Myanmar Yangon Hanthawadi 2 Day 1 Night TATMM7219

Myanmar Yangon Hanthawadi 2 Day 1 Night TATMM7219

History & Culture Dining Temple 4 Stars Hotel
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Myanmar Yangon Hanthawadi 2 Day 1 Night

 Yangon, Myanmar
AirlineNok Air
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  • Date
    Don Mueang • Yangon • Hongsa • Mutao Pagoda • Bayinnaung Palace • Kyaikpun Pagoda • Shwe Ta Liew Reclining Buddha • Shwedagon Pagoda

    04.00 am. Ready at Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, Departure Level 3, Gate 6, Counter of Nok Air (DD), with staff facilitating everyone.
    06.30 a.m. Depart for Yangon, Myanmar by flight DD900.
    07.15 a.m. Arrive at Mingaladon Airport, Yangon, Myanmar, have completed the immigration formalities. (Local time in Myanmar is 30 minutes slower than Thailand), then change to an air-conditioned bus to travel to Bago City or Bago City (BAGO), which in the past was the oldest capital of the great ancient Mon city and over 400 years old, is about 80 kilometers from Yangon, taking about 1.45 hours to visit. Phra That located in the center of Hongsawadee It is an old and priceless pagoda and is 1 of the 5 great sacred places of Burma. Then take you to see the Bayinnaung Palace and the Bee Throne (KanbawzaThardi Palace), which have just begun excavation and restoration in the year 1990. from the remains of the ruins It can be assumed that this ancient site is the residence of King Bayinnaung He who was praised as the winner of the ten directions and was the residence of Queen Suphankanlaya and King Naresuan the Great. Once had to be a prisoner of war When having to lose Ayutthaya to Burma, but nowadays, this palace has only traces left. historical And was built as a replica of various palaces and palaces recreated according to the chronicle
    Noon: Lunch service at a restaurant **Special menu, 1 large grilled river prawns per person**
    Then take you to see Kyaik Pun Buddha, built in 1476. There are sitting Buddha images around all 4 directions, 30 meters high, consisting of the Lord Buddha. (Turn your face to the north. with the past Buddha Three of them are Buddha Mahakassapa. West) It is said that it was built by four sisters who have high Buddhist faith and have vowed to keep their virginity for life. Then lead you to worship the reclining Buddha image. (Shew Thalyang Buddha) Pay respect to the reclining Buddha image that has beautiful Buddhist characteristics in the Mon style in 1981, which is revered by Burmese people throughout the country and is the most beautiful reclining Buddha image in Myanmar, 55 meters long and high. 16 meters, then take you to see and worship the Shwedagon Pagoda.
    Evening dinner service at the hotel restaurant *special!! International Buffet*
    Then take you to SUMMIT PARK VIEW HOTEL 4* or equivalent.

  • Date
    Yangon • Bota Town Pagoda • Thep Tanjai • The Whispering God • Aengtawaya Pagoda • Kyaikasan Pagoda • Ta Wan Reclining Buddha Statue • Seated Buddha Statue • Mingaladong Airport • Don Mueang Airport

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you to see Bota Town Pagoda. It was built by thousands of soldiers to contain the relics brought by 8 Indian monks 2,000 years ago. And found 700 gold, silver and bronze Buddha images inside the pagoda decorated with colorful tiles. And there are many corners for practicing meditation in the pagoda. Phra Thep Tanjai and Thep Whisper take you to pay homage to Eain Taw Yar Pagoda, built by King Kong Bao, who was famous and powerful in the Kong Bao period. You have a lot of faith by building more than 170. According to history, the Burmese people believe that the place, the area, if it is worthy of anyone That person was touched to be the owner and therefore asked for a house and land that would be worthy of himself. and in the relics area there will be a deity who take care of and protect the place Let him give you a residence that is worthy of his request in terms of address, land, real estate.
    Noon Lunch service at the restaurant.
    Then take him to worship Kyaikkasan Pagoda is located in Yangon. It was built in 218 B.E. According to history, Burmese people believed that If there were cases that had to be experienced, most of them would come from the God Zaikasan. for justice and winning the case with two brothers and sisters to take care of and do not let bad things interfere in the justice of the case Burmese people come to pay respects. Worship and ask for blessings in various lawsuits. Then, pay homage to the reclining Buddha image, Kyauk Htatgyi (KyaukHtatgyi Buddha), or the reclining Buddha image, which is 55 feet long and 16 feet high, which is the most beautiful Buddha image with eyelashes. The beautiful Buddha image has 108 auspicious images. Then pay respects to the big Buddha image. Reverend Father Nga Tadgyi Luang Pho, as tall as a 5-storey building, is a statue of Buddha carved from marble. royal uniform metal body The accessories on the back are all carved teak wood. And carved into various patterns, modeled from the Buddha image in the Yatanabong period
    It's time to take you to the airport of Yangon.
    09.15 p.m. Depart for Don Mueang Airport by Nok Air (DD) flight DD909.
    11:10 p.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely. with an unforgettable impression

Meals And Accommodation
SUMMIT PARK VIEW HOTEL 4* or equivalent
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  • Full payment

  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated.

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  • Round trip air ticket with group Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok Nok Air (DD)

  • Group tickets are not eligible for mileage accumulation.

  • All meals as specified in the itinerary (We reserve the right to switch meals or change the menu according to the situation)

  • Drinking water served on the bus 1 bottle per day / person

  • Entrance fees to the places listed in the itinerary

  • Coach fee for pick-up and drop-off tourist attractions as specified in the list

  • Local guide and tour leader for Thai people

  • All fuel taxes and ticket taxes (Reserves the right to collect more if the airline adjusts before the travel date)

  • Accident insurance with a limit of 1,000,000 baht (according to policy conditions)

  • travel insurance conditions Accident insurance and medical expenses Coverage only in the event of an accident during the journey It does not cover the loss of personal belongings and does not cover the traveler's congenital disease.

Package Exclude
  • Thai passport fee and fees for foreign passport holders

  • The weight of the baggage is not more than 20 kg per 1 bag.

  • Luggage allowance in case of exceeding the airline's limit of 20 kilograms per person.

  • Personal expenses such as extra food and beverages, telephone-fax, internet access, mini-bar, laundry not specified in the list

  • Costs arising from airline delays, natural disasters, protests, riots, strikes, denials of departure and entry by immigration and labor department officials both in the city. Thai and foreign countries which are beyond the control of the Company.

  • If the government agencies of Thailand and/or Myanmar have modified the additional quarantine requirements and/or requested further testing The traveler will be responsible for the excess expenses.

  • Withholding tax 3% and VAT 7%

  • ATK examination fee upon arrival in Myanmar 15,000 kyats per person / or 300 baht

  • Burmese Insurance Myanmar Insurance Prices vary.

  • Age 1-60 years, insurance fee 2,000 baht per person

  • Age 61-75 years, insurance fee 2,800 baht per person

  • Age 75 years and over, the insurance fee is 3,700 baht per person.

  • Tipping for local guides, drivers, and assistant drivers 1,000 baht/trip/tourist 1 person (obligated by national regulations)

  • Tipping for the tour leader at the discretion of everyone

  • Cancel before 30 days of travel, the company will refund all deposits. by deducting actual expenses except in the case of festival holidays, public holidays Cancel 45 days before the trip, the deposit will be refunded. by deducting actual expenses

  • Cancel the trip 15-29 days before departure, deduct 50% of the tour cost from the sale price and retain all deposits in any case.

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  • The company has the right to change the tour program in case of force majeure that cannot be fixed.

  • Flight , price and travel list can be changed as appropriate, taking into account the interests of the traveler is important

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  • The company will not be responsible for anything. If there is an airline delay, the airline cancels flights, protests, strikes, riots. Or in the event that you are denied entry or exit from the immigration officer or the labor department officer both from Thailand and abroad, which is beyond the responsibility of the company or natural disaster (which the customer must accept in This condition in case of force majeure. which may modify the program as appropriate)

  • The company will not be responsible for anything. If the traveler experiences an emergency from a congenital disease Which is not caused by an accident in the travel program (which the customer must accept in this condition in case of force majeure which is beyond the responsibility of the tour company)

  • The company will not be responsible for anything. If you do not use the services of the company, for example, do not travel on some items, do not eat some meals, because all expenses, the company has paid the expenses to foreign agents in a flat rate. Before traveling already, it is a lump sum payment.

  • The company will not be responsible for anything. If the item is lost due to theft and/or an accident caused by the negligence of the traveler or in the event that the bag is lost or damaged by the airline.

  • In the event that the immigration in both Bangkok and abroad refuses to leave or enter the country specified in the travel itinerary The company reserves the right not to return the service fee in any case.

  • Air tickets are special fares. In the event that you do not travel with the group, it cannot be postponed or refunded and the name cannot be changed if the ticket price is adjusted higher. According to the gas rate or exchange rate, the company reserves the right to adjust the price of such tickets.

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  • In the case of PASSPORT, it must not be damaged, wet, scribbled, or even stamped with cartoon prints. which is not the official stamp of the Immigration Office Please check your PASSPORT before traveling every time if the immigration deny your entry-out of the city. The company will not be responsible for anything.

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  • In the case of using a government passport (blue book) to travel for tourism with the tour group If you are denied entry - out of any country, the company reserves the right not to return the tour and assume any responsibility.