large shopping mall. You are free to choose to buy products from various stores. Whether it is clothes, bags, shoes, home decorations, souvenirs, mochi snacks, bento, fresh and dried fruits, candies, snacks, etc., for you to choose from as souvenirs at home.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure.
    Accommodation AMANEK BEPPU YULA-RE, BEPPU 3 star level or equivalent. Let you relax by soaking in natural mineral water. It is believed that if you soak in mineral water It will make the skin beautiful and help the blood circulation system improve.

  • Date
    Ski Area - Fukuoka - Kushida Shrine - Duty Free - Gundam Park - Tenjin Area

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then you can have fun at the ski slopes and snow activity areas. You can enjoy playing on the sliding board at your leisure in this land which is a large amusement park. There are many activities besides skiing. It is a famous ski area where you can enjoy the powdery snow. Those interested in renting play equipment can contact the tour leader in advance. This price does not include the entrance fee of 1,500 yen, rental fees for ski equipment, snowsleds, and instructors, which are approximately 5,000-35,000 yen (will the ski area be open or not? depends on the climate)
    Note: In the case where the ski area is closed We reserve the right to take you on a journey to Take you to Toshoji Temple or another name. “Nangakuzan” is a temple located in Fukuoka city. City) is another very outstanding temple. Both being the main temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism in the Kyushu region and also being one of the very oldest temples in Japan.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Take you to walk to Kushida Shrine It is a shrine filled with ancient magic. It can be said that it is one of the oldest shrines in Fukuoka. Consider that the shrine's first temple was more than 1,200 years old, and the entire shrine and surrounding area are beautifully designed and decorated according to traditional Shinto architecture. Because this place was built around the year 757 by Emperor Cocaine. It is the shrine of the god Okushida-sama, who in the Shinto religion is believed to protect people from good health and success in life.
    Then take you shopping for cosmetics, dietary supplements, and good quality jewelry at duty-free shops, which have products available for everyone to choose from and spend at very affordable prices, with some products not being able to be purchased in Other cities in Japan can only use local products.
    Take you to Gundam Park. Anyone who is a Gundam fan should not miss it. It can be considered a paradise for Gundam lovers. Inside the Mitsui Shopping Park LalaPort Fukuoka is divided into 3 zones, including GUNDAM SIDE-F, which is fully stocked with various Gundam models, even rare limited models, for you to shop for in bulk. With VS PARK WITH G, an area filled with various Gundam-related activities, including Namco, an area full of arcade cabinets and special game cabinets that can only be found here. And there is also a highlight that is the newest giant Gundam robot, 24.8 meters tall, for you to take pictures of.
    Everyone is free to shop. Tenjin area is a large shopping area. Fukuoka city center that includes various entertainment sources. and easy to travel Until it was raised to be the economic heart of Fukuoka City. Because there are interesting shops lined up on both sides of the road. There are many large department stores, parks, libraries, popular restaurants, alleys with various interesting shops. There's a lot of hiding.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure. In order not to disturb your shopping time
    Accommodation at FUKUOKA AREA, 3 star level or equivalent.

  • Date
    Sakurai Futamigaura - Dazaifu Shrine - Strawberry Picking - Nanzoin Temple - Aeon Mall

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the Torii in the middle of the water, Lover's Rock or Sakurai Futamigaura, which has been named one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the country. Because there is beautiful scenery It features a horn-colored torii gate standing in front of two wedding rocks. which are tied together with rope It has become a unique feature that has made this beach famous.
    Visit Dazaifu Shrine, Fukuoka Prefecture's oldest and most famous Shinto temple. It is the abode of the god of knowledge. So there are students Students come to pay respects and ask for blessings. For study every day In spring, more than 6,000 plum trees of various kinds grow densely throughout the temple grounds. Provide a very pleasant atmosphere And in the area in front of the shrine there is Statue of the god cow Lying vigil on the altar with the belief that If you rub the head of a cow, you will have good intelligence and good health. Everyone patted this cow's head with affection.
    In front of Dazaifu Shrine, there are many shops and souvenir shops, including a Starbucks with a cool design where you can stop by and buy coffee and take photos. Including local souvenirs at more than 100 shops in front of the temple, including the famous dessert shop "Umegae Mochi", a dessert made from red cordyceps wrapped in glutinous rice flour and then toasted.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant with a special menu!! Japanese style shabu buffet
    Take you to Lion Fruit Orchard Kachitsuen, the largest strawberry harvesting farm in Kyushu. which grows a total of 10 varieties of strawberries, focusing on famous local brand varieties such as Amou, which has a very sweet and delicious taste. In addition to harvesting activities Strawberry then Another charm of this farm is the activity of making crepes and jam, etc., not including the entrance fee for all-you-can-eat strawberry picking for 60 minutes, priced around 2,000 yen (in cases where strawberry picking is not possible, Waiting for berries The company reserves the right to change to another park instead.)
    Take you to see Nanzoin Temple, a temple that has the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan, or possibly the world. And there are many other statues and Buddha images in this temple. But what makes this temple most famous is This temple is the starting point of Kyushu's famous pilgrimage route.
    Take you shopping at Aeon Mall, a large Japanese department store. There are many different types of products for you to choose from. Whether it's a zone for cosmetics, children's items, toys, clothes, bags, shoes, common household medicines, or even fresh fruits from Japanese farms, they are also available here. Very special with the 100 yen shop where everything in the shop is only 100 yen, which is a very popular shop among Japanese people.
    Evening: Free dinner at your leisure. In order not to disturb your shopping time
    Accommodation at FUKUOKA AREA, 3 star level or equivalent.

  • Date
    Fukuoka Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Thailand

    Morning: Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant / SET BOX.
    08.55 a.m. Take you on a journey to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand by VIETJET AIR flight VZ811
    12.35 a.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand safely...with impressive results.

Meals And Accommodation
AMANEK BEPPU YULA-RE, BEPPU 3 star level or equivalent
FUKUOKA AREA, 3 star level or equivalent.
FUKUOKA AREA, 3 star level or equivalent.
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