Vietnam Wonderfull Danang Ba Na Hills 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN 7453

Vietnam Wonderfull Danang Ba Na Hills 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN 7453

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Vietnam Wonderfull Danang Ba Na Hills 3 Days 2 Nights TATVN 7453

 Hoi An, Vietnam
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  • Date
    Don Mueang- Da Nang- Ban Na Hill (Sitting on the Golden Bridge Golden Bridge- Le Jardin D’mour- Wine

    04.30 hrs. Faculty at the same time at Don Mueang Airport, Floor 3, Gate 1 Counter Air Asia (FD) with the company's staff To facilitate you to check in and load luggage.
    07.15 hrs. Departure to Da Nang. Flight FD634 resting freely at your leisure.
    09.05 hrs. To Danang Airport after receiving luggage. And already passed the immigration ceremony Take you to the restaurant by air -conditioned coach.
    Noon, have lunch at the restaurant.
    Led the group to Ban Na Hill, which is about 25 kilometers away from Da Nang, Ban Na Hill is the best resort in the central Vietnam, discovered in the period when French came to rule Vietnam, a road was built. Over the mountain, build accommodation, hotels, facilities to be used as a place to relax during the battle. Take you to the cable car to Ban Na Hill, enjoy the city's views on a height of up to 5,810 meters. The Ban-Hill basket is a single-handed cable car without stopping the longest distance in the world. Was recorded from Guinness Book on March 9, 2009 (takes about 15 minutes) up to the ancient French Hill Station of Ban Na Hill Resort. And appreciated the most panoramic views on the bright day Which Vietnam's tourism has advertised that Ban Na Hill is Dalat of Danang Because there is cold weather all year round The average temperature of the year is only 17 degrees Celsius. Take you to walk the new viewpoint "Golden Bridge" or Golden Bridge. This golden bridge is 150 meters long, with a giant stone hand carrying a bridge. Suitable for recreation Breathe fresh air And see the vast view of Danang city below as well. Take you to visit the flower garden or Le Jardin D’mour is a beautiful French style garden. Which has both flowers, trees and Debay Wine Cellar wines for free, walking, taking pictures at your leisure. There are also 27 meters of white Buddhist Buddha images that can be seen from afar.
    Dinner at the restaurant (International Buffet at the hotel)
    Bring you to the 4 -star Mercure French Village or equivalent (stay in Ban Na Hill).
    Note: Hotels on Ban Na Hill There are no rooms for 3 people. There are only rooms for 2 people or single stays. If you want to rest 3, you have to use the Family Room 2 -story bed, 2 beds, 500 baht per person)
    ** Room on Ban Na Hill May change the date of stay as appropriate **

  • Date
    Ba Na Hill - Fantasy Park - Hoi An Ancient City Hoi An - Village Group - Cruise - Danang - Marble Carving Village - Dragon Bridge

    Breakfast at the hotel restaurant
    After breakfast Freedom for you to have fun back to many players at the Fantasy Park in the large and outdoor outdoor theme park. By creating a beautiful fairytale city Located in the midst of the fog on the top of Ban Na Hill, there are many zones to enjoy, such as movies in the 4D house, ghost house, dinosaur cave, fun games, various players. Including shops and restaurants (Including tram fees and players on the amusement park, except the wax museum that is not included in the entrance fee of 5 USD/person). It is time to bring you down from Ban Na Hill by the cable car. Take you to Hoi An
    Noon, have lunch at the restaurant.
    Take a look at the ancient city of Hoi An The city that UNESCO has announced as a World Heritage Site. And still keeping his life Of ancient Vietnamese people, houses and many ancient architecture As a city that time has stopped You will experience the villagers' lives. While watching ancient Chinese country Ancient Chinese Association Both Cantonese and Chaozhou And the carpenter house Fung family house (Ancient houses built without using nails to build Including many villagers Like a small town One city that has to accept tourists to experience life and shady as a rural city.
      Take you to Phung Hung's house. It is a beautiful architecture of Hoi, which is built with 2 layers of wood with elaborate. Inside is a residence. The top will be made into a souvenir shop. Take you to the Japanese bridge built by Japanese people. Is a curved shape With a green and yellow -yellow tile roof In the middle of the bridge there is a square pagoda. Which was built to connect the Japanese area and the Chinese to see the Chinese shrine. This shrine is more than 350 years old. It is like the heart of the sailors. Before traveling They will come to pay respect to this court. Pray for blessings to be safe. After that, free to walk to see the city. Buy souvenirs The souvenir shop will be located in ancient houses. The more you walk the city, the more charming this city is. Ancient old houses have unique characteristics. Including being influenced by China and Japan Which has been well preserved Amazing, including houses, temples, temples, pagodas And various stores Take you to Gum Tan Village Allowing you to have fun Ride a bounce boat During the cruise, you will see the way. Life and culture of the native games of the villagers There is a local singing for you to enjoy while cruising. Then take you back to Danang, take you to visit the marble carving village. Which is an old village And holding a marble carving career for a long time Then take you to take a picture with the Dragon Bridge, another symbol of Danang, which is 666 meters long. Vietnam, the dragon bridge was built as a Danang tourist attraction. Is a symbol of national resurrection And is a national economic rehabilitation Which has been activated since 2013 with architecture that combined with modern technology Which was inspired by the legend of Vietnam over one thousand years ago
    Dinner dinner at the restaurant
    Bring you to the 4 -star Glamour Hotel or equivalent (Danang).

  • Date
    Da Nang - Ling Ung Temple - Pink Chicken Church - Bamboo Delining Shop - Han market shopping - local dessert shop Don Mueang Airport

    Breakfast morning at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Lin Ung Temple, the largest temple in Danang. Is a sacred place That collects beliefs The faith of the five elements and the minds of people are here. Is a place to worship the goddess Kuan Yin Lin Ung carved with a tall and tall marble standing, standing, standing outstly in Vietnam Which has a good location Facing the sea and behind the mountains Located on the elegant lotus base Fishermen like to pay respect to help. Lin Ung means that it is fulfilled in all respects. Located on the beach In the temple courtyard, there are 18 arhats, marble, carved, unique, gestures that convey all human emotions, hidden in a deep motto. This temple is also another beautiful tourist attraction. It is another beautiful viewpoint. The city of Danang brings you to see the pink Christian church or church church, bright pink church, located in the heart of Danang. This church was built in the year 1923, when it was French colony. Is the beginning of Christianity in Vietnam The highlight of this Danang Church is Pink gothic style building Which was built to suit the climate of Danang The exterior is beautifully decorated with exquisite patterns. Next to the inside is a spacious hall. Decorated with colorful glass It is the center of the Roman Catholic Christians. Visit the blessing from bamboo fiber and many other products.
    Noon, have lunch at the restaurant.
    After that, you are free to shop at the market, the market, which includes many products that are popular with Vietnamese and foreigners such as clothes, hats, shoes, bags, food and selling local products in Danang. After that, you have to buy souvenirs for friends, relatives who Local dessert shop Which has many products to choose from
    It is appropriate to travel to Danang Airport to return to Bangkok.
    06.10 p.m. Departure to Bangkok by Air Asia Airlines FD639
    07.55 p.m. To Don Mueang Airport With welfare and impression on the service

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Mercure French Village or equivalent
Glamour Hotel or equivalent
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