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Airport in Venezuela

  • Acarigua Airport (AGV)
  • Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe General S. Marino Airport (PMV)
  • Aeropuerto Internacional del Centro Airport (CCS)
  • Anaco Airport (AAO)
  • Barinas Airport (BNS)
  • Barquisimeto Airport (BRM)
  • Bartolome Salom Airport (PBL)
  • Borotou Airport (BRZ)
  • Cabimas Airport (CBS)
  • Caicara Airport (CXA)
  • Calabozo Airport (CLZ)
  • Canaima Airport (CAJ)
  • Carora Airport (VCR)
  • Carupano Airport (CUP)
  • Casiqua Airport (CUV)
  • Ciudad Bolivar Airport (CBL)
  • Ciudad Guayana Airport (CGU)
  • Coro Airport (CZE)
  • Cumana Airport (CUM)
  • El Dorado Airport (EOR)
  • El Vigia Airport (VIG)
  • Elorza Airport (EOZ)
  • Guanare Airport (GUQ)
  • Guasqualito Airport (GDO)
  • Guayana Airport (PZO)
  • Guiria Airport (GUI)
  • Icabaru Airport (ICA)
  • Jose A. Anzoategui Airport (BLA)
  • Kammarata Airport (KTV)
  • Kavanayen Airport (KAV)
  • La Chinita Airport (MAR)
  • La Fria Airport (LFR)
  • La Guaira Airport (LAG)
  • Lagunillas Airport (LGY)
  • Las Piedras Airport (LSP)
  • Los Roques Airport (LRV)
  • Maracay Airport (MYC)
  • Margarita Island Airport (MRX)
  • Maturin Airport (MUN)
  • Merida Airport (MRD)
  • Palmarito Airport (PTM)
  • Pedernales Airport (PDZ)
  • Peraitepuys Airport (PPH)
  • Pijiguaos Airport (LPJ)
  • Puerto Ayacucho Airport (PYH)
  • Puerto Paez Airport (PPZ)
  • San Antonio Airport (SVZ)
  • San Cristobal Airport (SCI)
  • San Felipe Airport (SNF)
  • San Felix Airport (SFX)
  • San Fernando de Apu Airport (SFD)
  • San Salvador Airport (SVV)
  • San Tome Airport (SOM)
  • Santa Barbara Airport (SBB)
  • Santa Barbara Zulia Airport (STB)
  • Santa Rosalia Airport (SSL)
  • Santo Domingo Airport (STD)
  • Solano Airport (SQF)
  • Solita Airport (SOH)
  • Tucupita Airport (TUV)
  • Tumeremo Airport (TMO)
  • Uriman Airport (URM)
  • Valera Airport (VLV)
  • Valle de Pascua Airport (VDP)
  • Wonken Airport (WOK)
  • Zim Valencia Carabobo Airport (VLN)
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