Japan Tokyo Fuji Kamikochi 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP 7482

Japan Tokyo Fuji Kamikochi 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP 7482

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Japan Tokyo Fuji Kamikochi 5 Days 3 Nights TATJP 7482

 Tokyo, Japan
AirlineThai AirAsia X
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

    08:30 p.m. The group together at the International Departure Terminal, 4th Floor, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Counter, THAI AIR ASIA X (XJ) Airlines, meet the company's staff. Waiting to welcome and facilitate
    11:55 p.m. Depart for Tokyo, Japan by THAI AIR ASIA X (XJ) flight XJ 600 (food and beverage service on board) takes approximately 6.05 hours.

  • Date
    Narita Airport - Tokyo - Sensoji Temple - Nakamise Street - Tokyo Skytree photo Along the Sumida River - Ancient City of Narai Chuku-Matsumoto City

    08.00 a.m. The group arrives Narita Airport Japan (**The time in Japan is 2 hours faster than Thailand. You should adjust your watch for convenience in making an appointment.) After passing the immigration ceremony.
    Then take you to Sensoji Temple or Asakusa Temple. It is the most famous temple in this city of Tokyo. Completed around the year 645, it is one of the oldest and most popular temples in Tokyo, with Nakamise Street, a long road into the temple area that will be full. go with many shops The tourists like to take souvenir photos with the big red lanterns. which is like a very important symbol of this temple for you to shop for Japanese products Choose to eat the most delicious snacks according to your choice. Then take you to visit Take a photo of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower along the Sumida River, the tallest tower in the world. It is considered another landmark of Tokyo along the Sumida River. It is the tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Opened since May 22, 2012, this tower has a height of 634 meters, breaking the record for the height of Guangdong Tower. in Guangzhou which is 600 meters high and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, is 553 meters high. It can be seen from the temple neighborhood of Asakusa, full of Edo old town vibes. (Tour price does not include the tower fee) which is along the Sumida River. You can capture impressive pictures with the beauty of the city view full of skyscrapers. with towering towers
    Noon: have lunch at a restaurant (1)
    Then lead you to Narai-juku Ancient Town (Narai-juku) is located in Nagano Prefecture. It is home to the longest old town street from the Edo period. Both sides of the road are lined with local lodgings, restaurants and souvenirs, as well as museums, temples and historical sites. whole small town This is full of atmosphere. and the aura of Japan in the past Even though the Edo period has passed But more than 1 kilometer of the old houses in Narai-juku are still being carefully preserved to maintain their originality as much as possible. Bring the Edo period back to life through here again. and also open for tourists to walk and explore the city Including having a ryokan for staying overnight to experience the atmosphere of Edo. Then take you on a journey to Matsumoto City which is the second largest city in Nagano prefecture
    Evening, free time for dinner
    Accommodation at Premier Hotel Cabin Matsumoto or similar class

  • Date
    Kamikochi-take pictures of Matsumoto Castle (Outside)-Nakamachi Street-Oshino Hakkai Village

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (2).
    Then take you to Kamikochi, a land of nature in the midst of the beautiful valleys of the mountains "Japan Alps" (Japan Alps), a dream valley that is higher north of the Alps. Japan Image of the Azusa River Crystal clear water flowing through the Kappa Bridge. (The photographer's favorite bridge and most often photographed) surrounded by lush forest. And against the backdrop of the mountain peaks towering over 3,000 meters, it is one of the most beautiful scenery in Japan that will make you fall in love and enjoy taking pictures as a souvenir of your visit to Japan. Let you take time to take pictures. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Japanese Alps atmosphere to the fullest.
    Noon: Have lunch at a restaurant (3)
    After that, take you back to Matsumoto City again to bring you to see Matsumoto Castle (outside photo) One of the 12 original castles still intact. and the most beautiful of Japan because it is built on a flat area In Japanese, it is called Hirajiro (Hirajiro). This castle is unique in that it has a tower. and the turret is connected to the main building structure. and with dark tones Causing a grand and discreet feeling that has earned it the nickname "Crow Castle" (Fugashi-Jo). The interior is decorated with wood. Interesting points include steep wooden stairs. Stone slots for attacking enemies. slot for bow and an observation deck on the upper floor. Free shopping for local products along with experiencing the atmosphere of local residents at Nakamachi Street on both sides of the road Lined with well-preserved old-style buildings Including a number of warehouse buildings (Kura) with white walls. which is a symbol of the former commercial district There is also a small shop. Selling handmade items, souvenirs, various collectibles, restaurants, drinks and ryokan-style accommodations are open to tourists as well. Then take you on a journey to Oshino Hakkai Village (Oshino Hakkai) Oshino Hakkai is a small village. It consists of 8 ponds in Oshino, located between Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako. These 8 ponds are melted from snow during summer. flowing from a nearby slope Mt. Fuji passes through porous lava rocks over 80 years old, making the water exceptionally clear. There is also a restaurant. Souvenir shops and kiosks around the pond selling vegetables, sweets, pickles, handicrafts and other local products. Freedom for you to enjoy taking pictures and buying souvenirs at your leisure.
    In the evening, have dinner at a restaurant (4) (Special!! Enjoy the crab leg buffet)
    Accommodation Yukari No Mori or similar class
    For you to relax with natural onsen mineral water. believe that if soaked in mineral water will make your skin beautiful and helps the circulatory system improve

  • Date
    lavender fields Oishi Park-Mt. Fuji 5th Floor-Learn Japanese Tea Ceremony-Odaiba-Shopping Diver City Plaza-Shinjuku Area-Photo Cat 3D-Narita

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (5).
    Then take you to Oishi Park (admission fee included), a park by Lake Kawaguchiko. It is one of the most popular viewing spots of Mt. Fuji. which in the summer You can admire the beauty of the lavender fields with Mount Fuji in the summer as a backdrop. We were able to capture colorful flowers with Mount Fuji in the background. Let you walk and take impressive pictures along the flower road. to see the magnificent Mount Fuji We will feel so relaxed that we forget the time. Inside there is the Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center where you can buy souvenirs of many local handicrafts. (** The blooming of flowers depends on the weather. Usually around June-July/period to see lavender 11-15 Jun., 25-29 Jun., 01-05 Jul. and 08-12 Jul. For the period 19-23 Aug., 26-30 Aug., 02-06 Sep. and 16-20 Sep. will see other seasonal flowers instead) After that, bring you to Mount Fuji. 5 (Mt. Fuji 5th Station) allows you to experience Mt. Fuji up close at the 5th stage where buses can stop. Mount Fuji It is the highest volcano in Japan. It is also a symbol of Japan. You can enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji all year round. because in each season Mount Fuji will have different beauty. It is also a beautiful volcano no matter what angle it is viewed from (**note that visiting Mount Fuji on the 5th floor depends on the weather). Then bring you a special experience. Learn the Japanese tea ceremony (Shikido) for you to learn how to make Japanese traditional tea. Misense comes to teach Japanese tea ceremony from warming up the equipment, brewing and drinking process. It is also a tea ceremony with a very good view. You will be able to see the view of Mount Fuji. and Lake Kawaguchiko
    Noon: Have lunch at a restaurant (6)
    After that, take you to Tokyo again, taking you to Odaiba (Odaiba) and shopping. Diver City Plaza is a large model island created from the sea reclamation in Tokyo Bay. It grew rapidly as a port area. Until the 1990s, Odaiba became a commercial district. There is a large shopping mall, residential area, and a large recreation area where you can see the Unicorn Gundam, the new Gundam figure, RX-0 Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode, white and red. It has a height of about 24 meters, 6 meters higher than the original puppet and shopping at your leisure. Then take you to the Shinjuku area (Shinjuku) and take a picture with Cat 3D, a shopping area full of fashion department stores. And large department stores like Isetan, Takashimaya and Marui are lined up. It also allows you to see and take a photo with Cat 3D, which attracts the attention of both Japanese people. And foreigners who have passed through the Shinjuku intersection, at the Cross Shinjuku building, will see a giant cat appearing. This is a 3D billboard "Cross Shinjuku Vision" in 4K resolution. A giant cat that moves around in real life. created a sensation for Japanese people to take a clip and share it in the online world a lot and around the east exit of Shinjuku Station There are also department stores for tourists of various age groups to enjoy shopping. Whether it's a discount store like Don Quijote, an electrical appliance store like Yamada Denki, or a Shinjuku Subnade, which has a variety of branded stores, you can shop at your own pace.
    Evening, free time for dinner
    Accommodation at Hotel Welco Narita or similar class

  • Date
    Narita - Narita Airport - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant (7).
    It's time to take you on a journey to Narita Airport...
    09.15 a.m. Departure back to Bangkok, Thailand by THAI AIR ASIA X (XJ) flight XJ 601 (food and beverage service on board). The journey takes approximately 6.45 hours.
    02:00 p.m. The group arrives Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by safety and impression...

Meals And Accommodation
Premier Hotel Cabin Matsumoto or similar
Yukari No Mori or similar
Hotel Welco Narita or similar
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  • VAT 7% and withholding tax 3%

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  • Visa fee to enter Japan In case of announcing the return to apply for a visa again (Because Japan has announced the exemption of visas to enter Japan for Thai people who wish to stay short-term in Japan for no more than 15 days)

  • If later the Japanese government announces that the visa must be submitted as before Travelers will have to pay an additional 2,000 baht for visa applications.

  • Fees in case of baggage that exceeds the weight specified by the airline or the baggage exceeds the standard size

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  • local guide fee and tour leader to facilitate throughout the journey

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  • The organizer is not responsible. and cannot refund expenses because it is a lump sum payment with various agents In the event that the traveler does not pass the consideration of immigration - out of the country Whether it is the Immigration Division or the Labor Department of all countries on the travel list. due to illegal acts, escaping, entering and exiting the city, invalid travel documents or being rejected in other cases.

  • In case of wanting to stay for 3 persons per room or a room with 3 triple beds, the hotel has insufficient triple rooms and reserves the right to arrange the rooms into 2 separate rooms, 1 double room and 1 single room. without additional cost

  • Traffic conditions during travel days coincide with Japanese holidays. Or on Saturdays and Sundays, the car may be stuck, which may cause travel time. and less shopping at each place at the discretion of the tour guide and the driver in time management which may ask for cooperation from travelers sometimes in a hurry in order to travel according to the program

  • 1 bottle of drinking water per day per person per day starting on the 2nd day of the trip to the day ... of the trip.

  • Japan Sightseeing Bus Services According to Japanese law Able to provide service 10 hours a day. On that day, the time may not be increased. The guide and driver will manage the time as appropriate. Depending on the traffic conditions on that day of travel mainly therefore reserves the right to modify the travel time according to the places in the travel program