Thailand Trang Songkran 6 Days 3 Nights TATTH8267

Thailand Trang Songkran 6 Days 3 Nights TATTH8267

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Thailand Trang Songkran 6 Days 3 Nights TATTH8267

 Trang, Thailand
Travel period :
12 Apr 2024 to 17 Apr 2024
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date

    5:30 p.m. Meet at Lumpini Park (opposite Chula Hospital). You will be welcomed by staff.
    6:00 p.m. Depart by air-conditioned coach. Departure to Trang Province (stay overnight in the car) have dinner (1)

  • Date
    Trang - Libong - Libong Cemetery - Thung Thung Kha Beach - Saphan Hin - Leek Phai Bridge - Dugong Viewing Tower

    7:00 a.m. Good morning in Trang Province. Eat breakfast (2). Taste. Trang breakfast
    9:00 a.m. Take you to Hat Yao Pier. To board the boat to travel to Koh Libong.
    10.00 a.m. Arrive at Hat Yao Pier. Take you to Koh Libong by long-tail boat ferry (travel time approximately 20 minutes) to Koh Libong, Ban Phrao pier. (Use a tricycle to travel around the island) when disembarking from Ban Phrao or Khok Samson pier. You will find a historical site located on the right side of the road from Ban Phrao Pier to Ban Batu Puthe. There are traces of an ancient kubow (cemetery) located without a hall of worship. Because according to Islamic religious teachings, this cemetery is said by locals to be the grave of one of the important people of Koh Libong, namely To Bang Wa or To Bang Ka Wa, approximately 100 years old. According to religious principles, this old grave is Chao Phraya Libong Cemetery The caretaker and ruler of the old city island in the past Then take you to see the dugong viewing point. With the basics of watching dugongs, they are animals that are easily frightened. Therefore, it is recommended to go up to the high tower (Dugong Viewing Tower) located at the end of Leek Phai Bridge, ready to take you to capture the view of the atmosphere.
    12.00 hrs. Eat lunch (3) in local style.
    In the afternoon, after the meal, take you up. A tricycle takes you on a tour of the beach behind the mountain or Laem To Kae, a beach with coral reefs on the coast. Here you can snorkel or swim along the beach at your leisure. Then travel to Hat Tum, where it is located. The Wildlife Institute on Koh Libong is beautiful and relaxing. Then take you to see. One of the tourist attractions worth checking in on Koh Libong. See the wonders of the freshwater pond in the middle of the sea. at low tide We will be able to walk down to the fresh water pond in the middle of the sea and then see Thung Thung Kha Beach. It is a beach with a line of rocks all along the beach and is the location of Saphan Hin. Take you to see Saphan Hin, a natural sculpture. caused by erosion of sea water Until it looks like a bridge and has a gap at the bottom. Look above the bridge made of stone. Take you to capture impressive photos, then see Laem Panyang, a cape jutting out into the sea. In the past, Laem Panyang was used as a spiritual refuge for Seafarers often use this place to pray for good fortune.
    4:00 p.m. Then return to Hat Yao Pier. to bring you into your accommodation
    6:30 p.m. Have an independent dinner at the Clock Tower, a landmark of Trang Province. Surrounded by buildings with no electrical lines. It's a beautiful picture. and many night food shops
    Stay (1) Trang Grand Hotel or similar. Rest for 2-3 people per room.

  • Date
    Trang - Koh Mook - Emerald Cave - Koh Kradan - Koh Chueak - Trang

    7:00 a.m. Eat breakfast (4)
    09.00 hrs. Board the boat and depart to admire the beauty of the views - natural scenery of the Trang Sea, Andaman side, along the route leaving the pier. Traveling towards Koh Mook admires the beauty of Emerald Cave (Unseen in Thailand), a beautiful gem of the sea. Andaman joins together to find the amazing mysteries within the Emerald Cave. That leads to a small beach surrounded by trees and The steep cliff line resembles a hidden volcanic crater, waiting for your visit.
    12.00 Heading to Koh Kradan. along with lunch (5)
    13.00 Arrive at Koh Kradan. (Underwater wedding venue) Admire the beauty of the atmosphere of the white beach. Clear water and pure nature Take you to see the coral and touch the fish at Koh Ma. Take you to Koh Chuek to experience the beauty of the underwater world with colorful corals. Until it's time to take you back to Pak Meng Pier. Then take you to the accommodation. Freedom to relax as desired
    6:00 p.m. Dinner (6) at Suwimon
    Stay (2) Trang Grand Hotel or similar. Rest for 2-3 people per room.

  • Date
    Trang-Kantang-Ban Nam Rap-Khao Chom Pa-Thale Waek-Trang

    7:00 a.m. Eat breakfast (7)
    Take you on a journey to Kantang District (distance 30 kilometers, travel time 45 minutes) Visit Kantang Hot Springs Forest Park. There are 3 hot springs here, but you can only soak in 2 of them, divided into 1 foot bath and 1 bath. The water temperature in each pond varies from day to day. It is between 70/ 40 /20 degrees Celsius. The other pond has a temperature so hot that it is impossible to soak in. It is reserved for a pond that sends hot spring water to a private bathing room. By the forest park route Foot baths and hot baths are available for health. There are 9 shower rooms and hot water baths for privacy. Visit Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park. historical tourist attractions During World War II, Khuan Tamnak Chan was used as a base for Japanese military forces. See Kantang Railway Station. This is an old train station over 106 years old which has been registered as a historical site of Trang Province by the Fine Arts Department. and has been developed into an eco-tourism attraction. Characterized by architecture from the reign of King Rama VI, the station is a single-storey wooden building with a hip roof painted in yellow contrasting with brown. There are openwork patterns to decorate it, looking beautiful and valuable. It is also considered as the terminal station of the Thung Song - Kantang Junction railway line. The last station of the Southern Railway on the Andaman Sea coast. Visit Rak Station, a classic cafe that everyone who comes must come and take photos. See Thailand's first rubber tree.
    12.00 hrs. have lunch (8)
    Afternoon, depart for Ban Nam Rap, where the crab bank is located. Take you on a boat to see Khao Chom Pa, a 360-degree viewpoint that comes with a spectacular view. You can see the view of the mangrove forest, which is rich and expansive as far as the eye can see. With the sea as a backdrop and also being able to see panoramic views of various islands. surrounding The boat will take us down the Ta Pe Canal. Travel through the lush green mangrove forest to the forested hills. Then you have to walk up the mountain for about 300 meters to see the view at the top of the mountain. The walkway is not very steep. However, there are some points where you have to climb stairs or climb a rope along the cliff. On the way, we stop to see a strange tree, so strange that there is no explanation. In addition to seeing with your own eyes, see the Separated Sea of Ban Nam Rap. Another unseen tourist attraction of this community that not many people know yet. If you're lucky, on days when the tide is low you might even see starfish on the beach. Especially during the 15th day of the waxing moon where you will see the most beautiful sea. (Sightseeing at Thale Waek depends on the tide. The company cannot guarantee) until it was time to return to shore.
    6:00 PM: Have an independent dinner at Trang Walking Street.
    Stay (3) Trang Grand Hotel or similar. Rest for 2-3 people per room.

  • Date
    Trang - Wat Phu Khao Thong - Wang Theptaro - Tham Le Khao Kop - Surat Thani

    7:00 a.m. Eat breakfast (9)
    9:00 a.m. Take you to see Wat Phu Khao Thong. Take you to pay homage. The Reclining Buddha is over 1000 years old. It is the only reclining Buddha in the posture of nirvana found in Thailand. Length over 8 m. and width 2 m. Built in the Srivijaya period.
    Take you to see Theptaro Palace or Palace of 88 Dragons. Artwork made from scraps of wood and roots of the Godtaro trees. that was created to be alive By using wood scraps to create dragons from the first to the 88th. By the 87th dragon It is a water dragon providing water to the human world. To prevent drought As for the 88th dragon It's a male dragon. and is the largest wooden dragon in the country
    12.00 hrs. Eat lunch (10) at Krua Napaya.
    In the afternoon, take you to see Tham Le Khao Kop, a cave with a stream flowing through the cave. Take you to see Tham Kontharp, a cave hall with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. And there is a part of the stone that, when tapped, makes a resonating sound similar to the sound of a Thai musical instrument. In the past, there were people who came and played music for Lady Kinnaree to listen to while she was playing in the waterfall inside the cave. And there is a part of the rock that hangs down, similar to a beautiful Manorah scene. See Tham Rak Sai, a cave hall with a long walkway. Throughout the walkway, there are large banyan roots running parallel to the walkway. Visit the Bridal Cave. There is a curtain-like stalagmite in front of the hall. Inside there is a stone platform that looks like a bed. Local villagers believe that If people who don't have a partner yet When entering the cave hall through the middle of the bridal veil When you go back, you will meet your soul mate. But if you already have a partner, let them pass through the channel. On the left hand side they will live happily. But if someone already has a partner If you want more, go through the box on the right hand side. When you return, you will find more partners. and when leaving the bride's cave hall Must exit through the main channel Otherwise, it will not be as you wish. See Tham Lod or Dragon Cave (Unseen) Thailand) is the highlight of the trip to Le Khao Kop Cave. Because the cave's ceiling is very low, it almost touches the face and body. Traveling through the tunnel requires Lying down on a boat Throughout the distance of approximately 350 meters, it is like sleeping through the belly of a dragon. It is believed that if anyone passes through the dragon's belly as if to exorcise it, they will find only good fortune.
    7:00 p.m. Have an independent dinner at Shrine Night Market. Then return back (stay overnight in the car).

  • Date

    5:30 a.m. Arrive in Bangkok safely.

Meals And Accommodation
Trang Grand Hotel or similar
Trang Grand Hotel or similar.
Trang Grand Hotel or similar
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