Japan Fukuoka Kumamoto Beppu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP8189

Japan Fukuoka Kumamoto Beppu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP8189

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Package Description

Japan Fukuoka Kumamoto Beppu 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP8189

Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

    08:30 p.m., meet at Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, International Departures Counter, AirAsia Airlines. Company officials Waiting to welcome you and facilitate check-in Food and beverage service on board
    AIR ASIA airline uses the AIRBUS A321-NEO with 237 seats, arranged in a 3-3 arrangement (luggage weight 20 kg/person. If you want to purchase additional weight, must cost)

  • Date
    Fukuoka International Airport Japan – Kumamoto Prefecture – Kumamoto Castle – Sakura no Baba Jozoen Shopping District – Kumamon Square – Kusasenri Grassland – Beppu City – Onsen Zen nature

    01.35 a.m. Fly to Fukuoka City. Japan By flight FD736
    08:55 a.m. Arrive at Fukuoka International Airport. Japan Take you through immigration and customs procedures. finished (Japan time 2 hours faster than Thailand. Please adjust your watch for convenience in making an appointment.)
    * Important: Japan does not allow fresh food such as meat, plants, vegetables, and fruits to be brought into the country. If violated, there will be a fine and arrest.
    Travel to Kumamoto Prefecture (Travel time approximately 1.30 hours), a prefecture in the Kyushu region. There is the little black bear Kumamon (Kumamon), the prefecture's mascot that is famous all over the world. People like to raise animals and grow vegetables and fruits. It is the number 1 watermelon exporting province in Japan.
    Noon: Eat lunch at a restaurant (1)
    Take you to visit Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto Castle), a castle with Japanese architecture. It is the third largest castle in Japan. It was built in 1601 by Kato Kiyomasa and took seven years to construct. This castle Also known as Ginnanjo (Gingo Castle), it is a large and beautiful castle. In 2016, there was a major earthquake. As a result, the castle was heavily damaged. Had to close for renovations for many years. Until now, everyone can see the beauty and experience the grandeur of this castle. which in the spring You will be able to view and take photos with the hundreds of cherry trees in the area. Which is a cherry blossom viewing point in Kumamoto City. Takes you to the Sakura-no-baba Josaien shopping district (Sakura-no-baba Josaien) located at the foot of Kumamoto Castle. It is a unique shopping area. Retro style with well allocated space. The highlight here is the local products. Various appliances, souvenirs, and the Wakuwaku Museum that tells the history of the city. There are also restaurants selling various food items, especially local menu items such as green tea ice cream. that has a green flavor that shouts out, or horse meat ramen It's strange but they say it's delicious. Even Kumamoto beer who have already visited Recommended that you shouldn't miss it. You are free to walk around as you please. Then you will be taken to Kumamon Square, the office of the Kumamoto Prefecture Sale Manager, where Kumamon is the sales manager. This place is like Kumamon's operations center. Memorabilia of Kumamon's travels to various places from the past is on display. Inside, there are souvenir shops, a cafe, etc. It can be said that Kumamon fans will be delighted because of the food, sweets, daily necessities, and various merchandise. They all have Kumamon characters. Anyone who is a fan of black bears harassing Kumamon will definitely get a souvenir to take home. Travel to Kusasenri Grassland (Travel time approximately 1.30 hours), which looks like a vast grassland. Consists of a pond And the important highlight is The ever-active Nakadake Crater stands tall in the background. And because the area in this area is suitable for raising livestock. Therefore have the opportunity to meet herds of horses and cattle living in the midst of nature. This adds to the liveliness and impressive atmosphere of the Japanese countryside and is especially important between March and December. There will also be a service for tourists to ride horses to see the nature surrounding this area. It's time to take you to Beppu (travel time approximately 2 hours), a city in Oita Prefecture. Located on the eastern sea coast of Kyushu Island. Japan It is a popular hot spring tourist town in Japan. It is classified as a city with the most mineral water resorts. Tourists like to soak in the onsen or have hot sand baths by the sea in this town.
    In the evening, free to eat dinner at your leisure.
    Accommodation: HOTEL KANNAWA or similar level.
    Then you can relax with Soak in natural onsen mineral water It is believed that if you soak in mineral water It will make the skin beautiful and help the blood circulation system improve.

  • Date
    Beppu Jigoku Meguri Hell (visited 2 ponds) – Yufuin City – Yufuin Floral Village – Kirin Lake – Fukuoka City – Dazaifu Tenman Shrine GU – Duty Free – Gundam Park Fukuoka

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (2).
    Take you to Beppu Jigoku Meguri Or Hell Tour or the eight hell hot springs. It is a naturally occurring hot spring. After the volcanic eruption It contains a high concentration of minerals such as sulfur, iron ore, sodium carbonate, radium, etc., and is too hot to bathe in. The 8 ponds are named terrifyingly based on their appearance. (You can visit 2 ponds) Take you to the city of Yufuin (Yufuin), a small town in Oita Prefecture (Oita) that is well known as a famous onsen area. And here is full of cute places. There are streets lined with character cafes and antique shops. Lots of knick-knacks On the way, you shouldn't miss stopping by. Yufuin Floral Village, a theme park with a fairytale atmosphere that looks as if you are getting lost in a replica of a European-style village. All the shops are yellow with only the ones that have unique products, a highlight of Yufuin City. Classic brick houses line the small streets. Decorated with various kinds of flowers Within the village there is a shopping street. There are various shops. That is cutely decorated, an ice cream shop or a cute cafe like Alice Tea, a chic cafe with an atmosphere like being in a forest and sipping tea with the Mad Hatter, or a dessert shop. It is based on Kiki's Delivery Service. The aroma of baked bread is very delicious. There is also There are many resting spots to soak your feet in the hot springs. Walking beyond the shopping street, you will find the beauty of Kirin Lake. The lake water is clear and you can see fish swimming in the water. At times there is a thin layer of fog. It is definitely worth coming to see this beauty with your own eyes at least once. You are free to walk around and take photos at your leisure. From March to early April, the cherry blossoms in Yufuin begin to bloom. You can walk to see the cherry blossoms starting from Yufuin Station, and the number one famous flower viewing spot in Yufuin is along the Oita River in Every year at this time, fields of bright yellow Nanohana or rapeseed flowers bloom, contrasting with the pink sakura that line the river. (Walkable from Yufu Floral Village. It takes about 10 minutes to walk)
    Noon: Choose to have lunch at Yufuin Village at your leisure (3) Cash Back 1000 yen per person (paid by guide on site)
    Then travel to Fukuoka City (travel time approximately 2 hours) is the largest city on the island of Kyushu. Japan It has been an important port city for hundreds of years. There are natural, cultural, and shopping attractions. and a variety of food It is called a complete city. Making it popular with many tourists, take you to Dazaifu Tenmagu Shrine, Fukuoka's oldest and most famous Shinto temple. It is the residence of the god of knowledge, Sugawara no Michizane, who was a scholar, politician, and writer who was trusted by many people throughout Japan. Has outstanding work during the year 800 - 900 was therefore regarded as the god of education. Inside is a bronze statue of a cow in a crouching position. It is another symbol of this shrine. When entering the shrine grounds, there is a bridge that crosses Shinjiike Pond. Three bridges connect to the main shrine. Each bridge represents "past, present, and future." Walking across the bridge is like purifying your body and mind before meeting the gods. In front of the shrine there is a shopping street called Sando, which is a charm for those who come to pay homage to sacred objects. Here, there are local products and local snacks, from grilled mochi. Snacks made from nuts to charms and good luck There are over 100 stores. Nearby there is also Starbucks at Dazaifu Shrine branch. It is said to be the most beautiful in Japan. For you to enjoy purchasing souvenirs at your leisure. Then take you to Duty Free (Duty Free) at Fukuoka Bay Plaza (travel time approximately 1 hour). You are free to choose to buy duty-free products, including clothing, various perfumes at your leisure. Take you to each other. Gundam Park Fukuoka (travel time approximately 50 minutes) Highlight!!! See the newest life-sized Gundam, “Nu Gundam,” which is also being announced as the tallest Gundam in Japan. It is stated to be approximately 20 meters tall, which is taller than the 19.7 meter tall RX-0 Unicorn Gundam in Tokyo and 18 meter taller than the RX-78-2 Gundam in Yokohama. The NU Gundam appeared in the Mobile Suit film. Gundam Char's Counter Attack, released in 1988 Even though more than 30 years have passed, it is still loved and popular. of Gundam fans around the world, located at Mitsui Shopping Park Lalaport Fukuoka in Fukuoka. It first opened on April 25, 2022, and is considered a new landmark. that anyone visiting Fukuoka should not miss. For you to enjoy taking photos to keep your impressions. Buy souvenirs at your leisure
    In the evening, free to eat dinner at your leisure.

  • Date
    Freedom to travel around Fukuoka at your leisure. There is no bus service.

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (4).
    Full day of freedom to travel There are no buses available. But there is a travel guide for you.
    Interesting tourist attractions and shopping in Fukuoka City
    - Fukuoka Castle Ruin and Maizuru Park. This castle was built in the Edo period and was once the largest castle in the Kyushu region. Today, only the remains of the wall and the base of a small tower remain. It is inside a park with places for walking. There will be an observation deck where you can see Fukuoka city. This is another famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Fukuoka.
    - Tochoji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan. Today it is maintained as a historical site of Fukuoka City. Inside the temple there is a temple with a carved wooden seated Buddha statue, 10.8 meters high. It is the tallest wooden seated Buddha statue in Japan. It took four years to build and is also known as the Fukuoka Daibu. Fukuoka Daibutsu or the Great Buddha of Fukuoka
    - Momochi Park and Fukuoka Tower. The park is decorated in a modern style. There are trees along the path. and strange shaped buildings modern beautiful And there will be a part of a floating island sticking out into the sea called Marizon that has shops and small restaurants decorated and designed in an Italian style. And on the street side of this park is Fukuoka Tower, the tallest building in Fukuoka City. There is a 360-degree observation deck at a height of 123 meters, allowing you to admire the surrounding scenery. See the Hakata Sea and Fukuoka city.
    - Shofukuji Temple is the first Zen temple in Japan. It was built in 1195 by the monk Eisai who returned from China. and brought back the Rinzai branch of Zen Buddhism from China to spread. and was very popular among samurai at that time. until it became popular throughout Japan
    - Ohori Park, a large park in the center of Fukuoka with a large pond in the middle. There is a walking path around the pond with a total distance of approximately 2 kilometers. It is a popular resting place for locals. People like to exercise, walk their dogs, or sit around the pool.
    - The Yatai Food Stall area along the river is one of the famous things of Fukuoka. Generally, yatai restaurants usually have only 6-10 seats. They usually sell food that can be eaten quickly but stays in the stomach. There are approximately 150 shops throughout Fukuoka, but the most interesting areas are now one of the city's tourist attractions. It is the southern part of Nakasu Island. Island) located in the middle of Fukuoka city. Because there will be about 10 yatai restaurants along the waterfront promenade that provide a good atmosphere.
    - Canal City is a large shopping and entertainment complex in Fukuoka City. Japan Has been dubbed as city within city It includes shops, cafes, restaurants, theatre, games centre, cinema and two hotels. and the canal that runs through the middle of the commercial center
    Free to eat lunch and dinner at your leisure.

  • Date
    Fukuoka International Airport – Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (5).
    After eating breakfast Take you on a journey to Fukuoka International Airport
    10:00 a.m. Departure for Bangkok by AirAsia flight FD737.
    01:45 p.m. Arrive at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok safely and with an impressive experience.

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KANNAWA or Equivalent
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