Indonesia Bewitching Bali 4Days 3Nights TATID 7715

Indonesia Bewitching Bali 4Days 3Nights TATID 7715

Adventure Beaches & Sun Family Fun History & Culture Romance Dining Temple Full Day 4 Stars Hotel Direct Flight
Package Description

Indonesia Bewitching Bali 4Days 3Nights TATID 7715

Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Bangkok - Mahabharata Monument - Vishnu Garden - Tanah Lot Temple - Jimbalan Beach

    03:00 a.m. The group gathered at Don Mueang Airport. International Terminal, Terminal 1, ROW 2, Gate 2, AIR ASIA (FD), with staff of the company welcoming and facilitating checking documents and baggage.
    06.15 a.m. Take you flying to “Paradise Island Bali”, Indonesia, flight FD396 (no food and beverages served on board)
    RE-CHECK documents for traveling to Bali
    1. Passport with more than 6 months remaining validity on the date of travel.
    2. International Covid19 Vaccination Certificate (Download from DoctorProm APP)
    11.30 a.m. Arrive at Nuralai Airport, Bali Island, Denpasar City. capital city of the island of bali After immigration, you will be welcomed at the airport with fragrant flower garlands by beautiful Balinese women.
    Noon Have lunch at a restaurant.
    Take you on a journey through the god's gate into the city See the Mahabharata Monument Symbol of the island of Bali, passing by to see the monument of Bima, the god of the sea, Kartika Plaza area. Mahabharata Monument Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Modeled from the idol of Lord Vishnu. protector of the world It is a statue of Vishnu (Vishnu), 1 of the 3 supreme gods of the Hindus, riding a Garuda (eagle), Garuda, the Hindu god of freedom. which is His Majesty's vehicle, with a height of 150 meters, a width of 64 meters, and a weight of 4,000 tons. Balinese culture, such as the Barong dance to welcome home guests city guests as well
    Then take everyone on a journey Visit the temple in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Tanah Lot, believed to be guarded by a sacred serpent deity Witness temples and marvelous cliffs and spectacular vantage points. Tanah Lot is a temple built in the 16th century by St. Dayangravadi who practiced the precepts and is very sacred and revered by Balinese people. See a temple on a rock by the Indian Ocean. It is a filming location for famous dramas. Karabu Ning glass flower and movies
    In the evening, dinner service at a traditional Balinese restaurant at Jimbalan beach, special!! Grilled Shrimp with Local Sauce while watching the beautiful atmosphere by the sea, the sunset by the ocean and the music playing along the coast (LOCAL MENU)
    Then bring you to EDEN KUTA HOTEL / IXORA KUTA CENTER or equivalent 4-star hotel.

  • Date
    Lempuyang Temple - Besakih Temple - BALI SWING - TEMPAKSIRING Holy Spring Temple

    In the morning, have breakfast in the restaurant.
    Travel to Lempuyang Temple, one of the top popular destinations. of tourists Lempoyang is an ancient temple that reflects the art and culture of the Balinese according to the beliefs of Brahmanism and Hinduism. That divides the area of the temple into 3 parts, similar to the human body (head, body and toes), with the top floor being the residence of Lord Shiva. One of the three supreme gods (Trimurti) of Brahmanism-Hinduism. Give you the freedom to take pictures with a large stone door. with the backdrop of Mount Agung One of the active mountains on the island of Bali.
    Then travel to Besaki Temple THE MOTHER OF TEMPLE is a temple that captures the best of Bali in many respects. In addition to being the largest, most beautiful, most important temple. It is also a temple with the longest history. Considered the mother of many temples, this temple is the largest Hindu temple in Bali and is considered the most sacred of all temples. current Balinese refer to it as the Royal Temple or the Mother of Temple. This temple is a vast temple. It consists of 23 other small temples within which are of different importance, arranged in 7 steps. lined up along the mountainside And there is also an ancestor altar of the Balinese people. Hundreds of other platforms were lined up. There is a beautiful backdrop. Kunungagung Volcano which is the largest volcano in Bali And has a long history since prehistory ever.
    **** If there is a volcano alert We reserve the right to adjust to visit Batur Temple instead ***
    Noon Have lunch at a restaurant.
    **If you have time** visit a handicraft factory, a civet coffee shop and a batik factory
    Take you to visit Tirta Empul Temple, or what Thai people call it. Built around the 10th century, this place is sacred to the Balinese people. According to legend, Bedulu's great ministers used their magic to carve this monument with their fingernails. as a monument to the Varmadeva dynasty Used in the cremation tradition of the royal family. which is believed to turn the royal family into gods after death Inside the temple, you will find a holy well that is over 1,000 years old, which still springs up all the time. It is believed that Indra created it when he pierced the earth to create the elixir pool to revive his warriors. Balinese people believe that If anyone comes to cleanse their body in this pool will add auspiciousness to life Helps to treat various diseases keep your body healthy And drive away bad things and every year there are many people who come to this place to purify their bodies.
    Visit Bali Swing Bali Swing (OPTIONAL TOUR additional payment 10 USD) Challenging activities by riding a giant swing above the cliff and you can take photos while riding the swing with a beautiful natural backdrop.
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Then bring you to EDEN KUTA HOTEL / IXORA KUTA CENTER or equivalent 4-star hotel.

  • Date
    Sanur Port – Nusa Penida Island –Kelingking Beach – Angels Beach Billabong – Broken Crystal Bay Beach

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take everyone on a journey Sanur Port (Including the return boat fee) Take you on a boat to travel to Nusa Penida Island. It is an island located in the southeast of Bali. Indonesia There are smaller islands nearby Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. It is separated from Bali by the Badung Strait.
    Takes you on a journey to the highlight of the island as follows
    1. Angel Billabong (Angel Billabong) is another natural sea pool that rises. During low tide, tourists can go into the water as if the pool is in the Sea View Pool where the edge of the pool hits the view of the sea and sky. Beautiful. Don't tell anyone.
    2. Kelingking Beach A peaceful white sand beach with turquoise waters. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and a cape located on the island of Nusa Penida. One of the best views is from the top of this beach. which is a new landmark for taking pictures It is also a popular tourist destination as well.
    3. Broken Beach is a small beach. The picturesque island is located on Nusa Penida. The highlight of this beach is Rocks that have been eroded by the sea to become tunnels that look like bridges. Beneath it are clear blue waters that seem to flow in and out of the ocean. It is another check-in point to take beautiful photos. Not to be missed when visiting Bali.
    Noon Have lunch at a restaurant.
    Take you to Crystal Bay, Bali's most popular diving spot to see big animals like molamola and manta. because the water here is cold and is the open sea The waves are quite big. Customers can take a relaxing walk along the beach.
    Travel by speedboat back to Sanur Port
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Then bring you to EDEN KUTA HOTEL / IXORA KUTA CENTER or equivalent 4-star hotel.

  • Date
    Souvenir Shopping – Airport – Don Mueang

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to shopping at KRISNA shop to buy souvenirs before returning. get the right time take you to the airport
    12.05 p.m. Depart for Don Mueang Airport by AIR ASIA, flight FD397.
    03.40 p.m. Arrive back at Don Mueang Airport. ready to impress

Meals And Accommodation
Terms and Conditions
  • Full payment

  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated or have documentation showing their COVID-19 test results.

Package Include
  • Air-conditioned coach service throughout the journey according to the tour program

  • Air ticket and fuel tax according to the list to/from the tour group's schedule Total weight of luggage 20 kg.

  • Meals and beverages specified in the program

  • 3 nights accommodation for 2-3 persons per room

  • Admission tickets to various attractions according to the list specified

  • Travel accident insurance 1,000,000 baht (depending on the conditions of the policy, only for events that occur during the day of travel, medical certificates and receipts are required for reimbursement)

Package Exclude
  • Guide tip + driver tip 1,500 baht per person payable at Don Mueang Airport (Not including the tour leader's tip as satisfaction)

  • Expenses incurred by attractions, price adjustments, or changes in ticket prices on-site. According to the announcement of that tourist attraction

  • Thai passport fee and fees for foreign passport holders, including VACCINE PASSPORT

  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the program

  • other expenses Not specified in the program, such as laundry, telephone, mini-bar, etc.

  • VAT 7% and withholding tax 3%

  • because the plane ticket must travel by date specified on the ticket page only therefore cannot be cancelled. Or change any travel in case of cancellation or change the itinerary The company reserves the right to refund all or part of it to you.

  • The tour fee is a flat rate payable to tour companies abroad. The tour fee cannot be refunded in any case.

  • If the traveling group is less than 10 persons, full refund

  • If there is a force majeure arising from the announcement of the COVID situation, it is impossible to travel according to the Tourism Business Act. Less actual expenses with a confirmation receipt with the customer.

  • Group plane tickets Seats cannot be selected or locked. Seats may not be next to each other. which is according to the conditions of the airline

  • Regarding the holiday room The room specified by the customer when booking the tour, the company will request the hotel according to the procedure. Sometimes the hotel may change the type of room of the customer on the day of arrival, but the company confirms that it will be sufficient for the number of customers such as

  • Request for Double Bed. If the room is not enough, it might be a TWN room. Move the beds close together.

  • Request for Triple Bed. If the room is not enough, it will be arranged into 2 rooms without extra charge. according to the conditions of the hotel booked

  • The company reserves the right to change some details in this tour. When there is a force majeure that cannot be solved and will not take any responsibility in case of loss Losses or injuries that are beyond the tour leader's responsibility and some force majeure, such as strikes, natural disasters, riots, because this tour program is all-inclusive. If you waive the right to use any of the services listed or denied entry in any case, the company reserves the right not to refund in all cases.

  • The company has the right to change or switch items as appropriate. The company reserves the right to postpone the trip in the event that there are less than 15 people in the group, not eating some meals, not traveling according to the list. Service charges cannot be refunded. Because the tour payment is in the form of a lump sum payment When you have paid the deposit or all whether it is a payment through the company's agent Or pay directly to the company. The company will assume that you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions.

  • The company is not responsible for damages in the event caused by airlines, natural disasters, revolutions and others beyond the control of the company or additional expenses incurred directly or indirectly such as illness, assault, loss, delay or accidents